Thursday, September 30, 2021

Personal Poetry Anthology Index

1 = A Packet of Poems

2 = A Parcel of Poems

3 = A Posse of Poems

4 = A Plethora of Poems

Anonymous:  If You Should Meet a Crocodile (3)
Anonymous: Thanksgiving (3)
Author Unknown: Fairy Tale Song (3)
Asch, Frank:  Sunflakes (2)
Baylor, Byrd:  Coyote (2)
Brady, Elsie N.: Leaves (3)
Brown, Calef:  Lone Star Witches (3)
Bryan, Ashley:  Song (2)
Chanko, Pamela: Jiggle, Wiggle, and Giggle (3)
Curie, Robert:  The Home Place (2)
Dickinson, Emily: If I can stop one heart from breaking (1)
Dotlich, Rebecca Kai:  Classroom Globe (2)
Dyson, Cheryl: Veteran’s Day (3)
Esenwine, Matt. F.:  Christmas Cookie Favorites (3)
Farjeon, Eleanor:  A Dragonfly (2)
Farjeon, Eleanor:  There Isn't Time (1)
Field, Rachel:  If Once You Have Slept on an Island (2)
Field, Rachel:  Some People (1)
Fisher, Lillian M:  My Desert Home (1)
Fletcher, Ralph:  Poetry (2)
Florian, Douglas:  Don't! (2)
Frank, John:  A Cold October Night (3)
Frost, Robert:  The Road Not Taken (2)
Frost, Robert:  Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening (1)
George, Kristine O'Connell:  Storm (3)
Ghinga, Charles:  Pigs (1)
Giovanni, Nikki:  knoxville, tennessee (1)
Greenfield, Eloise:  Things (1)
Gregory K.: Resolutions (3)
Hahn, Mary Lee:  Reading is Breathing (2)
Heck, C. J.: The day the circus came to town (3)
Hindley, Judy:  Green (2)
Holbrook, Sara: The Library (3)
Hopkins, Lee Bennett:  The Museum Door (1)
Hughes, Langston: April Rain Song (1)
Hughes, Langston: Dreams (2)
Klein, A. M.:  Orders (2)
Lamm, C. Drew:  Watercolor Maine (1)
Lansky, Bruce: Lost (2)
Lee, Dennis:  Muddy Puddle (1)
Lesser, Carolyn: A Walk in the Woods (1)
Livingston, Myra Cohn:  The Night (2)
Mansfield, Katherine: Butterfly Laughter (2)
Nye, Naomi Shihab:  The Traveling Onion (2)
Ozer, Kemal (Turkey): At the Beach (2)
Paul, Ann Whitford: California Missions (2)
Prelutsky, Jack:  Alligators are Unfriendly (2)
Prelustky, Jack:  My Gerbil Seemed Bedraggled (1)
Richards, Laura E.:  Eletelephony (1)
Rossetti, Christina:  Who Has Seen the Wind? (2)
Schroc, Priscilla:  Grandmother's Parlor (2)
Shields, Carol Diggory:  The First Americans (2)
Silverstein, Shel:  Eighteen Flavors (1)
Singer, Marilyn:  Desert (2)
Spinelli, Eileen:  When Grandma Comes (2)
Teasdale, Sara:  May Night (2)
The Only Cin: Overload (2)
Thompson, Dorothy Brown:  Maps (2)
Zolotow, Charlotte:  People (1)
Hubbell, Patricia: On My Island (1)
Katz, Bobbi: Poems (1)
Kennedy, X. J.: Mother's Nerves (3)
Kuskin, Karla:  Rules (1)
Lear, Edward:  There Was an Old Man with a Beard (1)
Lindsay, Vachel: There was a little turtle (3)
Livingston, Myra Cohn: El Dia de Muertos: The Day of the Dead (3)
Livingston, Myra Cohn:  Why? (1)
Lobel, Arnold: Books to the Ceiling (3)
Merriam, Eve:  How to Eat a Poem (1)
Moore, Helen H. : Author, Author (3)
Moore, Helen H.: Cooperation (3)
Moore, Helen H.:  Popcorn:  (3)
Mora, Pat: This Big Sky (1)
Nesbitt, Kenn: The Aliens Have Landed (3)
Prelustky, Jack:  Homework!  Oh Homework! (1)
Prelutsky, Jack:  A Pizza the Size of the Sun (3)
Racza, Bob:  Norm (3)
Rose, Margaret: The Butterfly (3)
Rossetti, Christina:  Hurt No Living Thing (3)
Sandburg, Carl:  Fog (1)
Schertle, Alice:  Lizard (2)
Schertle, Alice:  Moo (3)
Shakespeare, William: Sonnet 18 (1)
Siebert, Diane: from Mojave (1)
Silverstein, Shel:  Batty (3)
Stevenson, Robert Louis: Bed in Summer (3)
Stevenson, Robert Louis: My Shadow (3)
Vance, Barbara: Snow Kisses  (3)
Viorst, Judith: Learning (3)
Williams, William Carlos:  This is Just to Say (1)
Gregory K: Resolutions (3)
Sarah, a fourth grader in PA:  One Class (2)