Saturday, July 30, 2016

Postcards Received Saturday, July 30, 2016

469.  Old temple doors in Pushkar, Rajasthan, INDIA
(card from Norway)
Hello!  I have chosen this old door card for you, hope you like it.  This weekend my son turned 21!  He just escaped to Oslo with some friends.  We have had some nice and sunny days now, and I am waiting for my Greek vacation in August.  Thailand is our other preferred vacation land.  All the best!  Inger

470.  Gulang Island, CHINA
Hello!  I'm Fanny, from China.  This is a mailbox I think ... maybe.  This card is from Gulang Island, a famous view of Chine, it just near my city.  This island has many old European buildings and delicious seafood.  Happy postcrossing, Fanny
471.  The Monument to Eleanor Lord Pray in Vladivostok, Russia
(Fantastic connection to Maine/New England in this incredibly interesting recent NH news article.  I must go here!)
Dear Chris, here come greetings from port city Vladivostok.  It's located at the head of the Golden Horn Bay not far from Russia's borders with China and Korea.  Svetlana

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Postcards received Thursday, July 28, 2016

464.  Saguaro National Park, Tucson, Arizona
Sorry you got someone so close to your usual home, but this can remind you of the lovely storms you are missing.  Oh, and the 112 degree heat.  Enjoy PA!  Sandra, Mesa, AZ

465.  Stoffig Pakhuis Fabric Shop, Delft, Netherlands
Hello Chris, I live in Delft, it's well-known for its Delfts Blue pottery.  You can make quilts with the Delft blue material!  I don't quilt, but I like to create my own clothes, and for that I often go to this shop.  There you can buy all the materials, even for quilts.  We've been in Arizona in May, we saw the Joshua trees and more.  Very nice!  Bye, Els...

466.  Virpi Pekkala Card, Finland
Hello Chris,  It is time for blueberries in Finland.  I love to eat them, but I don't love to pick them.  There are too many mosquitos in the forest. (The mosquitos love me :( )  Just now I am in our summer cottage in eastern Finland.  It is evening and we warm up the sauna.  My husband is a sauna lover.  I like it, but cannot stay there a long time.  It is too hot.  Best Regards, Leena

467.  Greetings from....China
I am sending my first card from postcardunited.  I also do "postcrossing."  Do you know that?  There are more than 540,000 postcrossing users.  
     I hop[e the greetings from card will make you day.
     I just read The DaVinci Code.  Excellent book! (heart)

468.  Greetings from Borneo!
Hell Dear Chris,  I'm Aelee, a mother of one son ten years old.  We do love postcards and stamps!  Hope that you will like this Sibuan Island and the matching island stamp  too!  The other Sipaden island also famous to visit, dive...
All the best!  Aelee

Postcards that are ARTSY and FUN (they must be both!)

1970.  Russia
madambarbatsutsa "The final flourish"
Greetings from Russia!
I'm Natalya, live in Zlatoust.  Our town is famous for masters of steel engraving.  Many tourists come here to go hiking in the National Park Taganay.  You can see high mountains, green forests and breathe fresh air.  I wish you bright and hot summer days!  Good luck!  Best wishes, 

1948.  Goodreads PC April 2019
Dancing Thistles, Sophie Appleton, 2011
I love books where the blurb shouts so-and-so inherits an old house!  I probably don't mind what genre the book is, as long as the heroine sets to make the house beautiful again.  One of my favorite books is Thornyhold by Mary Stewart, in which Cilly inherits her cousin's house and book of recipes and spells - white magic - and has to take up her place in the local community.  Exploring a house makes me very happy!  Especially if there's lots of detail and the house needs to be loved.  Lol, I think I am going to start a list on GR!  Love, Jodie

1947.  Virginia
We Are Tied, 2014 Ben Giles
I couldn't find a penguin postcard, so hopefully one of these birds is cool enough.  :)  I'm in Virginia and it's starting to warm up here.  I think we're about two weeks from it going from "nice" to too hot.  Kate.

1945.  Hong Kong
Takashi Tsushima Exhibition 2019 
Hello, greetings from Hong Kong.  My name is Maggie.  I live in Hong Kong with y husband and two rabbits.  Wishing you a wonderful spring season full of happiness & good times.

1923.  Molodechno, Belarus
Hello Chris.  My name's Olga.  I'm originally from Molodechno, a town with over 90 thousand inhabitants, 75 km from Minsk, the capital of Belarus.  I like art, reading, watching movies, travelling, and cooking (but not so often :) Hope you like this card.  Have fun with postcrossing!  Best wishes, Olga

1215.  Best Wishes from FRANCE
Here's a postcard which is meant to be colored by yourself.  I've seen that you like windows. February, 2018

1193.  Malaysia
Nothing at all written on this wonderfully illustrated card, but a cool stamp was used!

1149.  Chicago, Illinois
Angela Gonzales, Artist
Angela Gonzales artwork:  This image represents the door that Fermilab's reasearch into particles provides to our understanding of the universe, as the door reveals the sky with a particle accelerator in it.  Privately held print.  
Fermilab/ U.S. Department of Energy/Office of Science
Hello Chris!  I live in the country 40 miles west of Chicago and ten miles west of FermiLab, a federal government scientific research facility.  Ms. Gonzales was the resident artist until her death.  The feds bought farms and even a small town to have enough room for an accelerator.  They just celebrated their 50th birthday!  Jane

1027.  Willich, GERMANY
Seaside Days I Do Like to be... by Peter Aderley
Greetings from Germany.  My name is Tina and I live in a small city called Willich in the west of the country.  It was first mentioned in the year 1137 as "Wylike."  Sometimes I wish I could travel in a time-machine just to have a quick look into different centuries.  It would be great to see my home town in the different centuries.  Her is a quote for you:  "when you can dream it you can do it."  All the best to you and your loved ones.  With warmest wishes, Tina

897.  Lisbon, Portugal
Ola/Hello.  Greetings from Portugal, Lisbon.  My name is Olga.  I am 25 years old, I live in Lisbon, but I am originally from Belarus.  I like reading books and listening to music.  
My favourite book ~ Kenzaburo De "The Silent Cry"
My favourite band:  ~Soap and Skin
I hope you will like this postcard.  It's gonna be a great day!  You deserve it!

823.  Taganrog, RUSSIA
At the Samovar by K. Katschura-Falileewa (1886-1948)
My name is Snozana.  I live in a town near Azov Sea called Taganrog, in Russia.  It's a warm, tourist town, which is famous by sail sport competitions.  I like travelling and long walks.  I have a cat, his name is Shvea.  He is big, orange-white, and furry.  He lives me a company when I walk at seaside. (??)  

814. Russia 
Ivan Bilibin, Russian Artist (1876 - 1942)
On postcard illustration of the famous Russian artist Bilibin.  he created wonderful illustrations of fairy tales.  It is possible that you library has a book with his illustrations.

813.  Apolda, Germany
I got this postcard at the [can't read} 4th Horticultural show.  It's a huge gardening event currently hosted by my hometown,

802.  Kouvola, FINLAND
Ingle Look card !!
I'm Kati and live in Kouvola City, Finland.  Happy Postcrossing!

791.  Zug, Switzerland
Virpi Pekkala:  1974 Tee-se-itse, Gor det sjalv
Hello Chris!  Nice to met you!  I live in Zug, in the German speaking part of Switzerland.  Zug is lovely situated on the shore of Lake Zug with beautiful view to the Swiss Alps.  We have one of the most romantic sunsets here in Europe.  This postcard I bought in a small shop in the old town of Pauuja during a summer holiday in Finland.  I have been there by train and by ferry boat because I don't like travelling by plane.  To my work I ride on my red bicycle.  Kind regards, Merlin

786.  Hangzhou, CHINA
Hello!  I'm Silvia.   Greetings from China.  I live in Hangzhou.  It is a modern presperous city to the west of Shanghai.  What strikes me most is the beauty of West Lake.  Spring and autumn are the best seasons in here.  Best wishes to you.

780.  Poland
Self-portrait: Karolina Pieton
I want to tell you about my favourite Polish series of books:  The Witcher by Andrej Sapkowski.  He has creted a cycle of tales based on the world of the Witcher, which was published in fantasy literary magazine "Fantastylia", comprising 3 collections of short stories and 5 novels.  The main character is Geralt, a mutant who has been trained since childhood to hunt down an destroy monsters for the moneyh.  Agaionst all appearances he's very sensitive and governed by knightly code.  Computer games of The Witcher created by CD Project Red are based on this series.  I'm so happy that these books have been adapted by Netflix.  Have you read this series of books?  With best wishes.  7/5/17

751. Lithuania
"Balloons" Kritina Kuodiene
Greetings from Lithuania!  I'm a teacher.  yesterday ended the school year.  STarting time when I can do my favorite things when I want.  Wonderful time!  No matter how many years I have, I feel like the girl on this card.  Zita

739.  St. Petersburg, Russia
Russian Fairy Tales
Hello from Saint-Petersburg!  My name is Yulia.  I'm 17 years old.  I hope 1027 is a year of great happiness and success for you!

672.  Inge Look card
mailed from Germany
Hello Chris,  Before I started with Postcrossing I never heard about Inge Look, but I am a big fan now!  I hope you enjoy this card.  In Bremen where I live we are a little bit away from winter - thank goodness!  Our sons look forward to Christmas.  Happy Postcrossing, Steffi

721.  Shanghai, CHINA
Greetings from China!  I live with my wife in Shanghai.  I work as a police officer in railway station.  I commute to work on the train which can be quite dull, but the prospect of a card waiting for me at home is something that helps on the return way.  Best Regards and Happy New Year, 

687.  The Netherlands
Hello Chris, I am an 11 year old girl, in the first class of the secondary school.  I am nearly 12, over 12 days I am 12. :)  Today is Saturday and now I'm writing my books on wattpad.  It's lovely and my classmates said I'm good by I doubt.  I hope you like my card.  I will wish you all the best in life and a happy Postcrossing.  Nikita (heart)
She wrote it all in different colored inks, so I will highlight it all so that it can be easily read.  So cute!

654.  "The Letter" by Anzhela Dzherih
Kaluga, Russia
Hallo!  My name is Irina.  About my city:  1.  Museum of History of Cosmonautics named after K. Tsiolkovsky is the world's first and Russia's largest space Museum.  2.  The first 3D cinema was opened in Kaluga in 2010.  3.  Kaluga  city is depicted on the commemorative coin in denomination of (?) reubles.

634.  Russia
Best Wishes for you!

627.  Inge Look (Finnish artist) - sent from GERMANY
Hope you like this card.  Life in ......(I can't understand what she's written here)..I have 2 grandchildren.  Angelika

586.  Still Life: Festive - Valiarjana Zholtak (1985)  BELARUS
Hi!  My name is Diana.  I live in Belarus.  My hobbies are dancing, different music, photography.  I hope you like this card and stamp for you!  Best wishes from Belarus :)

547.  The Art of Disney: Wreck-It Ralph, 2012 from Taiwan
Hello, my name is Oswald.  It's warm greeting from Taipei.  I like watch movies, listen to pop music and travel.  They always make me relaxing and refilling me with knowledge, delightful atmosphere, and peaceful mind.  Oswald

535.  Greetings From MACAU
Hello.  How are you?  My name is Khaki Catia.  It's a pleasure to meet you.  I love painting and taking photos.  My dream is to send my artworks all over the wolrd.  I hope I can make it.  All the best, Khaki Catia

531.  Virpi Pekkala card from FINLAND
Hello Hei Chris!
Greetings from Finland.  Nice you like our Virpi Pekkala's art.  I love her quiet humour.  Hugs and kisses, Leila

516.  Spokane, Washington

Postal greetings from my home in spokane, WA.  Did this make you laugh?  Smile a little?  I love to hike/bike and walk.  We have wild fires right now so the smokey conditions mean I stay inside.  Congrats on your retirement.  Colleen

512.  Hanko, FINLAND
Inge Look!!!
Hello Chris!  My name is Ulrika, I am 47 years old.  I live in the sourthern most town of Finland: Hanko.  It is a small town but we have 30 km of beaches over here.  Have a wonderful day! Ulrika

495. HAND DRAWN CARD!!!  Praha, Ceska Replublika
Hello Chris,
Your post was first time I heard about jackalopes.  Buyt I find tghem terribly cute.
Wish you a great summer,

489.  St. John's, Newfoundland, CANADA
Hi Chris,
Greetings from St. John's NL in Canada.  I get a kick out of this card because it's so 'stereotypical Canada' but being from Maine you are probably familiar.
    I hope you're having a great day!  Sabina

479.  Greetings from Belarus!
Hello Chris, my name is Yana and I live in Belarus.  My country is in the centre of Europe, near Russia.  Actgually, we speak Russian, but we have our national language tgoo - Belarussian.  Our symbols are teh bird-stork and the flower - vasilek.   sometimes people from other countries call our country "Blye eyes," because we have a lot of lakes and rivers.  We also have a lot of castles and our national animals -zubrs (they look like bisons).  Thank you for the interest in my country.

466.  Virpi Pekkala Card, Finland
Hello Chris,  It is time for blueberries in Finland.  I love to eat them, but I don't love to pick them.  There are too many mosquitos in the forest. (The mosquitos love me :( )  Just now I am in our summer cottage in eastern Finland.  It is evening and we warm up the sauna.  My husband is a sauna lover.  I like it, but cannot stay there a long time.  It is too hot.  Best Regards, Leena

465.  Stoffig Pakhuis Fabric Shop, Delft, Netherlands
Hello Chris, I live in Delft, it's well-known for its Delfts Blue pottery.  You can make quilts with the Delft blue material!  I don't quilt, but I like to create my own clothes, and for that I often go to this shop.  There you can buy all the materials, even for quilts.  We've been in Arizona in May, we saw the Joshua trees and more.  Very nice!  Bye, Els...

459.  Art card from Western China
Chris:  Greeting from Carrie in Shenzhen, a city near to Hon Kong in Southern China.  I got this card in Dunhuang, an ancient city in Western China last year.  It says that the local people eat a lot of dried fruits, eg. dried pears, dried Chinese date...

455.  HAPPY EVERYDAY from Moscow, Russia
Hi from Moscow!  There are a lot of brilliant places there!  Have your ever been in Russia?

414.  New York City, NY
Helmann:  In His Mysterious Cabinet of Dark Seances
Courtesy of Mike Caveney's Egyptian Hall Museum
Hi Chris,
I have all these cool magic-themed postcards, but I've felt like they're a little too weird for most postcrossers.  I'm glad you mentioned Day of the Dead.  I hope you enjoy whatever Hellman is up to.  I also hope that you're having a fabulous start to your retirement...Congrats!  Happy postcrossing!  Mary in NYC

408.  Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Gijs Gans - uit Mamma Belle en het Dierenspel
Hi Chris,
My name is Erato and I'm Greek, but I live in the Netherlands.  The card falls not in your likes or dislikes and it's quite original, that's why I chose it for you.  Have you ever been to Europe?  I've never been the the USA but my dream is to go to Alaska and stay there for awhile!
Enjoy your retirement and always smile!

398.  Taiwan is Fun
Dear Chris,
My name is Louis.  I live and work in Taiwan.  I have been to visit USA several years ago.  It's a very beautiful country.  There are some famous landmarks of Taiwan.  I hope you like this postcard.  Best wishes, Louis

385. Originaali:  Raija Nokkala "Kalaretki: FINLAND
Greetings from Finland!

354.  "Bekking & Blitz" Fiep Westendorp Illustrations
The Netherlands
Hallo class!  I want to tell you about yesterday.  5th May it was, Freedom Day.  the day before we remembered the people who died in the second world war or later.  Yesterday we celebrated our freedom.  Children, please make one thing sure.  Always follow your heart and maker your dreams come true.  We need all special talents in this world, and you have one!  Smile a lot and love the other people.  Debra

270. Ikkunaprinissi by Erja Hirvi, -marimekko- 
The stamp is a picture of karelian pie.  It is my favorite Finnish pastry.  The crust is made of rye flour and filled with rice porridge.  Ususally it is purchased ready to shop, but I will make them myself.  T. Leen Kerava

Happy Postcrossing!
I live in the old Russian city of Bryansk.  It's famous for its beautiful landscapes and churches.  I hope you'll like my post card with matroskkas.  Tatyana