Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Postcards Received Tuesday, May 17, 2016

333.  Lappi Lapland, Finland
Hello!  You already had a card from Oulu, I'm sending a map card of the top half of Finland.  Oulu is a bit below the cut.  I am originally from Tornio on the border of Sweden - when I was a teen we used to bike to Sweden to buy candy because it was cheaper there.  Some of my schoolmates in High School lived in Haparanda, Sweden.  It's a free border, so we could cross it whenever we wanted to.  I've gone to Ruka/Kuusamo area for vacation several times.  We usually stay at a cottage and make short hikes to nearby hills.  There are lots of reindeer in the area - one time we had 5 in the cottage yard.  Mia (5.5.2016)

335.  Northern Spain
Hello there, I tried to find a postcard from Malaio, a small town in Northern Spain where I live.  However, I wasn't successful, so [please accept this postcard of a studious girl instead.
Have a good day, Valentina

336.  Miyajima Public Aquarium, Japan
Greetings from Hiroshima, Japan.  Hope you like this card.  Happy Postcrossing!  Michiko

334.  Greetings from Finland!  
Here is card about my home areas sigil bird, metso (tetrao urogallus).  Large is male and it's hanging out with its chicks.  When in heat male can be really angry and attack on humans too!  My friend got attacked once but he sat on the bird until it calmed down.  Crazy guy!  But both are fine now. :)  Good summer for you, Mervi

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