Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Haiku Year

Tom Gilroy, Anna Grace, Jim McKay, Douglas A. Martin, Grant Phillips, Michael Slope
157 pgs.
Capture the moment in an instant of enlightenment.

Seven friends made an agreement to write a haiku every day for a year. Many are in the original, Japanese format - three lines, 5-7-5 syllable pattern. And many take on the looser "Western style" that Jack Kerouac called "POPS" -- little three lined poems aiming towards a kind of zen enlightenment.

Even "Amanda called"
on a scrap of paper
lightens my day

geese overhead
the radiators'll be
tapping soon

left outside in the rain
even plastic flowers

Talking to himself
he makes me feel at home
in this Starbucks.

Bright sun
through filthy windows
shiny winter gloom

How do I say
goodbye when you're not even
here to hear it

Lonely rainy day
hoping to run into
someone I know

With just my finger
I wrote of our love
in the snow.

I'm not sure what the plant on the cover or its significance is....I didn't purchase this because it was all dirty and scuffed up, so I sat in the cafe at Borders and read it. Then I tried it out. It would take a lot of determination to write every day. And sticking to the regimented 5-7-5 format would take a long, long time if you DID find that impetus to write a haiku a day. I'd love to try it, capturing a moment from my day every day. I really enjoyed the concept AND the poetry!

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Best Book to Read - Debbie Bertram & Susan Bloom

Illustrator: Michael Garland
Rating: 4

Hooray! It's a trip to the library today.
We line up as we get off the bus.
We've been specially invited. Our class is excited!
The librarian is welcoming us.

Same kind of rhyme and rhythm as my all-time favorite, Taxi Dog. The librarian shows them different genres of books, proving there's a book that will appeal to everyone; Obedience Training by Professor Barker, Make it Yourself by Martha Muffins, Blast Off! by Ricky Rocket.

Michael Garland's illustration are colorful and the faces are fun and full of expression. And he made me chuckle aloud - near the end of the story, all of the children are standing together, showing the cover of the book they chose to check out. Among the many that the librarian shared with the kids are a few others - first I reckognized the cover of a real book, Dinner at Magritte's--illustrated by...Michael Garland, then noticed he's stuck in others he's illustrated as well. I love this clever touch!

These author sisters - they call themselves "The Write Sisters" - have collaborated on other books about reading, too. Might be fun to check out. And as I write this, I remember that I had dinner one night while at a children's literature conference at Cambridge with a Susan Bloom, who I believe wrote a book about children's lit. Coincidence? I'll have to look it up!

Chicken Little - Rebecca & Ed Emberley

For: Kids
Rating: 4.5
Endpapers: Bright yellow

Cute and funny.
Great, clever vocabulary.

"Chicken Little was not the brightest chicken in the coop." When an acorn hits him on the head, he runs for his life. One by one he bumps into, then adds to his flock; Henny Penny, Lucky Ducky, Loosey Goosey, and Turkey Lurky until they run into Foxy Loxy....who invites them all in to a long dark "cave" (his mouth) to hide. Luckily, the last page, which happens to open out, ends with AH CHOO -- and the yummy fowls take off in another direction.

Rebecca Emberley and her dad, Ed, created this book - Ed lives in Massachusetts and Rebecca in Maine, which was interesting to discover.

This lookes like it must be cut-paper collage - another great model!

For another blog review see: Blog from the Windowsill

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Three Pigs - David Wiesner

2002 Caldecott Award
Published: 2001
Rating: 4
Endpapers: light brown

We start out with the well-known tale of the three little piga - but as the wolf starts to blow the house of bricks, the pigs all escape from the page of the book and some of the pages fall out! Deciding to explore, they turn one of the pages into a paper airplane, climb on to it, and take off --- and crash. They run through other fairy tales, helping a dragon who's about to be slayed, escape. He joins them in their search for home until they find the pages and climb back inside. Ahh! The story is now able to end, and when the wolf tries to blow the brick house in, he encounters the dragon!

Cute pigs. Cute story.

Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed - Mo Willems

For: Kids
Published 2009
Rating: 2
Endpapers: Sign saying: No Shirt/No shoes/Service (on front) Why not? (on back)

I'm not exactly sure what my reaction is to this book. Okay, Mole rats are suppoed to be naked and Wilbur likes to be dressed. He's very cute trying to decide which outfit to ear. True, he marches to his own drummer. This is always good. When asked WHY he likes to be dressed he ask, "Why not?"

Why not, indeed. Grand-pah calls a meeting and arrives dressed, so some mole rats decide to try it too, and some don't.

Okay....another book to share with my Animal Farm-ers?

Cutish illustrations, but this seems like a lame book. It's probably just me - I was never gah-gah over Knuffle Bunny, either.

Next time I read it I may love it, but today I don't.

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Gilroy, Grace, McKay, Martin, Phillips, Roth, Stipe - The Haiku Year

Young Adult/Upper Middle School

Ashman, Linda - M is for Mischief (5)
Ashman, Linda - Stella, Unleashed (5)
Blackaby, Susan - Nest, Nook & Cranny (5)
Brown, Calef - Hallowilloween (3.5)
Esbensen, Barbara Juster - Swing Around the Sun
Fletcher - A Writing Kind of Day (4)
Florian, Douglas - Autumnblings (4.5)
Frank, John - How to Catch a Fish (4)
..........A Chill in the Air (4)
Gerstein, Mordicai - Dear Hot Dog (4)
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Harley, Avis - The Monarch's Progress (3)
Havill, Juanita - I Heard it from Alice Zucchini (4)
Hoberman, Mary Ann - The Llama Who Had No Pajama ()
Hopkins, Lee Bennett - City I Love (Hall) 4
.....................Got Geography!  (Stanton) 4
Iyengar, Malathi Michelle - Tan to Tamarind (Akib) 4
Janeczko, Paul & J. Patrick Lewis - Wing Nuts: Screwy Haiku (4)
Johnston, Tony - The Ancestors Are Singing (4)
Katz, Alan - Too Much Kissing (3.5)
Katz, Susan - Looking for Jaguar (4)
Larios, Julie - Yellow Elephant, A Bright Bestiary (Paschkis) 4
Lewis, J. Patrick - The Underwear Salesman (Bloch) 3.5
...............Please Bury Me in the Library (Stone) 3.5
............... Heroes and She-Roes (Cooke) 5
Lewis, J. Patrick & Douglas Florian - Poem-Mobiles: Crazy Car Poems (Holmes) 4.5
Locker, Thomas - Cloud Dance (5)
McKissack, Patricia C. - Stitchin' and Pullin" a Gee's Bend Quilt (5)
Mora, Pat - Yum! MmMm! Que Rico! (Lopez)
Paolilli, Paul & Dan Brewer - Silver Seeds (Johnson & Fincher) 5
Park, Linda Sue - Tap Dancing on the Roof (Sijo poems)
Paschkis, Julie - Flutter & Hum (5)
Peters, Lisa Westberg - Earthshake:  Poems from the Ground Up, (3)
Perry, Andrea - The Snack Smasher and other reasons why it's not my fault (3)
Pollock, Penny - When the Moon is Full: A Lunar Year (Azarian) 5
Prelutsky, Jack - In Aunt Giraffe's Green Garden (Mathers) 3
Prelutsky, Jack - rbanovic (4)
Rosenthal, Amy Krouse - The Wonder Book (Schmid) 3.5
Ruddell, Deborah - Today at the Blue-Bird Cafe (Rankin) 3.5
Salas, Laura Purdie - Book Speak! (5)
.....Water Can Be... (Dabija) 4.5
Schertle, Alice - Button Up! (4)
Schmidt, Annie M. G. - A Pond Full of Ink (2 - but I think it's the translation that I don't like) US/2014
Sidman, Joyce - This is Just to Say (5)
Sidman, Joyce - Butterfly Eyes and Other Secrets of the Meadow (Krommes) 2006
Singer, Marilyn - First Food Fight This Fall (and Other School Poems) 2008
Singer, Marilyn - Mirror Mirror (Masse) 2010
Updike, John - A Child's Calendar (5)
Vanderwater, Amy Ludwig - Forest Has a Song (4.5)
........... Everyday Birds (5)
Viorst, Judith - What are you Glad about?  What are you Mad about? 2016 (2)
Whitehead, Jenny - Holiday Stew (5)
Wolf, Sallie - The Robin Makes a Laughing Sound, 2010 (4.5)
Worth, Valerie - Peacock and Other Poems (Babbitt) 2002

Kid's Anthologies
Bill Martin Jr. Big Book of Poetry (Bill Martin, Jr., ed) 5
Dare to Dream: Change the World - Jill Corcoran, editor
Green Poems - Jill Bennett
Home to Me (Lee Bennett Hopkins, ed) 4
Sky Magic (Lee Bennett Hopkins, ed) 4

The Complete Book is One Poem
Gilchrist, Jan Spivey -My America (4)
Lyon, George Ella - Sleepsong (4)
Salas, Laura Purdie - Water Can Be...
VanDerwater, Amy Ludwig - Everyday Birds (5)

The Composer is Dead - Lemony Snicket

Illustrator: Carson Ellis
Music Composed by Nathaniel Stookey
Rating: 4
Endpapers (back of covers): Silhouttes of composers

When the composer is found dead, the inspector is called in to interview all the usual suspects - the members of the orchestra. He starts with the strings, proceeds to the woodwinds, brass, and percussion. Their excuses were all plausible. And then the inspector remembered the conductor. "You've been murdering composers for years! In fact, wherever there's a conductor, you're sure to find a dead composer!" And then there's a long list of famous dead composers.

This is chock full of information about an orchestra and the instruments that make it up. I read the book at B&N, so I didn't get to listen to the CD - which was performed by the San Francisco Symphony. Looks like Tracks 1-9 are the story read by the author and tracks 10-18 are instrumentals. I'd love to hear it!

GREAT vocabulary; lurking, flamboyant, interrogate, weary, "on the contrary," crucial, treachery, alibis, boisterous, arrogant, ruckus, agitated, nostalgic, unison......

(Not my favorite illustrations, but they work with the book.)

Tuesday - David Wiesner

1992 Caldecott Winner
Published: 1991
For: everyone!
Rating: 5
Almost Wordless
Paper $6.95

On Tuesday evening around 8, all the lily pads holding frogs begin floating up...up...up into the air. Hundreds of frog floata cross town, peering into windows, getting caught in hanging laundry, even venturing inside a home where an old lady has fallen asleep in front of the TV. Ah, such fun. But as dawn arrives the lily pads begin dropping to the ground - and the frogs tumble down, too, hopping home to their pond. As daylight arrives we see the police investigating the lily pads where they've landed all over the ground. One of the inspectors is the same one that some of the frogs waved at as they cruised by his window the previous night! And the next Tuesday....think pigs.....

My 8th grade class had a "tea party" last week, where they all shared three Caldecotts they'd read. Three different kids read this one - it's a great hit with 14-year-olds!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Gertrude is Gertrude is Gertrude is Gertrude - Jonah Winter

Illustrator: Calef Brown
Published: 2009
For: Kids
Rating: Still mulling
Endpapers: Deep purple

Okay, I've heard of Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas and their marijuana brownies and interesting soirees with artists and writers, but I had no clue what kind of writer Gertrude was. This book let me know. At first, as I read, I wondered what in heck was going on, but it slowly dawned on me that this must be modeled by Stein's writing. For example:

"Gertrude is Gertrude is Gertrude is Gertrude. And Alice is Alice. And Gertrude and Alice are Gertrude and Alice. Well it's like this. You walk up the stairs, and there they are. They are sitting in chairs and there they are, staring where they are staring. Not the chairs. Chairs never stare. Chairs are where you sit and stare....."

In the author's note at the end, Winter states: "Her very famous writing was famous for being repetitive, playful, childlike, conversational, and often quite nonsensical. And her very famous writing has bee imitated by many other writers, including the author of this book, whose title is an imitation of her most quoted line: 'Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose......Often mocked in her lifetime, Stein is now praised for being among the most original and influential voices of the twentieth century."

Mentioned particularly are Picasso, Matisse, and Hemingway. But how much will kids get this? I bet there aren't a lot of ADULTS who would recognize her style of writing. Her name, perhaps, and the title of one of her books, The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas. But has anyone of this generation read it? I'm going to look it up and see if it's readily available, or at the library.....

I recognize Caleb Brown's work. His illustrations fit perfectly with the text and funky writing, full color from edge-of-page to edge-of-page. A fun book.

Ed Spicer writes a "rave" review on his blog, Reading Roadtrips. Check it out!

18. Leap - Jane Breskin Zalben

for: Tweens
Published: 2007
272 pgs.
Rating: 4
AUDIO 6 cd's (7.5 hours)
Recorded Books
Female reader: Jennifer Ikeda
Male reader: Jonathan Todd Ross

A story in two voices, Krista and Daniel, have been best friends until about a year ago. They're in middle school now, 6th graders. Daniel, a star swimmer, during a routine anesthesia for a tooth removal, has a reaction that leaves him partially paralyzed. Krista, who has a major crush on Daniel's best friend, Bobby, volunteers to help him practice swim. He can only shuffle around using a walker, needs to take a special bus to school, has a full-time aid. But, as we watch the year unfold, not only does he begin to recover, but they both grow up. A lot.

Krista's "journey" includes the friendships of her three closest friends, all very different (of course). Three stereotypical personalities - the gorgeous girl who all the girls envy and roll their eyes at and about, the sweet one, the jock who doesn't like anything frilly, and the protagonist. Nothing wrong with this, I guess, the story has its merits, its problems, its many things for readers to think about. What do you do with a 12-year old friend who has a fake driver's license and gets a tattoo? First kisses, first boy/girl parties, lots to think about.

MOVIE: Doubt

Rating: Time flew by
Viewed: Tuesday, Mar. 2; Crossroads with Sheila
Rotten Tomato: 78% Mine: 80%, almost the same
EW: C+ cag: B+
Genre: Drama
Realeased: 12/12/08
PG-13 (1:44)
Directed (& written by) John Patrick Shanley
Meryl Streep (Acad Award nominee best actress)
Philip Seymour Hoffman (AcAw nominee supporting)
Amy Adams (AcAw nominee supporting)
Viola Davis (AcAw nominees supporting) ***

I had never planned to see this movie - I was nervous watching the previews (I hate the very real problem about sexual abuse concerning priests, even if it is probably just a handful) , and I've always had a....problem.....with the Catholic church. But it was dollar night, with popcorn and soda two bucks each (hey, five dollars for dinner and a movie - who can pass that up?) I'm glad I went. There's a reason why movies get Academy Award nominations. The acting was just plain superb! Viola Davis had perhaps a ten-minute part, but OH MY GOSH! I feel like I can get in front of a class of kids and act it up, but this kind of talent is just awe-inspiring. I couldn't pick out one performance and say it was better or not as good as another.

The story: Sister Aloysius (Streep) is the hard-nosed principal of a NYC parochial school in 1964. Father Flynn (Hoffman) is the middle-aged priest of the church. The two have opposing views about "keeping up with the times." Young Sister James (Adams) is a new teacher who loves teaching history to her 8th graders. She's the one who goes to the principal with things that she's noticed about Father Flynn and one of her students - a black boy who is also an altar boy.

There's never any real proof about anything in this movie, we are left to our own imaginings - as are the protagonists of the story. I've never seen the Tony-Award and Pulitzer Prize award winning play, which is said to be better, but I did enjoy this film very much. And I don't think it's FAIR to compare a play and a movie, especially when they're written by the same person. You just have to sit back and enjoy the incredible acting for an hour and three quarters. It flew by. I'm glad I saw it.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Looking for Jaguar and Other Rain Forest Poems - Susan Katz

Illustrator: Lee Christiansen
Published: 2005
For: Anyone interested in rainforest plants and animals
Rating: very nice, 4
Endpapers: Olivey green

In the Flooded Forest

The river carries us to the sky,
Where a tiny catfish spends its life in a tree.
Neon tetras dart among leaves,
And a sting ray ripples beneath a branch.

We paddle through the treetops
Past a colony of dangling, woven nests.
Orchids grow within our grasp,
And a monkey leans from a nearby limb to spy.

Here we see the forest twice.
Banana blossoms kiss their own reflections
A dolphin leaps past a parrot's perch
As we drift between worlds.

Mmmmm. Nice. Nineteen poems about rainforest animals and plants, some in free verse, some rhyming. I enjoy every one of the free verse poems. The rhyming poems don't leave me feeling quite so satisfied:

Walking Tree

More than anything else, I think I'd like
To watch this palm setting out on a hike.

Its long, skinny trunk isn't planted in ground,
So (unlike other trees) it can walk around.

Instead of legs, it grows roots like stilts,
And it edges along as each of them wilts.

Yet I've stood here peering for half a day,
And even the fronds at the top didn't sway.

I can't see it move though I stare and stare,
But ten years from now, It will be over there.

Fascinating information. But her imagery, alliteration, and cool word choices are so much more evident in her free verse.

The pictures cover the full page and are green, green green. The jaguar peeks out from amongh different leaves, The okapi turns back to look at you so you get a full view of it's interesting and very different stripes, the goliath frog looks.....round and big and froggy.

Time for one more poem. Years ago, when I was teaching fourth grade in Maine, I found a picture and explanation of a huge jungle flower that is supposed to smell like rotten meat or dead carcasses. There was a poem and an illustration in this book reminded me of this (and this rhyming, I'm happy to say, worked for me....):


World's biggest flower, the giant rafflesia
Isn't a plant that tries hard to please ya.
Inside a vine, it grows from a thread
To be three feet across, a speckled bright red,
And sends out the fragrance of something quite dead,
Which gives it the nickname of stinking corpse lily.
It scatters its four million seeds willy-nilly
Till a pale orange cabbage (a bud in disguise)
Bursts through the vine, grows to basketball size
(To the vast admiration of beetles and flies),
And finally opens up with a hiss.
This is a flower you might want to miss.