Monday, May 2, 2016

Postcards Received 5/2/16

300.  Fort Worth Stockyards, TEXAS
      Howdy from Ft. Worth, Texas.  My name is Linda or my grandchildren call me Nanny.  I am 66 yrs. young.  I love to travel, read, sew, and spend time with my 13 grandchildren (10 girls and 3 boys).  I am homeschooling 4 of the grand children.  We use postcrossing to learn like your class.
     Fort. Worth at one time was the largest stockyard in the southwest United States.  The are is now a historical area.  The old exchange building is a museum. I hope you like the card.  Happy Postcrossing, Linda

301.  Hirokoji Street Vicinity of Sakaecho Crossing, Nagoya City, Japan
24 April 2016
Hello, Chris!
I'm Maasa in Nagoya city, Japan.  Nagoya is located in the middle of Japan.  There is a venue for the 2005 World Expo, Aichi.  There is now has become a large park.  Have a nice postcrossing.  Maasa

302.  Arbat Street. Pedenstrian Zone.  Moscow.
Hello, Dear Chris!  My name is Catherine, I live in Moscow.  I am an artist and geologist.  On Arbat Strteet I spend every Sunday in art studio.  War greetings from cold Moscow!!!

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