Monday, May 16, 2016

Postcards Received Monday, May 16, 2016

328.  Winnipeg: Canada's Natural Beauty
A Postage-Paid Canadian Postcard
Hello from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada!  Winnipeg is the capital of the Province of Manitoba.  The building on this card is the government building with a "golden boy" on top of the dome - it was a gift from France.
Happy Postcrossing, Vera

329.  No Kangaroos in Austria
Hello from Vienna!  Hope you don't feel offended, cause you surely never mixed Austria and Australia (as many people do).  Regards and kisses from Vienna, Tricalind

330.  Santorini Thirassia, Greece
Hi!  I'm Ani from Athens, Greece!  I live and work in Athens, my house is close to Athens Riviera and I enjoy seaside walks.  I send you postcard of Thirassia & Santorini islands.  Santorini is the most famious of the two for its wild beauty, the volcano, the vineyards, Akrotiri - an archaeological site like Pompei lost after a volcanic explosion, its beaches are with black or red sand, very special.  Although the island is very touristic & crowded, I prefer in May being there; it's worth it to learn its story and have a look on its breathtaking photos.  Love, Ani.

So when I thanked her for the card, I asked how you got to the village - by boat?  And this is her answer:
“I'm glad you like it,I wish you visit greece! There is a road but it's not seen in the Santorini from the old port to the city you can have a donkey trekking or get the cable lift! In case you need more postcards from greece for your class don't hesitate to ask me! Bye bye!”

331.  Maiko Girls Enjoying Tea-Ceremony in Kyoto, Japan
Hi I'm Rie from Japan, a mom of 3 kids.  They are 10, 8, 6 y.o.  I love books and chocolate so my husband calls me a book junkie and a chocolate addict.  Hope you enjoy this card!  Rie

332.  Oregon City, Oregon
Dear Chris,
Happy Friday the 13th!  Greetings from Oregon City, Oregon.  I sent you another card, but since it's at 50 days out I'm assuming it's gone.  So if it shows up, you have 2!  Happy Postcrossing, Paula

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