Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Yellow Elephant, a Bright Bestiary - Julie Larios

Illustrated by Julie Paschkis
Harcourt, 2006
32 pages
Rating: 4

14 poems about 14 animals, illustrated in bright colors on a white-framed page. Really lovely illustrations.

Orange Giraffe

Orange sun rising
over the savana --

Can you see the orange water
of the Juba River?
Can you hear the hyena's
high orange laugh?
On the riverbank,
an orange giraffe.

Turquoise Lizard
Thunder rolls
across the desert,
quieting the buzz
of the cicadas.
One worried lizard
zips quickly
under a rock.
When raindrops fall,
the small lizard,
turquoise tail curled,
stays bright and dry
in the wet world.

Green Frog
One thing for sure
about a green frog
on a green lily pad
on a green day
in spring:
One hop
and her green
is gone.
See how she swims,
blue frog now
under blue water.

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