Thursday, January 21, 2010

MOVIE - Leap Year

Adorable...but so predictable....
Released Jan. 8, 2010
PG (1:37)
1/19/10 alone at El Con
RT: 18% cag: 63%
Director: Anand Tucker
Amy Adams Matthew Goode

Ireland! What a gorgeous, green place.

This is a simple, predictable, extremely cute and fun story. A feel-good romantic comedy. You can put Amy Adams anywhere and she is always wonderful. And Matthew still female hearts! Move over Colin Furth. Dark-haired, accented

Amy Adams is a successful Bostonian who has been dating a (very nice, very ordinary, very boring) cardiologist for four years. When she thinks he is finally going to ask her to marry him, she is disappointed once again. Her father (John Lithgow) reminds her of an old, romantic Irish tradition that a woman can ask a man to marry her on Leap Day - which, of course, only comes once every four years. And guess what - her doctor boyfriend will be at a conference in Dublin! So she packs her Louis Voutton rolling suitcase and takes off. Needless to say it becomes a comedy of errors and she falls in love along the way. Fun and cute and predictable and feel-good. It'll be in the cheap theaters quite soon, I'm sure.

Gotta check out some other Matthew Goode movies: A Single Man (WITH Colin! ! !) Watchmen, Brideshead Revisted, The Lookout, Copying Beethoven, Imagine Me and You, Match Point, Chasing Liberty, and South from Granada. Netflix, here i come!

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