Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tuesday - David Wiesner

1992 Caldecott Winner
Published: 1991
For: everyone!
Rating: 5
Almost Wordless
Paper $6.95

On Tuesday evening around 8, all the lily pads holding frogs begin floating up...up...up into the air. Hundreds of frog floata cross town, peering into windows, getting caught in hanging laundry, even venturing inside a home where an old lady has fallen asleep in front of the TV. Ah, such fun. But as dawn arrives the lily pads begin dropping to the ground - and the frogs tumble down, too, hopping home to their pond. As daylight arrives we see the police investigating the lily pads where they've landed all over the ground. One of the inspectors is the same one that some of the frogs waved at as they cruised by his window the previous night! And the next Tuesday....think pigs.....

My 8th grade class had a "tea party" last week, where they all shared three Caldecotts they'd read. Three different kids read this one - it's a great hit with 14-year-olds!

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