Monday, May 23, 2016

Postcards Received Monday, 5/23/2016 - An Overwhelming Amount!

342.  Wuppertal, Schwebebahn, GERMANY
17th May 2016
Hello Greetings from Germany!
City of Wuppertal is the "secret capital" of Bergischesland (low hills country).  Which is famous for its overhead raliway called SCHWEBEBAHN.  Se more on Youtube!
Best wishes, alles Gute, Josef

343.  Potsdam, GERMANY
14th May 2016
Hi Chris, this is a friendly hello from Denise, 52, from Germany.  I'm sending a card of my ex-hometown Potsdam, close to which I still live.  the New Palace is one of the beautiful palaces in Sanssouce Park (UNESCO).  One of its main rooms was recently re-opened after restoration.  Maybe you could send me a nice viewcard of your placi in return?  Thnaks a lot, all the best and happy postcrossing, Denise. (I did send her a card in return, one of the seaside in Ogunquit, Maine.

344.  Altes Schwarzwaldhaus, GERMANY
May 10th, 2016
Hello Chris, the card I chose for you shows young girls in their typical old costumes of our regions, the Black Forest."  In the background is an old farmhouse, now a museum.  Best wishes, Gunter

345.  The Netherlands
Dear Chris, Hope you enjoy this view of typical Dutch windmill.  I am 50 years, married, we have one dog named Marley (a Belgian Shepherd).  We have one daughter, she lives with her boyfriend in Amsterdam, studies psychology.  I love to read, travel, colour, and photograph.  Happy Postcrossing, Anoushka

346.  Greetings from New Zealand
Hello Chris, My name is Naomi.  I am from Christchurch, New Zealand.  The strange looking bird on the front of the postcard is a kiwi.  They are native to New Zealand and are also our national symbol.  The lady in the boat or waka as the native Maoris call it is dressed in their traditional clothing.  They were here before the westerners arrived.  Christchurch became the first city in NZSZ on July 31st 1856.  Would love to hear about where you live.  Naomi

347.  Taiwan
Hello Chris!  I'm Ieiko, a 28 year old Taiwanese girl.  Photo on the postcard when I was traveling in Taimali.  This place is Tawain Number Nine Highway Taimali 399k, there can see from here on the beauty of the Pacific views.  I hope you like this card.  2016 May 10.

348.  Tampere, Finland
Hello Chris! 
My bestg greetings from Finland.  On this card you can see a view from my former hometown Tampere.  The town is situated between two large lakes and through the city flows a river with low falls.  There has been many factories by the river but today they have been changed into museums, shops, or offices.  I have lived now 6 months in Valkeakoski, 35 kms. south from Tampert.
Wishing you all the best,

349.  North Carolina
20 May 2016
Hello Chris!
My name is Amy.  Greetings from North Carolina.  I hope this postcard finds you well and makes you smile.  Have a great day!  Amy.

350.  St. Petersburg, Russia
Hi.  My name is Tanya.  I live in St. Petersburg.  I work as an engineer.  My husband and I love traveling, especially in Russia.  Welcome to Russia and Happy Postcrossing!!

351.  Maribor, Slovenia
Hi chris, My name is Iztok and I live in Maribor.  It is a city in northeastern part of Slovinia.
Best Wishes, Iztok

352.  Munster, Germany
10.5.16  Hello.  My name is Inanya and I live in Munster, Germany.  This card shows you my lovely hometown.  When the weather is sunny you can see many balloons in the sky.  Some have a special shape, like a giant bottle ... Best wishes, Inanya

353.  Blick von der Fischerinsel auf das Nikolaiviertal, GERMANY
Hello Classy.  My name is Nikita.  I am 29 years old and live in Bruggerbracht by the Life help work in HPZ orientation group.  (??? Those seem to be the words written...)  My hobbies are pottery, swimming, gymnastics, and Harry Potter.  Greetings from Ken.  Happy New Year.  Nikita.

354.  "Bekking & Blitz" Fiep Westendorp Illustrations
The Netherlands
Hallo class!  I want to tell you about yesterday.  5th May it was, Freedom Day.  the day before we remembered the people who died in the second world war or later.  Yesterday we celebrated our freedom.  Children, please make one thing sure.  Always follow your heart and maker your dreams come true.  We need all special talents in this world, and you have one!  Smile a lot and love the other people.  Debra

355.  Taiwan
Hi Crhis.  Greetings from Taiwan!  I'm Wenhsin.  My hometown is Chiay City.  "Alishan" is our famous mountain.  This card is about Taiwanese winter.  Best Wishes, Wenhsin  15.05.2016

356.  Malaysia Holiday Destination
Dear Chris,
Greetings from Malaysia.  Bood day to u.  Sending u this map card of Malaysia.  Hope y could visit my beautiful country some day in the furture.  Happy postcard writing.  Love, Isabella

357.  Germany
Hello Chris, my name is Petra and I live in the middle of Germany in a town called Friedberg (Hessen).  I live here with my 43 years old mother in our own house.  Last week I drive to Dresden, my mom wished to see the big church there.  All the best, Petra

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