Sunday, January 10, 2010

5. Schooled - Gordon Korman

Audio read by a cast of readers
Recorded Books, 2007
4 unabridged cd's
5 hours
224 pages
Ages 9-12
Rating: 4

This book was a hoot and a half. It's told in many voices, but the major one, the star of the story, is Capricorn "Cap" Anderson. Cap has been raised by his grandmother on a commune, with practically no knowledge of the doings of the outside world....until his grandmother falls out of a tree and he has to go into foster care while she recovers. He's never been to public school, never had a haircut, has no clue about money or modern-day kids. But he has a heart of gold, is very bright and has been homeschooled well, and and has driven the farm's pickup since he was eight.

Enter C-average middle school and the eighth grade class. Everyone treats him mercilessly...until the tables are turned and they realize that he's really quite an extraordinary person. Throw in a gorgeous sarcastic high school housemate and the responsibilities of running the biggest dance of the year (when you don't even have a clue what a dance is)....and you have the ingredients for this story.

It's a good one. It has heart. There are a few unbelievable parts, of course, but if you listen (I mean read) with your tongue firmly planted in your cheek, it's an enjoyable romp.

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