Saturday, May 28, 2016

31. Blood Oath - Christopher Farnsworth

#1 Nathaniel Cade, President's Vampire
listened to in the car from Tucson 'cross country May 27& 28, 2016
2010 Putnam Adult
390 pgs.
Adult Fantasy/Mystery
Goodreads rating: 3.92
My rating: 4
Setting: mostly Washington, DC

My comments:  This was pleasantly different than the books I've been reading/listening to lately.  Differing points-of-view, which I always seem to enjoy.  A good mystery.  Humor.  But, throw in a vampire, national security, and the POTUS and what do you get?  Blood Oath!  Zach Barrows, the vampire's "human handler" is a riot!  Cocky, sarcastic, and quick-witted.  Flashbacks to 1867 when Nathaniel "became" a vampire give details that make Cade more believable and real.  I will read the next in the series.

:Goodreads synopsis:  Zach Barrows is an ambitious young White House staffer whose career takes an unexpected turn when he's partnered with Nathaniel Cade, a secret agent sworn to protect the President. But Cade is no ordinary civil servant. Bound by a special blood oath, he is a vampire. Cade battles nightmares before they can break into the daylight world of the American dream, enemies far stranger-and far more dangerous-than civilians have ever imagined.
Blood Oath is the first in a series of novels featuring Nathaniel Cade-the President's vampire.

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