Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Stormy Weather - Debi Gliori

Walker & Co. 2009
for preschoolers
Endpapers: see below

First glance at the cover - a snuggly appliqued quilt under which a mother/child fox share a book. Window curtains frame a starry sky. When you open the cover the endpapers show the two foxes romping through the winter woods. Trees are bent, it feels windy - but safe.

"Pull up the quilt, turn out the light,
dear child, it's time to say good night.
In darkness black and soft and deep,
I'll watch beside you while you sleep."

Yes, it's stormy - in the ocean, in the forest, in thunder and lightning, animals from snails to bears snuggle with their young. They are safe and warm and happy. Then we get to the final endpapers and see a calm outside winter world with a big tree. Within the openings of the tree are content aninmals living their lives - and the curtained window where the foxes reside.

Lovely book - perfect to give with a baby quilt at a shower!

Full page illustrations - stormy yet tranquil and safe. They're wonderful.

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