Sunday, June 6, 2010

43. Eclipse - Stephenie Meyer

Twilight Series Book #3
Audio read by Ilyana Kadushin
Random House Listening Library, 2007
13 unabridged cds
16 hrs, 23 mins.
640 pages
Rating: 2

The movie's about to come out, and there's no way I'm going to miss it; I really wanted to read the book first. I listened instead. Blech. On and on and on - there are about 400 pages too many to tell the story of this incredibly self-centered girl and the two powerful young men that love her. And for heaven's sake, what is it they love about her? I don't get it. She whines and mopes and makes demands and tells half truths and doesn't really have very much interesting going on in her head....

Victoria, the partner to James, who was killed at the end of book #1, is still tracking Bella and wants her dead. So she creates a mob of "new" very blood-thirsty vampires to help her attack the Cullens. The werewolves align themselves with their hated foes, the Cullens, to help save Bella. Give me a break. In the meantime, Jacob has tried and tried to convince Bella that she loves him and that he would be much better for her than Edward. Finally Bella realizes this, but knows that as much as she loves Jacob, she must be with Edward. Blah blah blah.

Let's see how the movie-makers portray this very boring story. And I've got to admit I'm interested to discover how Meyer will wrap this up - how can she make Bella become a vampire when for the first year after she's "turned" she'll be a bloodthirsty killer? I doubt if I'll read the next book until just before the final movie, but I imagine I'll do it. Can't stop now.

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