Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hot Rod Hamster - Cynthia Lord

Illustrated by Derek Anderson
Scholastic, 2010
32 pgs.
Rating: 3.5
Endpapers: Front: Race signage
Back: Driving away with prizes

Colorful and "rollicking", this rhyming, rhythmic story will make an enthusiastic read aloud. A tiny hamster (I like hamsters better than mice, myself) goes to the junk yard to find and create a race car for himself. He adds tires, engine, a paint job, and he's ready to face event he largest competitors. He doesn't fret that he's so tiny. And rolling underneath another car, he's the first to go through the checkered flag at the end of the race!

"Smooth wheels, stud wheels, driving through the mud wheels,
Fat wheels, thin wheels, take her for a spin wheels."

The illustrations are bold and colorful - all the way to edge of the page. There's one that's really great - just before the race, Hamster is looking fierce and saying, "GRRR, I'm built for speed." Love the look on his face. Determination.

I'm not sure I like the speech clouds, but I love the couplets and the illustrations and the shiny font on the cover.

I just checked out Cynthia Lord's blog. She lives in Maine and has included some really intense SNOW photos. I love Maine. I loved living in Maine. But I don't miss the winter there, not even the teeniest, tiniest little bit. I do like her blog.

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