Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Santa Claus The World's Number One Toy Expert - Marla Frazee

Sandpiper (Houghton Mifflin) 2005
paper $6.99
32 pages
Rating: 5

Cute and clever, an inside look at Santa, the man. The guy who keeps card catalogues of all the children of the world. Who knows each and every toy intimately. Who inspects them all for sturdiness. Who has a huge wall full of wrapping paper. Who works every single day of the year to find the best toy for every child.

Physically, the book is taller than it is wide. The font is a specialized one created by the author. The text is simple. The illustrations are full of tiny surprises if you are willing to examine them carefully. For example, Santa is quite a coffee drinker, coffee cups appear scattered here and there. And he has a great fashion sense when it comes to bloomers.

"No one knows more about kids than Santa Claus. He is the world's number one kid expert." That's for sure. Great story!

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