Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jeremy Draws a Monster - Peter McCarty

Henry Holt & Co. 2009
32 pages
My Rating: 3 at first, 4 after a couple of readings
Endpapers: Front: Illustrations of the boy/ Back: The boy plus lots of monsters
Dedication: To Stanford Nursery School

Jeremy never left his room. He watched the kids play, but he never joined them. He must've been pretty bored, because he drew a big monster in the air. However, it was an extremely demanding monster. he had to draw and draw and draw to create food and items it wanted. It even slept in his bed! He couldn't get rid of it -- until he drew it a bus ticket out of town. After he saw the monster off on the bus, he joined the kids to play.

Distinct line drawings, water colored over.

I enjoyed the story more when I read it aloud. So if you're sitting in a quiet library reading to yourself for you first reading, check it out and take it with you so you can read it aloud to a three or four year old boy. That's when it takes on a life of its own.

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