Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Postcards Received 5/3/2016

303.  Lighthouse Kota Kuala Kedah - Kedah, Malaysia
Hello, A warmest greetings from Malaysia.  How are you?  I hope you'll be happy with this lighthouse postcard from me.  Wish you all the beat & take care, Honeysh

304.  Suomi Finland
I'm 52 yo woman living with my 17 y daughter and 2 cats here in Scandinavia, in Finland.  We have thousands of lakes and forests, nature is beautiful.  Sometimes we see Aurora Borealis in the sky, especially in winter.  We have four seasons.  I listen to music and a famous band Nightwish is from F"inland.  Best Wishes, Ippe & Melissa

305.  Old Market, Leuwen, Belgium
Hi.  Here you see the old market, a famous square in Leuwen, the city where I live.  It is full of pubs and bars and was very much destroyed during WWII.  But you see, we rebuild it.  Also what happened today in Belgium, we will rebuild.  Greetings, Wendy

306.  The Western Wall, Jerusalem, Israel
You probably got my email.  I told you that I would talk about the shuk, so I will.  My cousins and I went to the Mahane Yuhuda.  My brother and I bought lots of candy, some bread and nuts.  It was awesome.  - S. F.

307.  Washington D. C. - National Mall
April 29, 2016 
Hello Chris,  I suppose this qualifies as a map of my area.  You could actually use it to tour the best places on the National Mall - Tim Wolfe

308.  Smolensk, Russia 
City walls and moat with water
Thubem!  Hello!  Warm greetings from Smolensk!  Smolensk is one of the oldest cities in Russia.  863 year - the first mention of Smolensk in chronicle... All the bert!  Olga

309.  Paradise Island, Bahamas
Paradise island contains some of the world's finest resorts and casinos, all surrounded by beautiful white-sand beaches and crystal clear tropical waters!
Postcard collecting is my hobby
I shall not be bored.
It maketh me do research on faraway places.
It causeth me to correspond with strange people.
It keepeth me alert.

It leadeth me into the new areas of knowledge
for curiosity's sake.
Yea, though I am house bound by miserable weather,
I will fear no boredom, for my cards are with me.

Their beauty and their history enchant me.
they show me a pleasant escape
from the tensions of everyday life.
They fill my shelves with shoe boxes,
My checking account runneth lower.

Surely, their beauty and information shall surround me
all the days of my life,
and I will be listed in the ranks of deltiologists forever.

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