Friday, January 1, 2010

My 2010 Book Challenges

101010 Category Challenge

1. Historical Fiction
1. Chains (Anderson)
2. One Crazy Summer (Williams-Garcia)
3. Listening for Lions (Whelan)

2. Published in 2010
1. Leaving Gee's Bend (Latham)
2. Total Tragedy of a Girl Named Hamlet (Dionne)
3. The Night Fairy (Schlitz)
4. Mockingbird (Erskine)
5. Out of My Mind (Draper)
6. The Big Swim (Fagan)
7. Drink the Tea (Kaufman)
8. The Birthday Ball (Lowry)
9. Jekel Loves Hyde (Fantaskey)
10. The Scent of Rain and Lightning (Pickard)

3. On the TBR Pile too long
1. Punished! (David Lubar)
2. Sarah's Key (Tatiana deRosnay)
3. Thirteen Reasons Why (Jay Asher)
4. Eleven (Patricia Reilly Giff)
5. Breaking Dawn (Meyer)
6. No Talking (Clements)
7. Eggs (Spinelli)
8. Anything But Typical (Baskin)

4. Authors new to me
1. The Dream Stealer (Sid Fleischman)
2. Home of the Brave (Katherine Applegate)
3. The Abstinence Teacher (Tom Perrotta)
4. House of Dolls (Francesca Lia Block)
5. Where I'd Like to Be (Frances O'Roark Dowell)
6. Bad Luck and Trouble (Lee Child)
7. Solomon's Oak (Jo-Ann Mapson)

5. 1st in a series
1. Blue Bloods (De La Cruz)
2. The Warrior Heir (Chima)
3. The 39 Clues Book 1: The Maze of Bones (Riordan)
4. Now You See Her (Tishy)
5. Deal Breaker (Coben)
6. Dead Until Dark (Harris)
7. Eighth Grade Bites, the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod #1 (Brewer)

6. Sequels
1. Masquerade (De La Cruz)
2. Captivate (Jones)
3. T is for Trespass (Grafton)
4. Revelations (de la Cruz)
5. The Van Alen Legacy (de la Cruz)
6. Eclipse (Meyer)
7. Dead for the Winter (Thornton)
8. Killer Smile (Scottoline)

7. YA
1. Burned (Hopkins)
2. Right Behind You (Giles)
3. Fat Cat (Brande)
4. Opposite of Invisible (Gallagher)
5. Beastly (Flinn)
6. Linger (Stiefvater)
7. The Cardturner (Sachar)
8. Matched (Condie)

8. Where in the World?
1. Under the Persimmon Tree (Staples) Afghanistan
2. Carpe Diem (Cornwell) Malaysia
3. Song of the Whales (Orlev) Israel
4. Year of No Rain (Mead) Sudan
5. The Heaven Shop (Ellis) Malawi
6. The Forgotten Garden (Morton) Australia & Cornwall
7. The Firefly Letters (Engle) Cuba

9. Mysteries1. Dark of Day (Parker)
2. Faces of the Gone (Parks)
3. Life Sentences (Lippman)
4. The Night Stalker (Swain)
5. The Messenger (Burke)
6. Chill of Fear (Hooper)
7. Ghost Towns (Thornton)
8. Fragile (Unger)
9. Nothing to Lose (Child)
10. In Search of Mercy (Ayoob)

10. Just for the Fun of It
1. The Third Angel (Hoffman)
2. Knitting for Peace (Christiansen)
3. Reaching for Sun (Zimmer)
4. Word After Word After Word (MacLachlan)
5. I Am Number Four (Lore)
6. Yarn Bombing (Moore & Prain)
7. As Simple as It Seems (Weeks)
8. Big Whopper (Giff)

A Tournament of Reading (Medieval) Challenge

Book Around the States Challenge
AK- Right Behind You (Giles)
AL - Leaving Gee's Bend (Latham)
CA- (Oakland) One Crazy Summer (Williams-Garcia)
(Santa Teresa) T is for Trespass (Grafton)
(Central CA farmlands) Solomon's Oak (Mapson)
CO Nothing to Lose (Child)
DC, Washington Drink the Tea (Kaufman)
FL (Miami) Dark of Day (Parker) (Ft. Lauderdale) The Night Stalker (Swain)
MA- (Boston) Now You See Her (Tishy)
MD- (Baltimore) Life Sentences (Lippman)
ME- (Ellsworth) Captivate (Jones)
NJ- Faces of the Gone (Parks) Deal Breaker (Coben)
NV - Burned (Hopkins)
NYC- Blue Bloods (De La Cruz) Beastly (Flinn)
OH - The Warrior Heir (Chima)
PA (Philadelphia) - The 39 Clues Book 1: The Maze of Bones (Riordan)
WA- Eclipse (Meyer)

My Own Caldecott Challenge
1. Flotsam (Wiesner)
2. Peppe the Lamplighter (Bartone/Lewin)

My Own 39 Clues Challenge
The Official Website
1. Maze of Bones (Rick Riordan)
2. One False Note (Gordan Korman)
3. The Sword Thief (Larangis)
4. Beyond the Grave (Jude Watson)
5. Black Circle (Peter Carman)
6. In Too Deep (Jude Watson)
7. The Viper's Nest (Peter Lerangis)(2-2-10)
8. (Gordon Korman) (4-1-10)

YA Through the Decades Reading Challenge
1930 -
1940 -
1950 -
1960 -
1970 -
1980 -
1990 -
2000 -

100+ Book Challenge
1. Blue Bloods (De La Cruz) YA
2. Dark of Day (Parker) Adult Murder Mystery
3. Masquerade (de la Cruz) YA
4. Who Was Albert Einstein? (Brallier) Early
5. Schooled (Korman) Mid
6. Faces of the Gone (Parks) Adult Murder Mystery
7. The Third Angel (Hoffman) Adult novel
8. Under the Persimmon Tree (Staples) Middle Grades
9. Burned (Hopkins) YA CRF
10. Right Behind You (Giles) YA CRF
11. The Warrior Heir (Chima) YA Fantasy
12. Chains (Anderson) Mid Grade HistFiction
14. Knitting for Peace (Christiansen) NonFiction
15. Leaving Gee's Bend (Latham) Mid HF
16. The 39 Clues Book 1: Maze of Bones (Riordan) Mid Mystery
17. The Total Tragedy of a Girl Named Hamlet (Dionne) MidGrd
18. One Crazy Summer (Williams-Garcia) Mid HF
19. Life Sentences (Lippman) Adult Mystery
20. Captivate (Jones) YA Fantasy
21. T is for Trespass (Grafton) Adult Mystery
22. The Night Fairy (Schlitz) Mid Fant
23. Carpe Diem (Cornwell) YA
24. Revelations (de la Cruz) YA
25. The Night Stalker (Swain) Adult Mystery
26. Listening for Lions (Whelan) Mid HF - Africa
27. The Dream Stealer (Fleischman) MidFant
28. Home of the Brave (Applegate) Mid CRF -African refugee
29. Now You See Her (Tishy) Adult Mystery
30. The Van Alen Legacy (de la Cruz) YA
31. The Abstinence Teacher (Perrotta) Adult CRF
32. Fat Cat (Brande) YA
33. Mockingbird (Erskine) Mid CRF
34. Opposite of Invisible (Gallagher) Mid CRF
35. Song of the Whales (Orlev) Mid Fantastic Realistic Fiction (but not "fantastic")
36. Year of No Rain (Mead) Mid CRF - Africa
37. Deal Breaker (Coben) Adult Mystery
38. Dead Until Dark (Harris) Adult Fantasy
39. The Heaven Shop (Ellis) YA CRF - Africa
40. Out of My Mind (Draper) Mid CRF
41. Eighth Grade Bites, The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod #1 (Brewer) Mid/YA Fantasy
42. Punished! (Lubar) Mid Fant
43. Eclipse (Meyer) YA Fant
44. The Big Swim (Fagan) Mid CRF
45. Drink the Tea (Kaufman) Adult Murder Mystery
46. Beastly (Flinn) YA Fant
47. The Messenger (Burke) Adult Myst
48. The Forgotten Garden (Morton) Adult HF Myst
49. The Birthday Ball (Lowry/Feiffer) Mid Grades Fairy Tale
50. Sarah's Key (deRosnay) Adult
51. Thirteen Reasons Why (Asher) YA CRF
52. Jekel Loves Hyde (Fantaskey) YA Fant
53. The Scent of Rain and Lightning (Pickard) Adult Myst
54. Reaching for Sun (Zimmer) Mid Verse
55. Eleven (Giff) Mid CRF
56. The Firefly Letters (Engle) YA Verse
57. Word After Word After Word (MacLachlan) Mid CRF
58. House of Dolls (Block) Mid
59. I Am Number Four (Lore) YA SciFi
60. Breaking Dawn (Meyer) YA Fant
61. Linger (Stiefvater) YA Fant
62. Chill of Fear (Hooper) Ad Crime Fant
63. Where I'd Like to Be (Dowell) Mid
64. Ghost Towns (Thornton) Ad Myst
65. Yarn Bombing (Moore & Prain) NonFiction
66. No Talking (Clements) Mid CRF
67. Dead for the Winter (Thornton) Ad Myst
68. Eggs (Spinelli) Mid CRF
69. Anything But Typical (Baskin) Mid CRF
70. As Simple as It Seems (Weeks) Mid CRF
71. Fragile (Unger) Ad Myst
72. The Cardturner (Sachar) YA
73. Big Whopper (Giff) Early
74. All the Wrong Moves (Lovelace) Ad Cozy Myst
75. Bad Luck and Trouble (Child) Ad Myst
76. Solomon's Oak (Mapson) Ad
77. Nothing to Lose (Child) Ad Myst
78. Matched (Condie) YA
79. Killer Smile (Scottoline) Ad Myst
80. In Search of Mercy (Ayoob) Ad Myst

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Welcome to the 100+ Reading Challenge of 2010. I’m so excited to get this new year underway. I think there is going to be lots of great books published this year.