Thursday, June 24, 2010

MOVIE - The Karate Kid

Fun movie - it does make me realize how much I abhor bullies
Released June 11, 2010
PG (2:20)
6-24-10 at Maine Coast Cinema with Brendan
RT: 69% cag: 87%
Director: Harold Zwart
with Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan

This is a "remake" of the 80's movie of the same title. The setting this time is in Beijing, China, where 12 year old Dre Parker has moved with his mom because of her job. He is immediately set upon by a group of bullies that take kung fu from an unscrupulous teacher. He is beaten, and taunted, and afraid, until his apartment's handyman decides to take him under his wing. His training is tiring, repetitious and very rewarding.

The scenes from China are g o r g e o u s. The Great Wall. Dragon Mountain (I think that's what it was called...Brendan's in bed or I'd ask him if he remembers). Chinese countryside. The Forbidden Palace. I loved the Chinese culture depicted everywhere, in the park, in the apartment, at the school.

Jaden Smith, son of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith (of Pursuit of Happyness fame) is a 12 year old powerhouse. Cute, talented, athletic...he has all the moves and mucho charm. And throw in Jackie Chan in a serious role....well, it worked for me! And Brendan was enthralled. Some of the conversation was in Chinese with subtitles, and I whispered some of what was going on to him so that he wouldn't get lost. On the ride home he kept saying "she," and I realized that he thought the protagonist was a girl, - his hair was covered in braids and his features are, indeed, quite gentle. I do wonder how what, exactly, is now going on in his five year old mind. He'll be making karate kicks into the air for a few weeks, I imagine.

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