Monday, July 25, 2016

Postcards Received Monday, July 25, 2016

457.  National Portrait Gallery:  Dame Ethel Mary Smyth (John Singer Sargent)
Hello from Chicago area.  My name is Mila.  I have two wonderful kids, who keep me busy all the time.  Along with this card I'm sending you peace, happiness, and wealth!  Best regards, Mila

458.  Hong Kong Street Signs
Hi Chris!  My name is Tiffany from Hong Kong!  Have you been to Hong Kong?  I just randomly found a postcard with street signs, hope you don't mind :p  These signs are located in Central, a busy district in Hong Kong, with a Soho area and lots of commercial buildings.  The first sign wrote "Lan Kwai Fong," which is a well-known Soho area with lots of bars and nightclubs.  You can go there when you come to visit to experience the night life of Hong Kong!

459.  Art card from Western China
Chris:  Greeting from Carrie in Shenzhen, a city near to Hon Kong in Southern China.  I got this card in Dunhuang, an ancient city in Western China last year.  It says that the local people eat a lot of dried fruits, eg. dried pears, dried Chinese date...

460.  Greetings from China
To Chris:  You can see the wonderful picture on the postcard.  This is one of famous views in my hometown, Haining Zhejaing.  And we called it Qianjiang tide.

461. Tokyo, Japan
Hello chris, Greetings from Tokyo!  So, this address in PA is what you call "the east coast" where you spend the summer...hope this card will be received in due course.  As for GOTOCHI cards, Ihave plenty, but they are hard to buy, expensive to send, so I normally enjoy swapping in the Forum.  Wish you good luck to received on from a broad minded postcrosser!
Best, Asami

462. Burgundy region, central France
Hello Chris, Here is a postcard from France.  I am British but if live with my American-French wife in a small town called Premery in Burgundy region, central France, close to the vineyards and the Loire river, the longest rier in France.  Best wishes for you new life in Pennsylvania, where my sife's sister lives!  Chris in Burgundy

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