Thursday, June 4, 2020

Poetry Moments

Today I started videotaping my brief "Poetry Moments" that will be aired once a week, during this upcoming summer and hopefully longer at the library where I work.  They'll be put up on The Bosler Memorial Library Facebook Page.

Day 1 - 6/9/20 -  I wanted to start with Shel Silverstein, but perhaps a poem that wouldn't be quite as well known as most.  So I went to A Light in the Attic and chose "Bear in There."

Day 2 - 6/11/20 - I really wanted to follow up Silverstein with Jack Prelutsky, but didn't want it to be one of his funny or silly ones, so I chose "What Happens to the Colors?" from Sing a Song of Seasons.

Day 3 - 6/16/20 - Wanting to go with something different, I went for short, sweet, and unrhymed for this one,  "Stone Wall' by James Stevenson from one of his "corny" books.

Day 4 - 6/18/20 - A fun poem with rhyme and rhythm and a great photo I found.  "Toad by the Road" by Joanne Ryder.

Day 5 - 6/23/20 - I love penguins, and I've found lots of penguin poems.  Today I'm adding "Diary of A Very Short Winter Day" by Judy Sierra.

Day 6 - 6/25/20 -  Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) wrote short poems and never gave them a title.  Here's one about the moon that begins "The Moon was but a Chin of Gold"

Day 7 -  6/30/20 - My close friend, Dede, lives just north of the Golden Gate Bridge in Marin County, California.  I've been lucky enough to drive back and forth this magical bridge dozens of times.  I've loved every thrilling moment.  Joan Bransfield Graham uses music and metaphor to help describe the magnificence of this bridge in her poem, "Golden Gate Bridge."

Day 8 - 7/2/20 - A library poem today.  Took it from Sylvia Vardell & Janet Wong's The Poetry Friday Anthology.which is packed with perfect poems for sharing, and they label sections from Kindergarten to grade 5.    This one's by Sara Holbrook, "The Library."

Day 9 - 7/7/20 - I wanted something short, sweet, and clever, so went with "Stegosaurus" by David Elliot from his book of dinosaur poems.

Day 10 - 7/9/20 - Most of Kenn Nesbitt's poetry is really fun and funny, and I check out his website once in awhile.  So today I decided to go for FUNNY!  "The Aliens Have Landed" came directly from his website.  I think it'll tickle younger elementary kids.

Day 11 - 7/14/20 - Since we're in the midst of summer I decided to go for a purely summertime poem today.  I've wanted to include a "list poem," and I think this one fit all of my criteria for the day!  I read Douglas Florian's "What I Love About Summer" from his poetry book, Summersaults.

Day 12 - 7/16/20 - Changing it up a little, I'm doing Robert Louis Stevenson's "My Shadow" from A Child's Garden of Verses.

Day 13 -

Day 14 -

Day 15 - 7/28/20 - From the book Marvelous Math, an anthology (a collection of poems by different poets) edited by Lee Bennett Hopkins comes part of Mary O'Neill's poem, Take a Number.

Day 16 - 7/30/20 - When I picked up the book I'm Just No Good At Rhyming (Harris) all I could think of was the old addage "You can't judge a book by its cover."  Talk about a nondescript cover!  But there were many poems that I really enjoyed, including The Secret of My Art.  Just plain fun!

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