Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Wonder Book - Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Illustrated by Paul Schmid
Harper, 2010
80 pgs.
Grades 1-4
Endpapers: Bright yellow

Lots of play-on -words and silly poems here. It really is perfect for fourth graders. Whether you're reading PALINDROMES or how to say "fart" in other languages, there's something here to entertain one and all. I particularly enjoy the Mary Mack poems, becuase I realize how much fun it would be to write some of my own.

Miss Mary Mellow Mellow Mellow
All dressed in yellow yellow yellow
Slept til noon noon noon
And then ate Jell-O Jello-O Jell-O

She watched her TV TV TV
All 50 channels channels channels
She was so comfy 'omfy 'omfy
In her flannels flannels flannels ...

Illustrations are black and white line drawings. Fun.

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