Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Two Weeks in Maine

Two weeks in Maine included swimming, kayaking, a glorious weekend on Abram's Pond, Acadia National Park (where Bren became a Junior ranger), frog hunting at Lake Pond, lobster dinners and clams by the shore, a birthday party at Rosalie's in Bar Harbor with Ashley, a couple of trips to Bangor, one of them to visit the Children's Discovery Museum (really wonderful place),reading picture books at the Ellsworth Library, humidity, huge horseflies, lupine everywhere,, Ashley's dance recital and Brendan's preschool graduation, trips into Northeast Harbor to visit family and the cemetery, two of my favorite yarn shops - Shirley's just outside Ellsworth and Grace Robinson in Freeport, lots of time with Fran and the kids, and putting 1500 miles on my rented Subaru going back and forth from Massachusetts and Maine. It also included no time blogging!

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