Thursday, July 28, 2016

Postcards received Thursday, July 28, 2016

464.  Saguaro National Park, Tucson, Arizona
Sorry you got someone so close to your usual home, but this can remind you of the lovely storms you are missing.  Oh, and the 112 degree heat.  Enjoy PA!  Sandra, Mesa, AZ

465.  Stoffig Pakhuis Fabric Shop, Delft, Netherlands
Hello Chris, I live in Delft, it's well-known for its Delfts Blue pottery.  You can make quilts with the Delft blue material!  I don't quilt, but I like to create my own clothes, and for that I often go to this shop.  There you can buy all the materials, even for quilts.  We've been in Arizona in May, we saw the Joshua trees and more.  Very nice!  Bye, Els...

466.  Virpi Pekkala Card, Finland
Hello Chris,  It is time for blueberries in Finland.  I love to eat them, but I don't love to pick them.  There are too many mosquitos in the forest. (The mosquitos love me :( )  Just now I am in our summer cottage in eastern Finland.  It is evening and we warm up the sauna.  My husband is a sauna lover.  I like it, but cannot stay there a long time.  It is too hot.  Best Regards, Leena

467.  Greetings from....China
I am sending my first card from postcardunited.  I also do "postcrossing."  Do you know that?  There are more than 540,000 postcrossing users.  
     I hop[e the greetings from card will make you day.
     I just read The DaVinci Code.  Excellent book! (heart)

468.  Greetings from Borneo!
Hell Dear Chris,  I'm Aelee, a mother of one son ten years old.  We do love postcards and stamps!  Hope that you will like this Sibuan Island and the matching island stamp  too!  The other Sipaden island also famous to visit, dive...
All the best!  Aelee

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