Saturday, January 23, 2010

Reading Makes You Feel Good - Todd Parr

Megan Tingley/Little Brown, 2005
Paper $6.99
32 pgaes

With his usual simplicity, Todd Parr celebrates books and the joy of reading in words and pictures. Bright bright colors. Simple drawings - a thick black line colored in with solid colors, but the whole page is covered, without a speck of white.

This could be written up as a poem and kids could brainstorm their own additions - or create their own new poem in a similar vein, on this subject or another.

"Reading makes you feel good because...
You can imagine you are a brave princess or a scary dinosaur
You can learn about cool places and people
You can make a new friend
You can do it anywhere!
Reading makes you feel good because....."

You get the idea.
I'd like to put some of these double-page spreads on the walls of my classroom.

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