Thursday, March 25, 2010

20. Captivate - Carrie Jones

2nd book in a series, Need was the first
For: Young Adults
Bloomsbury, 2010
276 pages
Rating: Really got into it....4.5

The first book was enjoyable because it takes place in Ellsworth, Maine, which I know intimately. This one was enjoyable because the story raced along and I couldn't put the book down. Still in Ellsworth (called Bedford, Maine) in the middle of a snowy winter, I could picture the entire story perfectly. Right down to the bus of Sumner high school kids on Route 3. The hospital, where Asley and Brendan were born. The grocery store where I get groceries every time I'm visiting. The running trail where the cross country team - including Steve and Laura - ran. Talk about nostaligia!

Not much time has passed since Need ended, and I'm guessing not much time will pass before the opening passages of book number three (which I hope comes out soon). Zara and Nick are still hot and heavy, and still battling pixies. The evil pixies, whom they have imprisoned and hidden in the woods. But new pixies are arriving from all over, ready to take over the weakening king's territory. Enter Astley, a young and handsome pixie king from elsewhere who swears he is not evil... and that Zara is destined to be his queen. Hmmm. This guy really is quite appealing. But what about Nick? Beware, there's a SPOILER COMING: Well, the unthinkable happens, and Nick is overpowered. Just as he is about to die, he is taken to Valhalla to be made into a warrior to fight for Odin and....I know, I know. Sounds nutty. But it all works. And instead of mamby-pambying around with this "turning" by kissing, Carrie Jones confronts it and GOES FOR IT! Finally. A daring twist. I cannot wait to see what she does in the next book.

Relationships. That's really what this book was about. Trust and love and humanity. I'm really looking forward to Number Three! Thanks, Ms. Jones!

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