Monday, January 4, 2010

My class was on KVOA News tonight!

Well, I just watched the video clip that was made in December in my classroom. Kristy Tedesco of KVOA Channel 4 and her cameraman came to tape the kids listening to Ori Parnaby teaching a lesson on organization. Two of the kids and I were interviewed separately, then the cameraman spent 15-20 minutes taping the kids. They were told to ignore him. They're real hams - they did great! It's not often that we cram all of them into one classroom - they were really excited. I'm glad that the video is not available online, because I was HORRIFIED at myself. I look stupid and sound stupid - I was nervous and didn't want to be interviewed.....if only that part weren't included, 'cause the kids were really fun to watch. I love my kids!

You can read what was said here.

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jacsuza said...

However, Ronnie Sebold did post the video on Facebook. You were FINE! (I had to laugh about the comment on kids doing the homework, but not being able to find it to turn it in--reminds me of someone we both know)