Monday, May 30, 2016

Cross Country Trip WEST to EAST - May, 2016

Thursday 5/27 Tucson to Van Horn, TX
     425 miles, through two time zones
     Motel 6, Van Horn $50.84
Scott Joplin mural in Texarcana, TX (I stayed across the road - literally - in Arkansas)

Friday 5/28 Van Horn, TX to Texarcana, AR
     684,3 miles
     Motel 6, Texarcana $

The Mighty Mississippi in Memphis

Saturday 5/2 9Texarcana, AR to Cookeville, TN
     563.9 miles
     Motel 6, Cookeville $
A little letterboxing - and a few detours.....

Sunday, 5/30 Cookeville, TN to Mt. Holly Springs, PA
     613.8 miles
THIS is what was awaiting me at my destination!

Total 2287  miles

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