Sunday, October 31, 2010

70. As Simple as It Seems - Sarah Weeks

Laura Geringer Books, Harper Collins, 2010
HC $15.99
181 pages
for: Middle grades
Rating: 4

The summer between 5th and 6th grades becomes one unlike any other, a summer of missing her best friend, and the first summer full of free time that she must learn to live with something that she feels makes her an entirely different person. Months earlier, Verbena has discovered a secret that she's trying to wrap her head around. She, of course, has a difficult time figuring everything out (she's only eleven after all). Then a boy a few years younger than her moves into the abandoned house next door for the summer. This gives Verbie an opportunity to become someone else for awhile.

"Pooch" and Verbena spend time resurrecting and repairing an old wooden rowboat on the lake that's through the woods behind their houses. This allows them to get to know each other a bit, learning each others strengths, weaknesses, and idiosyncracies. But because of this, unexpected danger comes very close to striking.

Told in the first person, Sarah Weeks does a pretty decent job of allowing us into Verbena's head. The last paragrah tells of the year to follow and how everything came together for her. I don't think that last paragraph was really needed. Weeks had more or less said that Verbie was moving in the right directions, that things would be okay, and the race through her 6th grade year didn't seems to end this otherwise smart book very well.

I like Verbena wearing her nightgown for two days, inside and out. I like that she's naturally curious. I like how much she loves her parents. I like the habit she has of pushing her glassses up and down her nose...and I like that she wears glasses. I like her relationship with her three-legged dog, Jack.

Sarah Weeks' website is here.
Her blog is here. It's only updated once in awhile, but worth a peek.

MOVIE - You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger

I LIKED this, even though it didn't get particularly great reviews....
Released 9-22-10
R (1:38)
10/31/10 (this year's Halloween movie) at Elcon, just me
RT: 48% cag: 86%
Director: Woody Allen

Naomi Watts, Josh Brolin, Antonio Banderas, Anthony Hopkins
Two actresses that didn't get top billing and who I think stole the show: Gemma Jones (as the mother, Helena) and Lucy Punch (as Charmaine, the younger woman who married the father).

Talk about intricate personalities in a dysfunctional family! In one of the reviews I read before I went to see this, it said that the reviewer didn't like any of the main characters. Well, I don't think you were really supposed to! They weren't likable people. The mother, Helena, however, really began to grow on me, poor soul, she finally figured out what it was that would make her happy and allow her to continue her life. There were delicious, though predictable, twists and turns, I giggled quite a bit throughout the movie and quite enjoyed it.

One family, mother and father divorced after 40 years because the father (Hopkins) didn't want to get old. The mother, Helena (Jones) bereft. Their only daughter, Sally (Watts) was having plenty of trouble in her own marriage to Ron or Ray (Brolin, who was the weakest/worst actor in the whole ensemble) who is a failed author and peeping Tom. This bold peeping Tom ends up befriending his peepee, played by Frieda Pinto, while his wife lusts after her art gallery owner boss, played by Banderas.

Throughout the in and out, back and forth, first this then that scenarios, Allen weaves light-hearted musical trills and a voice-over explainig a bit about what's gone on. The setting is London, all the characters except for Brolin have British accents (I can't imagine that he'd be able to pull it off).

Good movie, Woody, old boy. Off-beat and funny, my favorite kind!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Grandma's Gloves - Cecil Castellucci

Illustrated by Julia Denos
Candlewick, 2010
$15.99, 24 pages
Rating: 4.5
Endpapers: a sponged-looking orangy rust

I was so drawn by the cover and title of this book. And as I began reading it I was particularly tickled - I love books with smart, savvy grandmothrs that have great relationships with their grandchildren.
Then, five pages in, "Sometimes she repeats things. But I am very patient with her." Uh Oh.

Grandma hits the downward spiral fast - hospital, does not know her daughter or granddaughter, then dies. Needless to say, I was quite perplexed. And very sad.

The second half of the book deals with keepsakes and memories, what we share and what we savor about a loved one. It was a beautifully crafted message to us all. And once I stopped thinking of myself as a (very young, vital, with-it) grandmother I moved on to memories of my own grandmother, who helped raise me. I remember her gardening gloves, too, her always-blooming African violets, her rose bushes in the yard.

So, mixed personal feelings for me about this book. I guess the decline and loss of the grandmother simply took me by surprise.

It's really a wonderful book. But sad. Kids, particularly sensitive kids, should be prepared for what's going to happen.

The illustrations seems to be pencil and watercolor, and they're pretty darn wonderful. There are a couple that I really like - the two of them sitting at the kitchen table together and later, the full-page illustration of the girl sadly watering her grandmother's plants, in particular.

(NOTE: I went to Lowe's and purchased a pink African Violet this afternoon. Let's see if I can keep it alive, at least for a little while....)

Cecil Castellucci writes about how she came to write this book, her first picture book here.
Here's an intersting blog review by Book Reviews and More and another by Jean Little Library.

Cecil Castellucci's blog.
Julia Denos' blog.

Don't you love it that you can get to know authors and illustrators "up close and personal" by reading a blog they've written?

Thumb Love - Elise Primavera

Robin Corey Books, 2010
40 pages
Rating: A RIOT! 4.5
Endpapers: Blue & white head drawings of people congratulating (etc.) Lulu

There's actually a "blog tour" of this book that you can take. Two Writing Teachers tells about it and has links to all the blog.

First we meet Lulu and her thumb. The next 15-or-so pages are Lulu's "Thumb Sucker's Story." This is followed by her 12-Step Programs to break the habit of thumb sucking. NOT easy. I sucked my thumb until I was ten or eleven, my sister much later. So I could really relate. I was disappointed that the trick that finally cured me wasn't included. I used to fall asleep laying on my hands on my stomach. (Or should I say laying on my stomach on my hands?) It worked. However, that way of falling asleep became such a habit that I still find myself flopping onto my stomach when I can't fall asleep on my side. My back aches in the morning after sleeping like that now. It didn't when I was a kid. But I digress.....

This is a great fun least it was for me. The thumb talks and has opinions, too. Some of the illustrations remind me of Dr. Seuss, fanciful and fun. And for some reason "little Lulu" kept popping into my mind. Again, from when I was a kid? I'll have to look that up. Many different fonts are used, as well as speaking clouds above the character's heads to show their speech.

Such ups and down come with breaking a bad habit! Poor Lulu. But she did it! Highly recommended.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tuesday Teasers 10-26-10

Teaser Tuesdays is hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. Anyone can play along (and silly me, I decided to....)! Just do the following:

-Grab your current read
-Open to a random page
-Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
-BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)
-Share the title & author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!

From pg. 4 of As Simple as It Seems by Sarah Weeks, a 2010 middle grade novel:
"I was in a terrible mood, but that was nothing new - I'd been in a bad mood since December, when I'd accidentally uncovered a secret my parents had been keeping from me. That secret caused my whole world to shift, like a sheet of tracing paper that no longer matched up with the drawing underneath."

Support Your Local Library Reading Challenge

Now this is a good one! One of the things I love MOST about living in a larger city (think: Tucson) is the library system. Lots and lots to visit all the time. And I visit them all. They all have their own wonderful and unique personality. And when I travel I love to stop into a library, check it out, sit down and read a new picture book...I've done that in Las Vegas, Novato, CA, and on my cross-country's also wonderful to visit and revisit the Northeast Harbor Library, the Ellsworth Public Library, the Bangor Public Library....and the library where I shelved books for 75 cents an hour when I was in high school, Wakefield Public Library. I'm usually well over my 25-book limit, using many in my classroom. But I'll take on the 100-book challenge as long as it can include picture books!

The challenge itself is found here.

Now, I could list all the books I borrowed and read, or I can keep track of the numbers, which would make more sense. I'm going to start from my last visit, because there's no way I'm going to spend the time backtracking. I'm doing this for me. If anyone else is reading this, it's sure to be boringl. So skip this post, okay?

Current total checked out AND read since 10/24/10: 7

10-24-10 Golf Links: Returned 5, checked out 10.
(6 are new middle grade novels, which I plan to share with my students, 4 are new picture books)
Read: Tashlich at Turtle Rock, The Weaver

10-30-10 Golf Links: Returned 7, checked out 7
then drove to Wilmot and checked out 5 more!
(More new books for my class to read, a crochet book, and lots of picture books.)
I returned Angelology after reading about 75 pages, it portrays angels as mean and selfish...who needs that (though the story was interesting, I don't think I'll ever get through it), a novel about Afghanistan that I was about halfway through but it had a reserve on it so I couldn't renew it, and lots of books about Mexico that I've been using in my classroom.
Read: Grandma's Gloves, Carmen Learns English

Read: As Simple as It Seems, Dotty, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Crochet Projects,

Okay, okay, it was stupid to think I'd keep up with this. I use the library...many times a week. So face it, Chris, this isn't a challenge at all. You suport your local library already!

Man Gave Names to All the Animals - Bob Dylan

Illustrated by Jim Arnosky
Sterling, 2010
$17.95 - with CD of Dylan singing the song
32 pages
Endpapers - a gorgeous green wash

The 170+ animals drawn in this magical book completely cover each page in spectacular color. Mr. Arnosky can certainly paint animals! Kids will spend hours pouring over every double-page spread. And they can do it while listening to the song.

"Man gave names to all the animals
In the beginning, in the beginning,
Man gave names to all the animals
In the beginning, long time ago."

Dylan wrote the song in 1979. Why don't I seem to know it?

There are lots of beautiful picture books being produced right now to accompany special songs. (My favorite is still It's a Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong's song, illustrated by Ashley Bryan). Think Let There Be Peace on Earth, The Marvelous Toy, All God's Critters, and Forever Young.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tashlich at Turtle Rock - Susan Schnur & Anna Schnur-Fishman

Illustrated by Alex Steele-Morgan
Kar-Ben Publishing, 2010
32 pages
Rating: 5
Endpapers: White

On one of the school days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, my whole school goes by bus to Reid Park. Here, in the middle of the desert, is a huge green, treed park, complete with streams, pond, and even trickling waterfall. This is where we celebrate Tashlich.

I am new to Judaism, learning as I go in the Hebrew day school where I teach secular studies. I so enjoy listening to the blowing of the shofars every morning during the month of the high holidays, and I throroughly enjoy throwing away my sins. I'd never ever heard of Tashlich before, and knew next-to-nothing about even the most important Jewish holidays. So when I saw this book I couldn't wait to read it -- it means something to me now. And perhaps if a book like this had been available when I was a kid, I wouldn't be in the dark about so many aspects of Jewish culture.

Susan Schnur, a rabbi, writes this story of a family spending Rosh Hashanah afternoon hiking through the woods to Turtle Creek to shed their sins. Each family member - mother, father, brother, sister, has something special to be thankful for, a promise they want to make for the year to come, and a bad habit they was to rid themselves of. It's an interesting story for a young child. And it makes me realize what a wonderful tradition this family has created.

Wouldn't it be great if we could take one special custom or celebrations from many different cultures, the ones that might have special meaning to us, to make them our own? I plan to add this one to my hoard....well, my hoard of one.....I do celebrate the Day of the Dead. Two cultures, to great traditions.

Alex Steele-Morgan's painting are simple, colorful, and lovely. Actually, it might even be pastels. I can see the texture of the canvas through the colors.

For every family that celebrates diversity!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Weaver - Thacher Hurd

Illustrated by Elisa Kleven
Farrar Straus Giroux, 2010
32 pages
Rating: 5
Endpapers: Midnight blue

This is a lovely, gentle, very special book. Although the words and illustrations are rendered by two different people, they work beautifully...oh so beautifully...together.

A weaver sits above the earth, watching and weaving. She uses parts of the universe as the threads on her loom, she dyes them the colors of the morning. She weaves in friendship and family, happiness and sadness, anger and love. And as night approaches, her masterpiece complete, she spreads it across the sky and lets it gently fall and settle across the world - warming us, comforting us, and holding our memories.

"Looking down on the world,
the weaver sees
a smile on someone's face,
a hug between friends,
babies crying and then held warm
in their parents arms."

I've been an Elisa Kleven fan for a long time. I can remember reading and sharing Snowsong Whistling to my very first college class at COA. A few years ago at the Reading the World Conference at the University of San Francisco I participated in a workshop run by Elisa Kleven. I've read Ernst and Wish, Abuela and City by the Bay over and over and over. I wish the pages in her books were bigger so that I could closely examine every minute detail.

Poetry. Sheer poetry. Words and pictures alike. Every page is beautiful. This is the perfect gift for a newborn or toddler.

Thacher Hurd's website.
Elisa Kleven's website.

Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast: interviews the author and illustrator.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bookmans Bookstore Book Dominoes

One of the very best things about living in Tucson is the three (count 'em...three!) Bookman's used bookstores within the city limits. Here's a cool video they've make of book dominoes. I've sat on those floors hundreds of times, myself...and even done some of the flopping over that the books do!

And here's the store website.

BAXTER, the Pig Who Wanted to Be Kosher - Laurel Snyder

Illustrated by David Goldin
Tricycle Press, 2010
32 pages
Rating: 5
Endpapers: Kosher dill pickles, sliced lengthwise, on a white background

This book is funny. This book is clever. This book has a great message. Can you tell I really, really like this book?

Baxter the pig is waiting at a bus stop when the bearded, kippah-wearing gentleman sitting beside him says he can't wait for sundown and the Shabbat meal, which includes gleaming candles, singing, and the people that he loves most. Well, Baxter thinks this sounds wonderful and wants to be part of it. But he is told that since he's a pig - he can't be part of a Shabbat meal! He's not kosher! So through a series of misunderstandings and how-do-you-become-kosher inquiries, we follow Baxter through ups and downs to a Shabbat meal.

What fun! This is delightful. And the illustrations are great - whimsical and different. David Goldin uses collage and hand drawing. Fabrics, pickle bottles, foods, candlesticks, piano...are photos, collaged in. It's fun just to look for what's collaged and what's drawn. The piece de resistance, though, is Baxter. His facial expressions are superb!

This is a new favorite. I'm reading a library copy, but this one I must get for myself....and for my school library.

Laurel Snyder's website. (I enjoyed this. She sounds pretty cool.)
I can't get David Goldin's website to work. Well, I THINK it's his website, it's hard to tell for 100% certainty. But I'll keep checking on it.

She is Too Fond of Books review.
Jewish Books for Children's short interview with Laurel Snyder
And here's a longer inverview with Laurel Snyder

Friday, October 22, 2010

Me, Frida - Amy Novesky

Illustrated by David Diaz
Abrams Books for Young Readers, 2010
32 pages
Rating: 2.5
Endpapers: Purple
Read 10-10-10. Great date, huh?)

First time reading this book was disappointing. So I reread it and examined it more closely. I think I see what the author is trying to do, but this is a book for kids and it's not clear enough.

In 1930, Frida Kahlo was newly married to Diego Rivera, who was famous and well-loved. He was hired to create a mural in San Francisco, so , of course, Frida accompanies him. She's never been out of Mexico before, and the author gives the feeling she's quite young.

Frida was lonely, friendless, and bored. She watched her husband work, accompanied him around the city and to numerous parties, where he was the star and she was on the outskirts. And it sounds like she didn't enjoy San Francisco - or not being in the limelight, at all.

Aftrer awhile, Frida felt bolder and began exploring on her own. And then she began to paint her own small paintings, creating her own style. And in April of 1931 she painted one of her most famous paintings - a colorful wedding portrait of herself and her husband. (It is still at the SFMOMA.) And it sounds like she ended up liking San Francisco....

I guess what Ms. Novesky is trying to do is show Frida Kahlo's growth from a shy young bride to an outgoing , confident painter? She certainly wants to showcase San Francisco, which is her home. I've read a bit about Frida, and this doesn't follow any pre-established ideas I have about her. And what I actually took away from the story I had to think about and figure out. And I didn't really like the Frida that Ms. Novesky portrays. I don't think it'll be clear to kids. But maybe my mind is too cluttered with other facts about Frida....

This is a longish review for me. But it felt good to work through my thinking about the writing and reread the book a number of times. I hate to say something bad about a writer - and greater minds than mine have okayed and edited and produced this book, but....I really feel the story is weak.

Diaz's illustrations are colorful and set the mood. But I think there are better books about Frida Kahlo available for kids.

Amy Novesky's website.
I can't seem to find an actual website for David Diaz. I'll look further later. I love his illustrations.

Never Say Boo - Robin Pulver

Illustrated by Deb Lucke
Holiday House, 2009
32 pages
Rating: 2.5
Endpapers: black with dancing skeletons (there are no skeletons in the story, only human kids and one ghost....)

This book has a silly premise - that ghosts walk around like humans, living in haunted houses and going to school. In this story, Gordon, a ghost, has moved with his parents across town and must now go to a closer school. He is certain that kids will be scared of him because he will be the only ghost at this new school. At his old school, all the kids had been ghosts. And he knew how hard it was to make friends.

The first thing that happens is that his teacher, although she is expecting him, is still so frightened that she passes out. When she comes to she tries to assure all the kids that everything is all right - but the day continues badly for Gordon. All the questions the teacher asks have BOO somewhere in the answer, and he knows that his BOO is really scary, so even though he knows the answers, he doesn't dare contribute. Then at lunch his mom has packed scary surprises in his lunchbox, so the kids are all weirded out. But then something happens that makes him a hero and he instantly becomes everyone's best friend.

Okay. I don't know. Just didn't do it for me, although there are some great words used in the book. And some fun word play.

I also like the illustrations and the endpapers. Lots of black - where white would normally be. Although the story has nothing to do with Halloween (nothing to do with trick-or-treating, witches, pumpkins, etc) this would be the time to share it. So it has it's place as a not-so-scary story about not-scary-at-all ghosts. I guess.

Robin Pulver's website.
It doesn't look like Deb Lucke has her own website, but see some of her artwork here.

Flora's Very Windy Day - Jeanne Birdsall

Illustrated by Matt Phelan
Clarion Books, 2010
32 pages
Rating: 4
Endpapers: a great lavender/lilac

These are great illustrations. Outlined minimally in ink, then watercolored and pasteled, Matt Phelan puts such movement into his pictures. I love Crispin's hat, its long tassel flying out behind him. It amazes me how an artist can flick a line of black onto paper and create expression on a face, a movement of the wind...

Flora's little brother Crispin is driving her crazy. It's a windy autumn day, and their mother shoos them outside for some fresh air. Although Crispin's driving her crazy she doesn't complain , but she is glad her mother puts on his regular boots while she has her "super-special heavy-duty red boots" which will keep her safely anchored to the ground. But when a great gust of wind scoops us Crispin, Flora kicks off her boots to go after him - to save him.

This is a cute story about young siblings and the idea that no matter how crazy they might drive one another, they're still brother and sister. A I read, I thought about sharing the story with Ella who now has a baby brother. I wonder if the idea of the wind picking her up and flying her into the sky - through the clouds and all the way to the moon - might scare her just a bit. I've looked for a mention of this possibility in other reviews, and found some really interesting ones. (Boy, there are some great blogs and bloggers out there.)

Here are a few of those reviews: Kids Lit, The Washington Post, Katie's Literature Lounge (includes an activity), Brimful Curiosities (includes a spinning flyer and other books about the wind!), and Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast, which includes an interview with Jeanne Birdsall.

Matt Phelan's Website
Jeanne Birdsall's Website
(I copied this idea from a blog I read today. It's a good one. I'm bad.)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ghost Wings - Barbara M. Joosse

Illustrated by Giselle Potter
Chronicle Books, 2001
32 pages
Rating: 4.5*
Endpapers: pale yellow with 1 " to 3" monarch butterflies

Written in the first person by a young girl, she tells of her grandmother, who is also her best friend, the tortillas they make together, the Magic Circle they visit (where millions of monarch butterflies arrive and gather every fall), her grandmother's death, and the Day of the Dead celebration that helps keep her grandmother's memory alive.

Illustrations cover the whole page and accentuate the text without overwhelming. They would be what one of my students describe as "cartoonish." *And although I really like them, that is why I didn't give the book a 5 rating. I guess I would have preferred - for this book - more realism. The story is appears deceivingly simple, but is actually quite complex and multi-layered.

Four pages of "afterword" give more information on monarchs, Day of the Dead, and questions about the book along with activities related to the book. I love the idea ofd decorating frames to hold pictures of loved ones. I'm off to JoAnnes and Michaels!

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Pirate of Kindergarten - George Ella Lyon

Illustrated by Lynne Avril
Atheneum, A Richard Jackson Book, 2010
40 pages
Rating: 5
Endpapers: orange

Ginny loves books, reading and reading circle. But Ginny's eyes play tricks on her - she has double vision. She never says anything about it because she thinks everyone sees this way. She sees better when she closes one eye or gets really close, but her teacher discourages her from this.

When it's time for the class to get their vision tested, Ginny is finally diagnosed. She gets glasses and an eye patch and can finally see to read and walk, cut and color!

I sure know the feeling of not being able to see. I read this book with my glasses sitting on the table and the pages about two inches from my nose. I had a glasses since I was a really little kid. Love this book!

The illustrations are great - they show the double vision "thing" perfectly.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Can Man - Laura E. Williams

Illustrated by Craig Orback
Lee & Low Books, 2010
$18.95 (they keep going up!)
32 pages
Rating: 4
Endpapers: clay-colored wash over linen/board

Mr. Peters used to live in the same apartment building as Tim, but with the loss of his job and income he is now homeless. He spends his days digging through trash cans to find empty soda cans he can redeem for a nickel apiece. He's now called "the Can Man" by everyone.

Tim badly wants a skateboard, but even with his birthday coming, his parents can't afford one. After watching the Can Man, he decides he'll earn money for a skateboard in the same way.

I wonder if young readers will figure out that what Tim's doing is unfair to the Can Man. I was getting more and more bothered - as I know I was supposed to. Mr. Peters is a lovely man who even helps Tim transport his bags of cans to the redemption center.

Well, of course Time comes through - he ends up giving all his can earnings to the Can Man, who badly needs a winter jacket as the cold season approaches. And (final SPOILER) on his birthday, Tim finds a used but newly painted skateboard on his front step.

Most of the illustrations cover 3/4 of the 2-page spread, edge to edge, with a vertical edge of white where the words are printed.

A great book to talk about!

69. Anything but Typical - Nora Raleigh Baskin

Audio Read by Tom Parks - beautifully
Brilliance Audio, 2009
3 unabridged cds
4 hours
208 pages
Many places I've visited say "YA". I go with the ages 9-12, grades 4+
Rating: 5

I started reading this last year, but I couldn't renew it because there were other holds on it, so I didn't get very far. When I ran across this audio form I jumped at the chance to listen. Tom Parks gave the protagonist so much character - this was an excellent read/listen.

Jason Blake is autistic. He flaps, he can't look anyone in the eye, he feels safest looking down or standing toward a wall. He rarely speaks directly to someone other than repeating the last words they said. He has no friends - of course everyone thinks he's "weird." He tells his story in the first person, we get INSIDE HIS HEAD. Wow. Like Out of My Mind, every teacher in the world should read this book!

Jason is a writer, writing on the computer on a STORYBOARD site where others can read his stories and respond to them. He makes a friend in this way, but when he finds they will both be attending a storyboard convention in Dallas he tries to sabotage his attending, because he knows that once Rebecca sees him they'll not be friends anymore. Reality. A happy ending would be great, right? Reality......

I also really enjoyed the way that Baskin included Jason's parents in the Jason interacts with them, how he knows what they're feeling by the way they act and the looks on their faces, how he relates to each one of them individually. Outstanding on every level, with my parent hat on, with my teacher hat on, with my reader hat on.

I recommended this book to all my colleagues at Wednesday's staff meeting. To get inside Jason's head was magical to me. Everyone's brain works differently, and some work REALLY differently. We all need to not only remember that, but see it and feel it and live it through the pages of an exceptional book like this.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dizzy - Jonah Winter

Illustrated by Sean Qualls
Arthur A. Levine Books, Scholastic, 2006
HC $16.99
48 pages
Rating: 4
Endpapers: Chocolate brown
Cover: pinks and brown
Quite eye-appealing

Dizzy Gillespie invented Bepop. And Jonah Winter tells his story creating bepop with his words!

"On certain nights
he'd elbow the piano man
off the bench
and play the keyboard with his left hand
and the trumpet with his right

The older musicians --
they soon got tired
of these shenanigans --
they wanted him fired!

'Not a chance," said the boss,
"this kid's a WIZ -- '"

What a great read-aloud! Follow along on a map - South Carolina to Philadelphia to Ney York, then, listen to a piece of his music! It'll stay with kids a long time.

The illustrations flow across the pages like the music, like the words.

(Winter wrote this book while snapping along to "Night in Tunisia" and "Salt Peanuts") There's additional biographical information in the author's note at the end of the book.)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Boss Baby - Marla Frazee

Beach Lane Books, 2010
32 pages
ages 4-8
Rating: 4.5
Endpapers: Pink with plue and pink rattles and jumping toys racing around the page

Cute cute cute...the perfect gift for any pregnant couple.

Boss Baby runs the show, demanding immediate action at all times. The illustrations, showing the exhausted parents and the demanding baby - and activities like "spa time" (in a bubble bath) are all hysterical.

This is not a cutesie baby, this is the bossman. (I actually wish he weren't quite so homely. Oh well.) And the way she's done the illustrations - showing lots and lots of lines, giving tetures and depth and added interest to the drawings - is delightful. (It says they were "rendered in black Prismacolor pencils and gouache on a 2-ply cold press paper." )

This is a super book.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Novel List

I need a list for easier reference, when I'm looking up something quickly, that's what this is......

Books read in recent years

3 Willows - Ann Brashares, 2009 (3.5)
1st to Die - James Patterson, 2001 (4)
10 lb. Penalty - Dick Francis
11 Birthdays   reread- Wendy Mass, 2009 (4)
12.21 - Dustin Thomason, 2012 (4.5)
13th Continuum, The - Jennifer Brody, 2016 (4)
61 Hours - Lee Child, 2010 (3.5)

Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, The - Sherman Alexie, 2007 (5)
Abstinence Teacher, The - Tom Perrotta, 2007 (3.5)
Accident, The - Linwood Barclay, 2011 (4)
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn - Mark Twain, 1884 (1.5)
Affair, The - Lee Child, 2011 (4)
After Obsession - Carrie Jones & Steven E. Wedel, 2011 (4)
After the River the Sun - Dia Calhoun, 2013 (4)
After the Storm  - Linda Castillo (Burkholder #7) 2015 (4.5)
Against the Odds - Mara Jacobs (Anna Dawson #1) 2012 (4)
Age of Miracles, The - Karen Thompson Walker, 2012 (2)
Akimbo and the Crocodile Man - Alexander McCall Smith, 1993 (2.5)
Alliance (#2 Paladin Prophecy) - Mark Frost DNF
All the Wrong Moves - Merline Lovelace (2)
Amazing Life of Birds, The - Gary Paulsen, 2006 (3.5)
American Street - Ibi Zoboi, 2017 (2 and 4)
And the Dark Sacred Night - Julia Glass, 2014 (3)
Angel on the Square - Gloria Whelan, 2001 (4)
Angel's Flight - Michael Connelly, 1999 (5)
Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging - Louise Rennison, 1999
Another Thing to Fall - Laura Lippman, 2008 (4)
Anything But Typical - Nora Raleigh Baskin, 2009 (5)
Arcadia - Lauren Groff, 2012 DNF
Arrivals, The - Melissa Marr, 2013 (3)
Art Forger, The - B. A. Shapiro, 2012 (4)
Art of Mending - Elizabeth Berg (3.5)
Article 5 - Kristen Simmons (2)
As Simple as it Seems - Sarah Weeks, 2010 (4)
At Ease With the Dead - Walter Satterthwaite, 1990 (5)
Attracting Birds to Your Backyard - Sally Roth, 1998
Austenland - Shannon Hale, 2007 (2)
Available Dark - Elizabeth Hand, 2012 (4)

Back Story (Spenser #30) - Robert B. Parker, 2003 (4)
Bad Blood (Virgil Flowers # 4) - John Sandford, 2010
Bad Boy - Olivia Goldsmith, 2000 (3.5)
Bad Boy Can Be Good for a Girl, A - Tanya Lee Stone, 2006 (4)
Bad Business - Robert B. Parker, 2004 (4)
Bad Little Falls (Mike Bowditch #3) - Paul Doiron, 2012 (4)
Bad Luck and Trouble (Jack Reacher #11) - Lee Child, 2007 (3.5)
Beach House, The - Jane Green, 2008 (4)
Bean Trees, The - Barbara Kingsolver, 1988 (5) REREAD
Beastly - Alex Flinn, 2007 (4/5)
Beauty Queens - Libba Bray, 2011 DNF
Beige - Cecil Castellucci, 2007 (4)
Bellamy and the Brute - Alicia Michaels, 2017 (2)
Best Friends Forever, A World War II Scrapbook - Beverly Patt, 2010 (5)
Betrayed (House of Night #2) - P. C. Cast & Kristin Cast, 2007 (2)
Between, Georgia - Joshilyn Jackson, 2006 (5)
Between the Lines - Jodi Picoult & Samantha van Leer, 2012 DNF
Big Red Tequila (Tres Navarre #1) 1997- Rick Riordan (4.5)
Big Swim, The - Cary Fagan, 2010 (2)
Big Whopper - Patricia Reilly Giff, 2010 (3)
Birthday Ball, The - Lois Lowry, 2010 (4)
Biting the Moon - Martha Grimes, 1999 (2.5)
Blackman's Coffin - Mark de Castrique, 2008 (4)
Blank Confession - Pete Hautman, 2010 (4)
Blood Money - Thomas Perry, 1999 (4)
Blood Oath - Christopher Farnsworth, 2010 (4)
Blood on the Tracks - Barbara Nickless, 2016 (4)
Blood Ties - Nicholas Guild, 2015 (4)
Blood Will Tell  (Kate Shugak #6)- Dana Stabenow, 1996 (4)
Blood Work - Michael Connelly, 1998 (5)
Bloody Mary- J. A. Konrath ("Jack" Daniels #2) 2005 (2)
Blue Bloods (Blue Bloods #1) 2006 (2.5)
Blue Diary - Alice Hoffman, 2001 (4)
Body Reader, The - Anne Frasier, 2016 (4.5)
Bolt - Dick Francis, 1986 (4)
Bone Garden, The - Tess Gerritsen,m2997 (2)
Bones of Faerie - Janni Lee Simner, 2009 (3.5)
Book of Air and Shadows, The - Michael Gruber, 2007 (3)
Book of Blood and Shadow, The - Robin Wasserman, 2012 (3)
Book of Lies, The - Brad Meltzer, 2008 (2)
Book of Names, The - Jill Gregory & Karen Tintori, 2007 (3)
Booked to Die - John Dunning, 1992 (5)
Bookman's Tale, The - Charlie Lovett, 2013 (5)
Bottle in the Gaza Sea, A - Valerie Zenatti, 2005/2008 (5)
Boundary Waters - William Kent Krueger, 1999 (4.5)
Boy Book, The - E. Lockhart, 2006 (4)
Boyfriend List, The - E. Lockhart, 2005 (3.5)
Boy in the Burning House - Tim Wynne-Jones, 2000
Boy Meets Boy - David Levithan, 2003
Breadwinner, The - Deborah Ellis, 2000 (5)
Break In - Dick Francis, 1986 (4)
Breaking Dawn (Twilight #4) - Stephenie Meyer, 2008 (3.5)
Breaking Silence - Linda Castillo, 2011 (5)
Brief Chapter in My Impossible Life, A - Dana Reinhardt, 2006 (4.5)
Broken Teaglass - Emily Arsenault, 2009 DNF
Bronte's Book Club - Kristiana Gregory, 2008 (3.5)
Brooklyn Bridge - Karen Hesse, 2008 (5)
Buddha Boy - Kathe Koja, 2003
Buddha in the Attic, The - Julie Otsuka, 2011 (2)
Burgess Boys, The - Elizabeth Strout, 2013 (3.5)
Buried Book, The - D. M. Pulley, 2016 (4.5)
Burned - Ellen Hopkins, 2006 (3)
Burnt House, The - Faye Kellerman, 2007 (4)

Caleb's Crossing - Geraldine Brooks, 2011 (3)
Cam Jansen: The Mystery of the Babe Ruth Baseball (Cam Jansen #6) - David Adler, 1982 (3.5)
Cape Perdido - Marcia Muller, 2005 (2)
Captivate (#2 in a series) - Carrie Jones, 2010 (4.5)
Cardturner, The - Louis Sachar, 2010 (5)
Career of Evil (#3 Comoran Strike) Robert Galbraith, 2015 (4)
Carpe Diem - Autumn Cornwell, 2007 (4)
Case of the Missing Marquess (Enola Holmes Mystery #1) - Nancy Springer, 2006 (4)
Chains - Laurie Halse Anderson, 2008 (4)
Chapel Wars, The - Lindsey Leavitt, 2014 (3.5)
Charm City -Laura Lippman (DNF)
Chasing Darkness - Robert Crais, 2008 (4.5)
Chasing the Dime - Michael Connelly, 2002 (3.5)
Chicks With Sticks, It's a Purl Thing - Elizabeth Lenhard (DNF)
Chill of Fear (Bishop/Special Crime Unit #8) - Kay Hooper, 2005 (2)
Chill of the Night - James Hayman, 2010 (4)
Chime - Franny Billingsley, 2011 (2.5)
Church of the Old Mermaids - Kim Antieau DNF
Cinder - Marissa Meyer (Lunar Chronicles #1) 2013 (4)
Circle, The - Dave Eggers, 2013 (2)
City of Ashes - Cassandra Clare, 2008 (3)
City of Bones - Cassandra Clare, 2007 (4.5)
City of Glass - Cassandra Clare, 2009 (3)
City of Bones (Harry Bosch #8) - Michael Connelly, 2002 (4.5)
City of Ember - Jeanne DuPrau, 2003 (3.5)
City of Names - Kevin Brockmeier, 2002 (3)
Closers, The - Michael Connelly, 2005 (5)
Columbus Affair - Steve Berry DNF
Confetti Girl - Diana Lopez, 2009 (4)
Conversion - Katherine Howe, 2014 (4)
Corn Grows Ripe, The - Dorothy Rhoads, 1956
Corner of the Universe, A - Ann M. Martin, 2002 (3.5)
Counting by 7s - Holly Goldberg Sloan, 2013 (5)
Court of Fives - Kate Elliott, 2015 (5)
Creepers - David Morrell, 2005 (3)
Cress (#3 Lunar Chronicles) - Marissa Meyer (5)
Crime of Privilege - Walter Walker (3)
Criminal (#7 Will Trent) - Karin Slaughter, 2012 (5)
Crispin The Cross of Lead - Avi, 2002 (1)
Crossed (#2 Matched series) - Ally Condie, 2011 (2)
Crossing Place, The (#1 Ruth Galloway) - Elly Griffiths, 2010 (4)
Crow Hollow - Michael Wallace, 2015 (4)
Cruel Beauty - Rosamund Hodge, 2014 (1)
Cry No More - Linda Howard, 2003
Cry Wolf - J. Carson Black, 2013 (2)
Cuckoo's Calling, The - Robert Galbraith (J. K. Rowling), 2013 (4)
Cut, The (#1 Spero Lucas) - George Pelecanos, 2011 (4.5)
Cutting, The (#1 McCabe/Savage; Portland, ME) 2009 (4)
Cycler - Lauren McLaughlin, 2008 (5)

Daily 5 - Gail Boushey & Joan Moser (not a novel, but.....) 2006 (4.5)
Dairy Queen - Catherine Gilbert Murdock, 2006 (4.5)
Dangerous Passage - Lisa Harris, 2013 (1)
Dangerous Refuge - Elizabeth Lowell, DNF
Darker Place, A - Laurie R. King, 1998
Dark of Day, The - Barbara Parker, 2008 (5)
Dark of the Moon (#1 Virgil Flowers) - John Sandford, 2007 (5)
Darkness Becomes Her (#1 in unnamed series) - Kelly Keaton, 2011 (4.5)
Darkness First (#3 McCabe & Savage)- James Hayman, 2013 (3)
Darkscope - J. Carson Black (writing as Margaret Falk)
The Dark Room, The - Jonathan Moore, 2017 (5)
Dark Tide, The - Andrew Gross, 2008 (2.5)
Dash & Lily's Book of Dares - Rachel Cohn & David Levithan, 2010 (4)
Daughter of Smoke and Bone - Lani Taylor, 2011 (5)
Dave at Night - Gail Carson Levine, 1999
DaVinci Code, The - Dan Brown, 2003 (5)
Day Before, The - Lisa Schroeder, 2011 (4)
Day of the Pelican, The - Katherine Paterson, 2009 (3)
Dead Connection - Alafair Burke, 2007 (4)
Dead Heat - Dick Francis & Felix Francis, 2007 (2.5)
Deadhouse, The (Alexendra Cooper #4) - Linda Fairstein
Deadline (#8 Virgil Flowers) John Sandford, 2014 (3)
Deadline - Sandra Brown, 2013 (4)
Dead for the Winter (Chloe Newcombe #4) - Betsy Thornton, 2004 (4.5)
Dead Time (Alan Gregory #16) - Stephen White, 2008 (4)
Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse #1)- Charlaine Harris, 2001 (3.5+)
Dead Watch - John Sandford standalone, 2006 (3.5)
Dead Will Tell, The (#6 Kate Burkholder) Linda Castillo, 2014 (5)
Deadly Harvest (Flynn Brothers #2) Heather Graham (1)
Deal Breaker (Myron Bolitar #1) 1995 (5)
Death Assemblage (Frankie MacFarlane #1) - Susan Cummins Miller, 2002 (3.5)
Deception (Alex Delaware #25) Jonathan Kellerman, 2010 (3.5)
Decider - Dick Francis, 1993
Deep South (Anna Pigeon #8) - Nevada Barr, 2000 (4)
Delirium (Lauren Oliver), 2011, (4)
Desert Shadows (#3 Lena Jones, Phoenix PI) 2004 (4)
Devil's Hour, The (#3 Laura Cardinal) (J. Carson Black)  2007 (4)
Devil's Kiss - Sarwat Chadda, 2009 (DNF)
Die Trying (#2 Jack Reacher) - Lee Child, 1008 (3)
Different Girl, The - Gordon Dahlquist (1.5)
Digging to America - Anne Tyler (4)
Discovery of Witches, A - Deborah Harkness, 2011 (5)
Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks - E. Lockhart, 2008 (4)
Divergent - Veronica Roth, 2011 (4)
Diviners, The - Libba Bray DNF
Dogtag Summer - Elizabeth Partridge, 2011 (4.5)
Don't Look Back - Karin Fossum, 2002 (4.5)
Down to the Wire - David Rosenvelt, 2010 (3.5)
Dream Stealer, The - Sid Fleischman, 2009 (3.5+)
Drink the Tea - Thomas Kaufman, 2010 (5)
Drop Shot - Harlan Coben, 1996 (3)
Drowing House, The - Elizabeth Black, 2013 DNF
Dualed - Elise Chapman, 2013 (2)
Dust - Arthur Slade, 2001
Dying to Meet You (43 Old Cemetery Road #1) - Kate Klise, 2009 (4)

Echo Park (Harry Bosch #12) - Michael Connelly, 2006 (4)
Eclipse (Twilight #3) - Stephenie Meyer, 2007 (2)
Eggs - Jerry Spinelli, 2007 (3.5)
Eighth Day, The (Eighth Day #1) Dianne K. Salerni, 2014 (4)
Eighth Grade Bites (Chronicles of Vladimir Tod #1) 2007 (3)
Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell, 2013 (4)
Eleven - Patricia Reilly Giff, 2008 (4.5)
Eligible - Curtis Sittenfeld, 2016 (4.5)
Emmaline and the Bunny - Katherine Hannigan, 2009 (1)
Empty Houses  - Betsy Thornton, 2015 (5)
Escape Under the Forever Sky - Eve Yohalem, 2009 (4.5)
Esperanza Rising - Pam Munoz Ryan, 2002
Evelyn Project, The - Kfir Luzzatto, 2012 (1)
Evermore - Alyson Noel, 2009 (3)
Every Soul a Star - Wendy Mass, 2008 (5)
Everything on a Waffle - Polly Horvath, 2001 (4)
Evil at Heart - Chelsea Cain, 2009 (4)
Evil Games (D.I. Kim Stone #2) - Angela Marsons, 2015 (4)
Evolution, Me & Other Freaks of Nature - Robin Brande, 2007 (4.5)
Expats, The - Chris Pavone, 2012 DNF

Faces of the Gone (Carter Ross #1) - Brad Parks, 2009 (4)
Faking Normal - Courtney C. Stevens, 2014 (4)
Fallen - Lauren Kate, 2009 (1)
Family Tree- Susan Wiggs, 2016 (3)
Fat Cat - Robin Brande, 2009 (4+)
Fearless Fourteen - Janet Evanovich, 2008 (4)
Fifth Gospel, The - Ian Caldwell, 2015 (2/DNF-read more than halfway)
Fifth Wave, The - Rick Yancey, 2013 (4.5)
Fifty Shades Darker - E. L. James, 2011 (2)
Fifty Shades of Grey - E. L. James, 2011 (3)
Finger Lickin' Fifteen - Janet Evanovich, 2009 (1)
Firefly Letters, The - Margarita Engle, 2010 (4)
Flight 12:  A Kristin Cunningham Thriller - Allan Leverone, 2014 (2)
Flight 12; A Laura Cardinal Thriller - J. Carson Black, 2014 (4)
Flight Behavior - Barbara Kingsolver, 2012 (4.5)
Fly on the Wall - E. Lockhart, 2006 (3.5)
Forced Out - Stephen Frey, 2008 (2)
Following Fake Man - Barbara Ware Holmes, 2001
Following Grandfather - Rosemary Wells, 2012 (3.5)
Forever - Maggie Stiefvater, 2011 (5)
Forgotten Garden, The - Kate Morton, 2008 (5)
Four to Score (Stephanie Plum #4) - Janet Evanovich, 1998 (4)
Fragile - Lisa Unger, 2010 (2)
Frame 232 - Wil Mara, 2013 (2)
From the Corner of His Eye - Dea Koontz, 2001
Front and Center - Catherine Gilbert Murdock, 2009 (4)
Frozen (#2 Taken series) - Erin Bowman, 2014 (3)

Garden of Burning Sand, The - Corban Addison, 2013 (4)
Gathering Blue (The Giver #2) - Lois Lowry, 2000
Generation Loss (#1 Cass Neary, strung-out photographer) - Elizabeth Hand, 2007
GEORGE - Alex Gino, 2015 (4)
Getaway - Lisa Brackmann, 2012 (3.5)
Ghost Towns (Chloe Newcombe #3) - Betsy Thornton, 2002
Gingersnap - Patricia Reill Giff, 2013 (3)
Girl in the Glass (#4 Savage & McCabe) - James Hayman, 2015 (4)
Girl in the Ice, The (#1 DCI Erika Foster) Robert Bryndza, 2016 (4)
Girl of Kosovo - Alice Mead, 2001
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Millenium #1), 2005 translated 2008 (5)
Girls of Riyadh - Rajaa Alsanea, 2005 Translated 2007 (4)
Girls' Night Out -  Kate Flora (eBook/short story) 2014 (5)
Girl Who Stopped Swimming, The, 2008 (3.5)
Girl with a Pearl Earring - Tracy Chevalier, 1998 (3)
Glass Sentence, The (Mapmakers Trilogy #1) - S. E. Grove, 2014 DNF
Glass Sword (Red Queen #2) - Victoria Aveyard, 2016 (4)
Goblin Emperor, The  - Katherine Addison, 2014 (3)
Gods in Alabama - Joshilyn Jackson, 2005 (4.5)
Gone Girl (Gillian Flynn, 2012 (3)
Gone Missing - Linda Castillo, 2012 (4.5)
Good Guy, The - Dean Koontz (DNF)
Good in Bed - Jennifer Weiner, 2002 (4)
Good Luck of Right Now, The - Matthew Quick, 2014 (3.5)
Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! - Laura Amy Schlitz, 2007 (5)
Gooney Bird Greene - Lois Lowry, 2002 (4)
Gooney Bird Collection, The, Lois Lowry, 2009 (4)
Gooney Bird Greene - Lois Lowry, 2002 (4) 2nd reading, better review than above
Gooney Bird and the Room Mother, Lois Lowry,  2005 (4)
Gooney the Fabulous, Lois Lowry, 2007 (4)
Gooney Bird is So Absurd, Lois Lowry, 2009 (4)
Graceling - Kristin Cashore, 2008 (4)
Grasshopper Jungle - Andrew Smith, 2014 (4.5)
Gray and Guilty Sea, The - Nolte (Pseud) now using Wm. Scott Carter, 2010 (4)
Grounded - Heather Ordover, 2013  (1)
Gun Games - Faye Kellerman, 2012 (3.5)

Half a Chance - Cynthia Lord (4)
Half a World Away - Cynthia Kadohata (2.5)
Hand of Evil (Ali Reynolds #3) - J. A. Jance (1 Really didn't like it)
Hard Light (Cass Neary #3) - Elizabeth Hand (5)
Hard Way, The (Jack Reacher #10) - Lee Child, 2006 (3.5 Liked it a lot)
Hate That Cat - Sharon Creech, 2008 (5)
Hawkes Harbor - S. E. Hinton, 2004 (3.5)
Heartsick (Archie Sheridan & Gretchen Lowell #1)- Chelsea Cain, 2007 (5)
Heartstopper - Joy Fielding, 2007 (3)
Heat Lightning  (Virgil Flowers#2) John Sandford (4)
Heaven Shop, The - Deborah Ellis, 2004 (4)
Her Last Breath (Kate Burkholder #5) Linda Castillo, 2013 (4)
Here Lies Linc - Delia Ray, 2011 (4)
Hereville - Barry Deutsch, 2010 (5)
Heroes Are My Weakness - Susan Elizabeth Phillips, 2014 (5)
Hidden Secret, A - Linda Castillo, 2015 (4)
High Five - Janet Evanovich
High Lonesome Road (Chloe Newcomb #2)- Betsy Thornton, 2001 (4)
Hired Girl, The (Laura Amy Schlitz) 2015 (4.5)
Holding Up the Universe - Jennifer Niven, 2016 (3)
Home of the Brave - Katherine Applegate, 2007 (4.5)
Homeboyz - Alan Lawrence Sitomer, 2007 (4.5)
Hoot - Carl Hiaasen, 2001 (3)
Hot Mahogany - Stuart Woods, 2008 (2)
Hot Money - Dick Francis, 1987 (4)
House Arrest - K. A. Holt, 2015 (5)
House of Dolls - Francesca Lia Block, 2010 (4)
House of Velvet and Glass, The - Katherine Howe, 2012 DNF
How Oliver Olson Changed the World - Claudia Mills, 2009 (5)
How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found - Sarah Nickerson, 2002 (3.5)
How To Take the Ex Out of Ex-boyfriend - Janette Rallison, 2007 (2.5)
Hugger Mugger - Robert B. Parker, 2000
Hundred-Dollar Baby - Robert B. Parker, 2006
Hunger Games, The - Suzanne Collins, 2008 (5)
Hurricane Song - Paul Volponi, 2008 (4)
Hush - Eishes Chayil, 2010 (4)

I Am J - Cris Beam, 2011 (4/Excellent)
I Am Number 4 - Pittacus Lore, 2010 (4)
Ice Queen, The - Alice Hoffman, 2005 (4)
If I Stay - Gayle Forman, 2009 (4.5)
If You Find Me - Emily Murdoch, 2013 (4.5)
Immoral - Brian Freeman, 2005 (3.9)
Impossible Knife of Memory, The, - Laurie Halse Anderson, 2014 (4+)
Incredible Shrinking Kid, The (Stink #1) - Megan McDonald, 2005 (5)
Indigo Slam - Robert Crais, 1997 (4.5)
Inquisitors Mark, The - Dianne K. Salerni, 2015 DNF
In Search of Mercy - Michael Ayoob (3)
In Spite of Killer Bees - Julie Johnston, 2001
In the Blood - Steve Robinson, 2011 (2.5)
In the Shadow of Lakecrest - Elizabeth Blackwell, 2017 (1)
In the Territory of Lies - Lois Stickell DNF
Insurgent - Veronica Roth, 2012 (4)
Intercept, The - Dick Wolf, 2013 (4)
Into the Dim - Janet B. Taylor, 2016 (5)
In the Kingdom of Men - Kim Barnes, 2012 (3.5)
Invisible I: The Amanda Project Book 1 - Melissa Kantor, 2009 (4)
Irises - Francisco X. Stork, 2010 (2)
Iron Lake (Cork O'Connor #1) - William Kent Krueger, 1998 (5)
Island,The - Elin Hilderbrand, 2010 (2)
Isle of Dogs - Patricia Cornwell, 2001
Ivy & Bean (Bk #1) - Annie Barrowsk 2006 (5)

Jacket, The - Andrew Clements, 2002, 4
Jake Ransom and the Skull King's Shadow - James Rollins, 2009 (4)
Jane Austen Ruined My Life - Beth Pattillo, 2009 (2)
Janus Stone, The - Elly Griffiths, 2010 (4)
Japantown - Barry Lancet, 2013 (DNF -  read 3/8 of the book)
Jasmine Trade, The - Denise Hamilton, 2001 (5)
Jekel Loves Hyde - Beth Fantaskey, 2010 (3)
Jellicoe Road - Melina Marchetta, 2006 (5/Awesome!)
Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side - Beth Fantaskey, 2009 (5)
Judy Moody was in a bad mood. Not a good mood. A bad mood. (Judy Moody #1) - Megan McDonald, 2000 (5)
Judy Moody, Mood Martian (Judy Moody #12) Megan McDonald, 2014 (4)
Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus (Junie B. Jones #1) - Barbara Park, 1992 (4.5)

Keeper of the Night - Kimberly Willis Holt, 2003
Kill You Twice - Chelsea Cain, 2012 (5)
Killer Smile - Lisa Scottoline, 2004 (3)
Killer View - Ridley Pearson (3.5)
Killing Floor, The - Lee Child, 1997 (4)
Killing in the Hills, A - Julia Keller DNF
Kingdom Come - Jane Jenner (4.5)
Kiss of Deception, The - Mary E. Pearson, 2014 (3)
Knife of Never Letting Go, The - Patrick Ness, 2008 (1)
Knitting for Peace - Betty Christiansen, 2006

Lace Reader, The - Brunonia Barry, 2008 (4.5)
Lake of Dreams, The - Kim Edwards, 2011 (4)
Lake of Tears - Mary Logue, 2014 (2)
Lakeshore Limited - Sue Miller, 2010 (1)
Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell (#1) - Chris Colfer, 2012 (3)
Language Inside, The - Holly Thompson, 2013 (4)
Language of Flowers, The - Vanessa Diffenbaugh, 2011 (5)
Last Coyote, The - Michael Connelly, 1995 (5)
Last Fifth Grade of Emerson Elementary,The - Laura Shovan, 2016 (4)
Last Little Blue Envelope, The - Maureen Johnson, 2011 (5)
Last to Die (Jack Swyteck #3) - James Grippando, 2003
Last Witness - Jilliane Hoffman, 2005 (4)
Lawn Boy - Gary Paulsen, 2007 (4.5)
Lean Mean Thirteen - Janet Evanovich, 2007 (3.5)
Leap - Jane Breskin Zalben, 2007 (4)
Leaving Gee's Bend - Irene Latham, 2010 (4)
Leaving of Things, The - Jay Antani, 2013 )4)
Let Me Go - Chelsea Cain, 2013 (3)
Let the Devil Sleep - John Verdon, 2012 (4)
Liar and Spy - Rebecca Stead DNF
Library at Mount Char, The - Scott Hawkins, 2015 (5)
Life List, The - Lori Nelson Spielman, 2013, (4)
Life Sentences - Laura Lippman, 2009 (2.5)
Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie, 2011 (4)
Linger (Wolves of Mercy Falls #2) - Maggie Stiefvater, 2010 (4)
Listening for Lions - Gloria Whelan, 2005 (3.5+)
Listening for Lucca - Suzanne LaFleur, 2013 (3)
Little Bee - Chris Cleave, 2008 (4)
Little Brother - Cory Doctorow, 2008 (3.5)
Living Dead Girl - Elizabeth Scott, 2008 (unrateable)
Lizzie and the Lost Baby - Cheryl Blackford, 2016 (1)
The Lock Artist - Steve Hamilton, 2009 (4)
Lone Wolf - Jodi Picoult, 2012 (3)
Long Walk to Water, A - Linda Sue Park, 2010 (4.5)
Loser - Jerry Spinelli, 2002 (4..5)
Lost and Found - Carolyn Parkhurst, 2006 DNF
Lost Light - Michael Connelly, 2004 (4.5)
Lost Sisterhood, The - Anne Fortier, 2014 (5)
Loud Silence of Francine Green, The - Karen Cushman, 2006 (5)
Love That Dog - Sharon Creech, 2001 (5)
Lucifer's Tears  - James Thompson, 2011 (4)
Lullaby, Robert B. Parker's - Ace Atkins, 2012 (4)
Lyrebird Hill  - Anna Romer, 2014 (4.5)

Mad River - John Sandford, 2012 (4.5)
Magic Bites - Ilone Andrews, 2007 DNF
Magician's Elephant, The, 2009 DNF (1)
Many Stones - Carolyn Coman, 2001
Map of Lost Memories - Kim Fay DNF
Map of True Places, The - Brunonia Barry, 2010 (4)
The Map Trap, The - Andrew Clements, 2014 (4)
Marcelo in the Real World - Francisco X. Stork, 2009 (5)
Marked (House of Night #1) - P. C. Cast & Kristin Cast, 2007 (4)
Masked (Blue Bloods #2) - Melissa de la Cruz, 2007 (4)
Matched - Allie Condie, 2010 (4)
Maya's Notebook - Isabel Allende, 2013 (4)
May B. a Novel - Caroline Starr Rose, 2012 (3/Liked it)
Maybe - Brent Runyon, 2006 (4)
Maze of Bones (39 Clues #1) - Rick Riordan (2)
Maze Runner - James Dasher, 2009 (4)
Memoria - Elizabeth Segrave, DNF
Mercedes Coffin - Faye Kellerman, 2007 (3)
Merchant of Venice - Gareth Hinds, 2008 (2.5)
Merciless - Lori Armstrong (4)
Mercy Kill - Lori Armstrong (4.5)
Messenger, The - Jan Burke, 2009 (5)
Mexican Hat - Michael McGarrity, 1997 (4)
Midnight Express - Melinds Leigh, 2012 (1) DNF
Million Miles from Boston, A - Karen Day, 2011 (4)
Misfits, The - James Howe, 2001 (5)
Miss Daisy is Crazy (My Weird School #1) - Dan Gutman, 2004 (4.5)
Missing You - Harlan Coben, 2014 (2)
Mission to Sonora (Linda Bluenight #1) - Rebecca Cramer, 1998 (2)
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - Ransom Riggs, 2011 DNF
Mr. Cooper is Super! (My Weirdest School #1) - Dan Gutman, 2015 (3)
Mockingbird - Kathryn Erskine, 2010 (5)
Moment of Truth (Rosato & Associates #5) - Lisa Scottolilne, 2000 (2.5)
Monk Downstairs, The - Tim Farrington, 2002 (3.5)
Month of Sundays, A - Ruth White, 2011 (4+)
Monument 14 - Emmy Laybourne, 2012 (4.5)
Moses Expedition, The - Jose Gomez-Jurado, 2007/trans. 2010 (2)
Most Beautiful Place in The World, The - Ann Cameron, 1988 (3.5)
Mostly True Story of Jack - Kelly Barnhill, 2011 (2)
Mourning Gloria - Andrew Downs, 2015 (3)
Mouse Scouts - Sarah Dillard, 2016 (5)
Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore - Robin Sloan, 2012 (4)
Murder Book, The (Alex Delaware #`6)- Jonathan Kellerman, 2002 (3)
Murder in Plain Sight - Marta Perry DNF
Museum of Extraordinary Things, The - Alice Hoffman, 2014 (5)
My Life With the Liars - Caela Carter, 2016, (5)
My Lost and Found Life - Melodie Bowsher, 2006 (4)
Mysterious Benedict Society, The - Trenton Lee Stewart DNF

Narrows, The (Harry Bosch #10) - Michael Connelly, 2004 (3)
Naturals, The - Jennifer Lynn Barnes, 2013 (3.5)
Need - Carrie Jones, 2009 (3.5 or 4)
Never Coming Back - Tim Weaver, 2013 (5)
Never Go Back - Lee Child, 201
New Moon (Twilight #2) - Stephanie Meyer, 2006 (2)
Night and Day (Jesse Stone #8) - Robert B. Parker, 2008 (3.5)
Night Fairy, The - Laura Amy Schlitz, 2010 (5)
Night Ferry - Michael Robotham, 2007 (5)
Night Film - Marisha Pessl, 2013 (5)
Night Season, The (Archie Sheridan #4) Chelsea Cain, (4)
Night Stalker, The (Jack Carpenter #2)- James Swain, 2008 (4.5)
Ninth Ward - Jewell Parker Rhodes, 2010 (3)
No Ordinary Day - Deborah Ellis, 2011 (4)
No Talking - Andrew Clements, 2007 (4)
No Time for Goodbye - Linwood Barclay, 2007 (3.5)
None of the Above - I. W. Gregorio, 2015 (4.5)
Nothing to Lose - Lee Child, 2008 (3.5)
Now You See Her - Cecelia Tishy, 2005 (3.5)
Numbers - Rachel Ward, 2010 (2)

O' Artful Death - Sarah Stewart, 2003 (1.5/4)
Ocean at the End of the Lane, The - Neil Gaiman, 2013 (3.5)
Off Season - Catherine Gilbert Murdock, 2007 (5)
Once Shadows Fall (Sturgis & Kale #1) - Robert Daniels, 2015 (4)
Once Upon a Day - Lisa Tucker, 2006 (4)
One, The - Kiera Cass, 2014 (2)
One Came Home - Amy Timberlake, 2013 (2)
One Crazy Summer -Rita Williams Garcia, 2010 (3.5)
One Kick - Chelsea Cain, 2014 (3.5)
One Shot (Jack Reacher #9) - Lee Child, 2006 (4)
Open House - Elizabeth Berg, 2000 (4)
Operation Yes - Sara Lewis Holmes, 2009 (DNF)
Opposite of Everyone - Joshilyn Jackson, 2016 (4.5)
Opposite of Invisible - Liz Gallagher, 2009 (3.5)
Orphan Train - Christina Baker Kline, 2014 (4.5)
Other Rembrandt, The - Alex Connor, 2011 (4)
Our Strange New Land: Elizabeth's Jamestown Colonial Diary #1 - Patricia Hermes, 2000
Out of My Mind - Sharon M. Draper, 2010 (5)

P Is for Peril (Kinsey Milhone #16) - Sue Grafton, 2000
Painted Ladies - Robert B. Parker, 2010 (5)
Paladin Prophecy, The - Mark Frost, 2012 (5)
Pandemonium - Lauren Oliver, 2012 (4.5)
Parvana's Journey - Deborah Ellis, 2002 (4)
Pay It Forward - Catherine Ryan Hyde, 2014 (2)
Pearl That Broke Its Shell, The - Nadia Hashimi, 2014 (4.5)
People of the Book - Geraldine Brooks, 2008 (5)
Peter Pan Must Die (#4 Dave Gurney) - John Verdon, 2014 (4.5)
Physick Book of Deliverance Dane - Katherine Howe, 2009 (4-Liked a lot)
Picture Perfect - Jodi Picoult
Pictures of Hollis Woods - Patricia Reilly Giff, 2002 (5)
Pieces of Georgia - Jen Bryant, 2006 (4)
Pink - Lili Wilkinson, 2011 (4)
Piper Green and the Fairy Tree (Fairy Tree #1) - Potter (5)
Piper Reed, Navy Brat - Kimberly Willis Holt, (4)
Plantation, The - Chris Kuzneski, 2002 (2)
Playing God (#1 Joe Burgess) 2006 (4)
Pleasure Extraordinaire series (Liv Bennett) 2014, NR
Poacher's Son, The - Paul Doiron, 2010 (4)
Poet's Dog, The - Patricia MacLachlan, 2016 (4)
Poisonwood Bible - Barbara Kingsolver, 1998 (4)
Potshot - Robert B. Parker, 2000 (4)
Power of Six, The - Pittacus Lore, 2011 (2)
Prayer Box, The - Lisa Wingate, 2013 (DNF, Read 30%)
Prayers for Sale - Sandra Dallas (4.5)
Pray for Silence - Linda Castillo, 2010 (4)
Prodigal Summer - Barbara Kingsolver, 2001 (5)
Professional, The - Robert B. Parker, 2009 (4ish)
Program, The - Suzanne Young, 2013 (4)
Punished - David Lubar, 2006 (4)

Q is for Quarry - Sue Grafton, 2002 (4)
Rain Is Not My Indian Name - Cynthia Leitich Smith, 2001 (2.5)
Raven Boys, The - Maggie Stiefveter DNF
Raymie Nightingale - Kate diCamillo, 2016 (4.5)
Reaching for Sun - Tracie Vaughn Zimmer, 2007 (4)
Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend - Katarina Bivald (3)
Ready Player One - Ernest Cline, 2011 (3.5)
Red Mist - Patricia Cornwell, 2011 (4)
Red Queen - Victoria Aveyard, 2015 (5)
Reliable Wife, A - Robert Goolrick, 2009 (4)
Revelations (Blue Bloods #3) - Melissa De La Cruz, 2008 (3)
Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality - Elizabeth Eulberg, 2013 (3)
Rewinder (Rewinder #1) - Brett Battles, 2015 (5)
Right Behind You - Gail Giles, 2007 (4.5)
Robin's Country - Monica Furlong, 1995 (3)
Rosie Project, The - Graeme Simsion (5)
Rough Country (Virgil Flowers #3) - John Sandford, 2009 (4)
Rough Weather (Spenser #36) - Robert B. Parker, 2008 (3)
Ruby Red - Kerstin Gier, 2011 (4)
Rug Merchant, The - Meg Mullins, 2006
Rule of Four, The - Ian Caldwell & Dustin Thomasin, 2005 (DNF)
Rule of Won, The - Stefan Petrucha, 2008 (5)
Rules of Prey - John Sandford, 1989 (4)
Rules of Survival - Nancy Werlin, 2006 (5)
Run, The - Stuart Woods (Will Lee #5) 1995
Running Blind - Lee Child (Jack Reacher #4) 2000 (3)

S is for Silence - Sue Grafton, 2006 (3)
Saint - Ted Dekker, 2006 (-1)
Saint's Gate - Carla Neggers, 2011 (2)
SALT: A Story of Friendship in a Time of War - Helen Frost DNF
Same Stuff as Stars - Katherine Paterson, 2002 (2.5)
Same Sun Here - Silas House & Neela Vaswani, 2011 (4)
Sanctum - Sarah Fine, 2012 (2)
Sapphire Blue - Kerstin Gier, 2009/2012 (4)
Sarah's Key - Tatiana de Rosnay, 2007 (3)
Satchel Paige - James Sturm, 2007 (4)
Savvy - Ingrid Law, 2008 (4)
Say Goodbye - Lisa Gardner, 2008 (5)
Say Yes - Audrey Couloumbis, 2002 (4)
Scarlet -Marissa Meyer, 2013 (4.5)
Scent of Rain and Lightning, The - Nancy Pickard, 2010 (5)
School Days - Robert B. Parker, 2005 (4.5)
Schooled - Gordon Korman, 2007 (4)
Second Son (Jack Reacher short story) - Lee Child, 2011 (3)
Secret Keeper, The - Kate Morton, DNF
Seeking the Dead (Joe Plantagenet #1) Kate Ellis, 2008 (4)
Sepulchre - Kate Mosse, 2008 (1) DNF
Serpent Gate (Kevin Kerney #3) - Michael McGarrity, 1998 (4)
Shade of Vampire, A (Shade of Vampire #1) Bella Forrest, 2012 (2)
Shadow of Night (All Soul's Trilogy #2) 2012 (2.5)
Shadows of Ghadames, The - Joelle Stolz, 1999/2004 (5)
Shadow Spinner - Susan Fletcher, 1999
Shine Shine Shine - Lydia Netzer, 2012
Shipping News, The - Annie Proulx, 1993 (3.5)
Shiver - Lisa Jackson, 2006 (3)
Shiver (Wolves of Mercy Falls #1) - Maggie Stievater, 2009 (4.5)
Shock Wave (Virgil Flowers #5) - John Sandford (5)
Shop, The - J. Carson Black, 2012 (2)
Shopgirl - Steve Martin, 2000 (1)
Shrink Rap (Sunny Randall #3) - Robert B. Parker, 2002
Shut Your Eyes Tight (Dave Gurney #2) - John Verdon, 2011 (4)
Silent Scream (D. I. Kim Stone #1) - Angela Marsons, 2015 (5)
Silkworm (Cormoran Strike #2) - Robert Galbraith (JK Rowling) 2014 (4)
Silver Star, The - Jeannette Walls, 2013 (3)
Since You've Been Gone - Morgan Matson, 2014 (4.5)
Sins of the Fathers, The - Lawrence Block, 1976 (2.5)
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants - Anne Brashares, 2002 (4)
Sisterhood Everlasting - Ann Brashares, 2011 (1.5)
Sister Mine - Tawni O'Dell, 2007 (4)
Six Impossible Things - Fiona Wood (5)
Six of Crows - Leigh Bardugo (1/DNF)
Six Years - Harlan Coben, 2013 (3)
Skipping Christmas - John Grisham,2001
Skylight Confessions - Alice Hoffman, 2007 (3.5)
Small Acts of Amazing Courage - Gloria Whelan, 2011 (3.5)
Small as an Elephant - Jennifer Richard Jacobson, 2011 (3)
Small Wars - Lee Child, 2015 (#19.5 Jack Reacher short story/novella) 4
Snow Angels - James Thompson, 2010 (4.5)
Snow Like Ashes - Sara Raasch, 2014 (3)
Solomon's Oak - Jo-Ann Mapson, 2010 (4)
Son - Lois Lowry, 2012 (4)
Song for You, A - Betsy Thornton (5)
Song of the Whales - Uri Orlev, 2010 (1)
Songs for a Teenage Nomad - Kim Clubertson, 2007 (3)
Space Race - Sylvia Waugh, 2000
Space Taxi: Archie Takes Flight (#1) - Wendy Mass & Michael Brawer, 2014 (1)
Spanking Shakespeare - Jake Wizner, 2007 (5)
Standoff - Sandra Brown, 2000
Stand Tall - Joan Bauer, 2001 (3.5)
Stargirl - Jerry Spinelli, 2000 (4)
State of Wonder - Ann Patchett, 2011 (5)
Station Eleven - Emily St. John Mandel, 2014 (3)
Still Life (#1 Armand Gamache) - Louise Penny, 2005 (3)
Still Waters - Viveca Sten, 2015 (3)
Stone in My Hand, A - Cathryn Clinton, 2002
Stone Monkey (Lincoln Rhyme #4)- Jeffrey Deaver, 2002
Storied Life of A. J. Fikry - Gabrielle Zevin, 2014
Storm Cycle - Iris Johansen & Roy Johansen, 2009 DNF
Storm Front - John Sandford (#7 Virgil Flowers) 2013 (3)
Stranger in Paradise - Robert B. Parker, 2008 (3.5)
Struck by Lightning: The Carson Phillips Journal - Chris Colfer DNF
Sugar Skull - Denise Hamilton (Eve Diamond #2) 2003
Sullivan's Law - Nancy Taylor Rosenberg, 2004 (1.5)
Summer I Saved the World in 65 Days, The - Michele Weber Hurwitz (4)
Summer of the Gypsy Moths - Sara Pennypacker, 2012 (5)
Summerlost - AllieCondie, 2016 (4.5)
Summoning God, The (Anasazi Mysteries #2) - Kathleen O'Neal Gear & Michael Gear, 2001
Summons, The - John Grisham, 2002 (2)
Surviving the Applewhites - Stephanie S. Tolan, 2002 (5)
Survivor's Club, The - J. Carson Black, 2013 (4)
Suspect - Robert Crais, 2013 (4)
Suspicion - Alexandra Monir, 2014 (3.5)
Sweetheart - Chelsea Cain, 2008, 4
Sweethearts - Sarah Zarr, 2008 (4)
Sweet Hush - Deborah Smith, 2003 (3.5)
Sworn to Silence - Linda Castillo, 2009 (4)

 T is for Trespass - Sue Grafton, 2007 (4)
Tag Man - Archer Mayor, 2011 (2.5)
Taken - Erin Bowman, 2013 (4.5)
Taken - Robert Crais, 2011 (4.5)
Tale of Halcyon Crane, The - Wendy Webb, 2010 (It was okay/2)
Tales from Outer Suburbia - Shaun Tan, 2008/2009 (4)
Talk - Kathe Koja, 2005 (4)
Tapestry of Fortunes - Elizabeth Berg, 2013 (4)
Ten Miles Past Normal, Frances O'Roark Dowell, 2011 (4)
Testing, The - Joelle Charbonneau, 2013 (3)
Think of a Number - John Verdon, 2010 (5)
Third Angel, The - Alice Hoffman, 2008 (5)
Thirteen Hallows, The - Michael Scott, DNF
Thirteen Reasons Why - Jay Asher, 2007 (5)
This is What Happy Looks Like - Jennifer E. Smith, 2013 (4)
Through the Evil Days - Julia Spencer-Fleming, 2013, DNF
Till the Sun Breaks Down - Tom Leveen, 2015 (1)
Time Between, The - Karen White, 2013 (2)
To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee, 1960 (5)
Total Tragedy of a Girl Named Hamlet, The - Erin Dionne, 2010 (3.5)
Touch Blue - Cynthia Lord, 2010 (4.5)
Trans-Sister Radio - Chris Bohjalian, 1998
Trespasser - Paul Doiron, 2011 (3.5)
Triangle - Ellen Hopkins DNF
True Colors - Kristin Hannah, 2009 DNF
True Confessions of a Heartless Girl - Martha Brooks, 2002
True (...sort of) - Katherine Hannigan, 2011 DNF
Trunk Music - Michael Connelly, 1997 (5)
Tularosa - Michael McGarrity, 1996 (4)
Twelve Sharp - Janet Evanovich, 2006 (4)
Twisted Innocence - Terri Blackstock, 2015 (2)
Two Graves - Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child, 2012 (3)
Tyrant's Daughter, The - J. C. Carleson (3)

U is for Undertow - Sue Grafton, 2009, (4)
Under the Persimmon Tree - Suzanne Fisher Staples, 2005 (4)
Unlucky in Law - Perri O'Shaughnessy, 2004 (3.5)
Unraveling Isobel - Eileen Cook, 2012 (2.5)
Unseen (Will Trent #7) - Karin Slaughter DNF
Unwanteds, The - Lisa McMann, 2011 (3.5)

Van Alen Legacy, The (Blue Bloods #4) - Melissa de la Cruz, 2009 (4)
Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox, The - Maggie O'Farrell, 2006 (5)
Venetian Betrayal, The - Steve Berry, 2007 (DNF)
Victims - Jonathan Kellerman, 2012 (4)
Violet Mackerel's Brilliant Plot - Anna Branford, 2010/2012 (5)
Virgin's Knot, The - Holly Payne, 2002 (DNF)
Visitant, The (Anasazi #1) - Kathleen O'Neal Gear & W. Michael Gear, 1999

Waiting for Normal - Leslie Connor, 2008 (5)
Waiting for the Magic - Patricia MacLachlan (5)
Wake Up Missing - Kate Messner , 2013 DNF
Warden's Daughter, The - Jerry Spinelli, 2017 (4)
Warrior Heir, The (Heir #1) - Cinda Williams Chima, 2006 (4)
Watchman, The - Robert Crais, 2007 (5)
Water Castle, The - Megan Frazer Blakemore, 2013 (3.5)
Watsons Go to Birmingham - 1963, The - Christopher Paul Curtis, 1995 (4.5)
Web of Evil - J. A. Jance, 2007 (2)
Week in Winter, A - Maeve Binchy, 2012 (5)
Weight of Water, The - Sarah Crossan, 2013 (5)
Weird Sisters, The - Eleanor Brown, 2011 (4)
Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy, 2015 (4)
We Were Liars - E. Lockhart, 2014 (3)
What Became of Her? - M. E. Kerr, 2000 (3)
What Happened to Cass McBride - Gail Giles, 2006 (4)
What My Mother Doesn't Know - Sonia Sones, 2001 (4)
What Would Emma Do? - Eileen Cook, 2009 (4)
When It Happens - Susan Colasanti, 2006 (3.5)
When the Killing's Done - T. C. Boyle, 2011 (DNF)
When You Reach Me - Rebecca Stead, 2009 (4)
When We Were the Kennedys: A Memoir from Mexico, Maine - Monica Wood DNF
Where Children Sleep - James Mollison, 2010 (5)
Where Do You Stay? - Andrea Cheng, 2011 (4)
Where I'd Like to Be - Frances O'Roark Dowell, 2003 (4.5)
Where There's Smoke - Sandra Brown, 1993 (1.5)
Whiskey Sour ("Jack" Daniels #1) - J. A. Konrath, 2004 (4)
White Giraffe, The - Lauren St. John, 2006 (2)
White Mary, The - Kira Salak, 2008 (4)
White Picket Fences - Susan Meissner (DNF)
Who Was Albert Einstein? - Jess Brallier, 2002
Wicked Ties - Shayla Black, 2007 (2)
Widower's Tale, The - Julia Glass, 2010
Wild and Lonely Place, A (Sharon McCone #16) Marcia Muller, 1995 (3)
Wild Things - Clay Carmichael, 2009 (5)
Wildwater Walking Club - Claire Cook, 2009 (3)
Will Grayson, Will Grayson - John Green & David Levithan, 2010 (5)
Winnie Dancing on Her Own - Jennifer Richard Jacobsen (4)
Winter at the Door - Sarah Graves (2.5)
Winter People, The - Jennifer McMahon DNF
Winter Sea, The - Susanna Kearsley, 2010 DNF
Witness Wore Red: The 19th Wife Who Brought Polygamous Cult Leaders to Justice - Rebecca Musser & M. Bridget Cook, 2013 (2.5)
Wolf Hollow  - Lauren Wolk, 2016 (5)
Wolf Lake - John Verdon, 2016 (4)
Wonder - P. J. Polacio, 2012 (5)
Wonderstruck - Brian Selznick, 2011 (3 - Liked it)
Word After Word After Word - Patricia MacLachlan, 2010 (4)
Worth Dying For (Jack Reacher #15) Lee Child, 2010 (4)
Wrath & the Dawn, The - Renee Ahdieh, 2015 (4)

Yarn Bombing - Mandy Moore & Leanne Prain, 2009
Year of No Rain - Alice Mead, 2003 (4)
Year of the Book, The - Andrea Cheng, 2012 (3)
Year of the Dog, The - Grace Lin, 2006
Year the Swallows Came Early, The - Kathryn Fitzmaurice, 2009 (5)
You'll Like It Here (Everybody Does) - Ruth White, 2011 (4)