Saturday, April 30, 2016

Postcards Received from Idaho

341.  IDAHO...did you know?
Hi Chirs, While this is not the "flashiest" of cards, it is a "did you know."  Hop you don't have it.  I had hip surgery last week and will have all summer off - like a teacher!  The pain is no fun, thous.  Lisa

451.  Frida Kahlo Girl with Death - Pocatello, ID
July 13, 2016
Hello Chris!
If you were here in Idaho this morning, we could drink coffee (or Diet Coke!) and talk about Postcrossing.  Later, we could climb the hill behind my house and look out over the Portneuf Valley.  All the wildflowers are in bloom, and it's beautiful.  I am also a retired teacher (almost 9 years now), and I still miss the prep!  Who would have guessed?
Happy travels  -- Cheryl

570.  Riding High in Idaho
Hello!  This was as close as I had of a jackalope.  Been going back & forth for soccer games today.  Two of my kids play.  Hope you like PA!  It's beautiful in the fall!  Bonnie

Postcards Received from Washington State

2084.  "Books are a uniquely portable magic." ~ Stephen King
Hi Chris!  I am a teacher too.  Only 8 years in and I teach high school English in WA state.  So excited for summer break I am headed on a 6-week road trip from west coast to east coast and back again!  Cheers, Rachel

1245.  Seattle, Washington
Hi Chris!  Happy first day of spring from Seattle.  I have always lived here, surrounded by mountains, forest, water and urban life.  I work as a project manager at a cancer research center and absolutely love my job.  How wonderful that you work at your local library!  I always have a few books checked out from the library.  I recently finished Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly and will start Uncommon Type by Tom Hanks.  
Love and peace from Seattle, Lisa

297.  Poetry Postcard Project - Vancouver, WA

516.  Spokane, Washington
Postal greetings from my home in spokane, WA.  Did this make you laugh?  Smile a little?  I love to hike/bike and walk.  We have wild fires right now so the smokey conditions mean I stay inside.  Congrats on your retirement.  Colleen

529.  Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument, Washington
Hello from Kalama, WA., which is near this mountain which I did see explode; which is now an amazing and beautiful place to visit if you get the opportunity.  Happy Postcrossing, Summer

432.  Tumwater, Washington
This was a AtlasQuest Stamp Swap.  
Her stamp:

Postcards Received from Florida

1941.  Jacksonville, Florida
Ralston, NB:  92-year-old Grandma Hayes attributes her long life and good health to the fact that five pipefuls of tobacco are daily smoked by her!"  1925
Hello Chris, My name is Casey and I live in Jacksonville, FL.  I work as a tugboat captain along the Atlantic Coast.  Peace.

1180.  Official Jackalope License from FLORIDA
Warm greetings!  My name is Hank.  I am a husband, a father and a grandfather.  My four grandchildren are very special to me!

820.  The Dali Museum
St. Petersburg, Florida
Postcard sent from Marietta, GA 
Dali Museum Exterior - Dali Melting Bench in the Dali Museum Garden, created by artist Kevin Brady
Hello!  Sadly I had no exct matches for you, but since you like doors, I thought you might like this melting bench.  Dali is one of my favorite artists.  His museum is 7 hours from home I've been 3 time and hope to go more!  Kristen

661.  Florida Fun Facts
  • Just a few days after Easter 1513, Spanish Explorer Ponce de Leon landed near what is now St. Augustine and named the area Pascua Florida, Or "Flowery Easter."
  • Orlando attracts more visitors than any other tourist destination in the United States.  Narly 60 million people visit Orlando every year.
  • Florida is similar in size to England and Wales combined.
  • No atter where you are in Florida, you are never more than 60 miles away from the ocean.
  • Florida produces 80% of the US citrus products.  The key limes of the Florida Keys are the tastiest.  Key lime pie is a specialty in Florida.
  • Famous writer Ernest Hemingway lived in Key West in the 1930s.  His house is now a museum and home to over 40 cats.
  • Clearwater has the highest rate of lightning strikes per capita in the United States.
  • Greetings from sunny Florida, city of Fort Lauderdale which is called the Venice of America.  My name is Nataly.  I love to read and travel.  Before I lived in Russia, Moscow.  I wish you to get positive emotions and all the very best.

625.  Florida
Hi Chris,
I thought it was funny when I got your name to send to.  I read the things you like and I could be reading about myself.  Then I see your birthday and nearly fell off my chair.  LOL.  It's the same as mine.
Happy Postcrossing!  Alda

Mjasa in U.S.A. wrote you a message 0n 11/10
“Hi Chris.
Sorry for the late response.
I live in Coral Springs in southern Florida, just north of Fort Lauderdale. Yes I laughed when I read your profile, it could nearly have been my own, lol.
I come originally from Iceland but have lived here for 10 years now and I can honestly say I like the weather better here. We still get a lot of "winterbirds" down here, lol.
I would love to get a card from you, I am trying to get a state card from all the states so if you find one I would love to have it. I haven't visited all the states but I am working on that too. :)
My address is
Alda Elvarsdottir
9051 NW 1st Street
Coral Springs, FL 33071
If you would like I could send you some cards from here again.
~ Alda 
1139.  "Leisure" 1910 William Worcester Churchill
Greetings from Florida!  I live near the Atlantic Ocean and love to watch the waves and the sea birds.  Small world - my brother went to law school at Dickinson.  I'm originally from PA.

556.  Lingva problemo?  Esperantigu!
Salutation, Chris.  Kiel vi fartas? (How are you?)  Cu vi konas la internaua lingvon  Esperanto estas facilega!
When I saw your profile I though - oh now, another monolingual American!  haha!  I hope you had a great summer in PA and are safely back in the warmth.  I live in Pensacola Fl. and every winter  I (obliterated) further south! 13.9.2016

521.  Pensacola, FLORIDA
(Card is from somewhere in the US)
Thank you for letting me send you this card.  I have been holding on to it for awhile waiting to send it tot he right person.  I love the irony in your last name.  I recently traveled through Arizona and got some good jackalope postcards.  Devin

295.  Coquina Rock Formation at Washington Oaks Gardens State Park
Palm Coast, FL
4/25/16 Hello Chris, my name is Robin and I live in Jacksonville, Florida.  Like you I love to read and enjoy a Diet Coke.  I also like to scrapbook and have lately been enjoying the adult coloring craze!

Postcards Received from Texas

2034.  Hello From Houston, Texas
Houston Texas, "where they always have a problem."  Hope you are having a good spring.  My World Map quilt was featured recently on the Postcrossing blog.  Stay Safe and Happy Postcrossing!  LARIDIAN

965.  Austin, Texas
My name is Nicholas...I moved here this may with my family.  We enjoy the city and keep exploring the state.
This postcard shows one of the books from my country - it is "Dead Souls" by Nicolai Gogol.  He shows how mid class lived in 1830-1840 in Russian Emire.  I read it in school.  Nicholas

906.  Houston, Texas
May-Britt Moser: Psyhologist and Neuroscientist
I just moved here with my family last year.  And now I've seen the heaviest rain i've ever been through!  You know, Hurricane Harvey.  It's crazy!  Best wishes, Amelie, August 2017

827.  Texas Jackalope
Hello Chris!  I live in a small city of Beaumont, not far from the Louisiana border.  I'm a cat lover.  I also enjoy long walks in the park and gardening.

519.  Card sent from TEXAS 
"North of Silver Hill in Connecticut, the Appalachina Trail wanders through woods still growing up from 19th century overtimbering"

Howdy from Texas.  I picked up this card on our trip last fall - we enjoyed it very much.  We plan to visit Maine and see some of the islands - any suggestions?  Figured we need to hire a bout and driver for part of it.  Enjoy travel - we do and hope to do even more.  Keys in Florida are next.
Cheers, Johny

326.  Odessa, Texas
Hello!  My name is Anita and I live in Odessa, Texas.  Our main industry here is oil.  We have a large rodeo in January and even larger hight school football games in the fall.  Our city mascot is the jackrabbit.  We have several statues around town.  Anita

300.  Fort Worth Stockyards, TEXAS
      Howdy from Ft. Worth, Texas.  My name is Linda or my grandchildren call me Nanny.  I am 66 yrs. young.  I love to travel, read, sew, and spend time with my 13 grandchildren (10 girls and 3 boys).  I am homeschooling 4 of the grand children.  We use postcrossing to learn like your class.
     Fort. Worth at one time was the largest stockyard in the southwest United States.  The are is now a historical area.  The old exchange building is a museum. I hope you like the card.  Happy Postcrossing, Linda

294.  Cross-Country Trip
Alamo, TX
Hi,  I have had fun traveling over 10,000 miles in my van and frew to China.  I found lots of postcards and made many new friends.  Happy National Postcard Week, Demaris
Check out the artist at:
Visit our website at:
email me for a trade:

Postcards Received from New Hampshire

2082.  Covered Bridges of New Hampshire
Greetings from NH, Chris, where we're famous for our beautiful covered bridges.  I'm also a retired teacher (enjoyed every grade from K - 6th grade, with the exception of 1st grade).  Many of my former students have found me on FB.  Love PA - stopped there every time I drove to/fro FL (where I lived and taught in the 1980s).  Also taught K in VA Beach.  Love the ocean - beach walking with my little rescue dog, combing for sea glass, drama, Bible teaching, and travel.  Best, June

635.  Greetings from New Hampshire
Hello!  Glad I can send you a card.  Hard to believe that it's close to the end of the year already. 
Enjoy, Kimba

Received August, 2012
A plow, they say, to plow the snow.
They cannot mean to plant it, no
Unless in bitterness to mock
At having cultivated rock.
-Robert Frost

289. Received 4/25/2016
Love the coast of Maine!  I live in central NH and visit it often.  My sister lives in Bangor and I usually take the highway north and then the coastal route on the return.  Jean.  April 19, 2016

Postcards Received from Oregon

1916.  Oregon
Hello Chris, we hope you like this Oregon Map postcard and postage stamps  We live in Western Oregon, near the city of Eugene and 50 miles from the Pacific Ocean.  We are retired.  My wife, Nancy, is a quilter.  She is part of a group that makes quilts for Lutheran World Relief as well as "baby" quilts for our local AID (Food Pantry).  I am a collector of used postage stamps.  Take care , Larry and Nancy Clough

1805.  Oregon City, Oregon
Dear Chris,  Greetings from Oregon City, Oregon.  Today is quite stormy and rainy out (big surprise!  I'm sure you are nice and warm in AZ, I'm jealous.  Paula

1258.  Oregon Logging Truck
Hello Chris, glad to meet you on postcrossing.  When we were traveling we spent some winters in Yuma, AZ.  We moved to Roseburg, OR in 2012.  During fire season my husband does fire watch and I get to go with him.  It is so peaceful in the forest.  We like to take day trips to the coast.  My best to you.  Sharon

1156.  Oregon Zoo sent from Larsen Bay, AK
Humboldt Penguin.  These flightless sea birds inhabit the coast of Peru.  With their streamlined bodies and strong flippers they are able to swim at up to 30 mph!  The Zoo's colony of more than 35 penguins live in an award-winning exhibit that features below the water viewing and a wave machine.
Hugs from Alaska, where there are no penguins, Sherry

589.  Flying Jackalope of the South Dakota Badlands
sent from Portland, Oregon
One of the world's rarest and most unusual animals, The Flying Jackalope is most frequently found in South Dakota's Badlands near Wall.  It is extremely shy and capable of blinding speed to escape detection.  Because of its evasive nature it has no been considered on of the "endangered species" despite it rarity.  This prize photo was taken with a telephoto lens a short way east of Wall.
I had to uninstall Pokémon Go on my phone.  I was convinced I would kill myself or someone...with my car.  I noticed I was playing at red lights...then playing in stalled traffic.  But it wasn't until I asked myself while driving across a bridge, "I wonder if there are water Pokémon here?"  I did not check because I imagined myself driving off the bridge.  Of course I would not die, but I would have had to explain how it happened.  I deleted the game when I got home.  -TM

429.  End of the Trail Interpretive Center, Oregon City, Oregon
Back of the card is stamped with a handmade stamp for an Atlasquest Swap:

419.  Salem's Riverfront Carousel
Touch hearts 
Spark imagination
Ignite creative spirits
Rest of back is covered with handmade stamp from an Atlas Quest swapper:

411.  Portland, Oregon
This was a card received from the Letterbox Tracker Hometown Postcards 2 from Belless

332.  Oregon City, Oregon
Dear Chris,
Happy Friday the 13th!  Greetings from Oregon City, Oregon.  I sent you another card, but since it's at 50 days out I'm assuming it's gone.  So if it shows up, you have 2!  Happy Postcrossing, Paula

Postcards Received 4/30/16

298.  Switzerland Map
+17 degrees C
Hello Chris,
A map for you!  I'm living ner Basle in the northwest of Switzerland in a small village.  I love to visit at Basle, the old city, the river Rhine, the art museums, and the zoo.  My other hobbies are reading, learning Spanish, walking, swimming, and painting.  I love to trave to Spain.  I wish you a nice day and all the best.
Happy Postcrossing, Claudia

299. Think Skink
Ontario, Canada
Common Five-lined skinks have the ability to "drop" their tails if grasped in order to escape.  The moving tail gragment will distract the predator while the skink escapes.  The missing tail with grow back over time, but will not be the same colour or length as before.  The Common Five-lined Skink is Ontario's ONLY lizard and they are a species at risk.
Hello!  I love telling people about Canada.  I hope that some day you can visit the "Great White North".  I love camping at Pinery Park!
31% of Canada is forest...
Canada has more lakes than all other countries combined!
20% of the world's fresh water is in Canada.

Postcards Received from Washington D.C.

774.  Tomb of Unknown Soldier
Arlington National Cemetery, actually in Arlington, VA
Located in Arlington National Cemetery, this block of white marble marks the final resting place of our Unknown Soldier.  Measuring 16 feet long, 11 feet high, and 9 feet wide, inscribed on the stone is the following:  "Here rests in honored glory an American Soldier known but to God."
Hello Chris.  Most of my postcards are in storage in Florida for when I move.  I have  more jackalope and cemetery cards.  I hope you enjoy this one.  Warm regards, Richard

307.  Washington D. C. - National Mall
April 29, 2016 
Hello Chris,  I suppose this qualifies as a map of my area.  You could actually use it to tour the best places on the National Mall - Tim Wolfe

391.  The Capitol, Washington D. C.
Dear Chris,
I've lived in the Washington, DC area for 3 years now and it's finally growing one me (since last year).  I lvoe going out to the National Mall and looking at the monuments and memorials. at night.  Patricia Vu

April Letterboxing

I've gone to a number of "traditional" sites this month, but was unwilling to venture into the undergrowth of desert because of snakes.  I saw one at the beginning of the month, right out in plain sight while I was looking for my first Munzee, and it freaked me out a bit, so I'm being really careful.  I only had 25 paces left to go just this afternoon to find a box, but after a-not-so-lengthy deliberation, scrapped the idea!

My 4/30/16 stats:

P1 F94 X46 (not much change here)

New in April:
Traditional:  1 find
HH: 1 find (now 9F)
Postals:  19 found, 1 carved and planted (Now 9P 87F)
LTCs: 4 quisps found (Now 1P 16F)
Travelers so far 40F
Event Boxes so far 18 F

My only carve this month was the Road Trip - AZ to ME (above)

Postcards Received from Illinois

2065.  Oak Park, Illinois
Ernest Hemingway Birthplace Museum
GR PC May 5, 2021
I live around the corner from Hemingway's birthplace.  I don't subscribe to self-help books, or read a lot of nonfiction in general, but when I do it's usually a science book a la Mary Roach.  I really liked Phallacy by Emily Willingham and Four Lost Cities by Annalee Newitz.  Hope you are well and safe.  Take care - Amanda

1344.  First Union Congregational Church, Quincy, Illinois
This is one of the oldest churches in our city.  Happy to be a part of Litsy, Tammy

1292.  Illinois
Hi Chris, I hope this finds you well.  I love pcs & books, so this is my kind of swap!  Do you read "real" books or on a Nook or some other device?  I find I like "real" books better.  Hugs & Happy Reading, Vickyen

1273.  Illinois Cow Quartet
First Line of a Book Postcard
"Ben could hardly believe it.  His father was sixty years old."
Ok, I wrote two lines!  The first line was not very interesting.  The book is Beyond Danger by Kat Martin.

1149.  Chicago, Illinois
Angela Gonzales, Artist
Angela Gonzales artwork:  This image represents the door that Fermilab's reasearch into particles provides to our understanding of the universe, as the door reveals the sky with a particle accelerator in it.  Privately held print.  
Fermilab/ U.S. Department of Energy/Office of Science
Hello Chris!  I live in the country 40 miles west of Chicago and ten miles west of FermiLab, a federal government scientific research facility.  Ms. Gonzales was the resident artist until her death.  The feds bought farms and even a small town to have enough room for an accelerator.  They just celebrated their 50th birthday!  Jane

409.  Illinois Railway Museum; Union, Illinois
Hi Chris!  I'm a college student in Chicago, majoring in elementary education.  I'll be student teaching starting in January.  I would like tot teach first through fourth grades once I finish school, but I'm flexible!  Take care, Matt

457.  National Portrait Gallery:  Dame Ethel Mary Smyth
 (John Singer Sargent)
Hello from Chicago area.  My name is Mila.  I have two wonderful kids, who keep me busy all the time.  Along with this card I'm sending you peace, happiness, and wealth!  Best regards, Mila

505. Chicago, Illinois
Mary Stevenson Cassatt (American, 1844 - 1926)
Mrs. Duffee Seated on a Striped Sofa, Reading, 1876
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Hi Chris!  Congrats on your retirement, I hope you're loving it!  I love that you mentioned in your bio that you loave to drink ice-cold Diet Coke.  Thaq's my big vice as well!  Sometimes with a lemon in it if I'm feeling fancy.  I hope you like this postcard - Mary Cassatt is one of my favorite American painters.  Hope you're having a lovely summer!