Thursday, May 15, 2014

26. Merciless - Lori Armstrong

2013, A Touchstone Book, Simon & Schuster
329 pgs PLUS discussion questions
Goodreads rating: 4.17
My rating: 4/Liked it a lot
Contemporary Murder Mystery; South Dakota
First sentence/s:  "I blamed my unrealistic expectations of becoming an FBI special agent on The X-Files.  Granted, Mulder and Scully were fictional characters, but working in the FBI was nothing like portrayed on any TV shows.  Disappointment made e want to crawl inside the TV and kick some ass."

My reactions:  I love the complicated person that is Mercy Gunderson.  She's smart, tough, strong - physically - and loyal.  She's also got weaknesses and a few vulnerable soft spots that appear once-in-awhile.  She has an incredible urge to own, know, practice and know guns.  She was, after all, an army sniper.  She lives on a huge ranch in South Dakota on, near, around the Eagle River Reservation.  I've read the previous book in the series, but it was so long ago that I forgot all the numerous relationships.  This was one of the drawbacks of the book that took it down a star.  Everyone's related to someone, many generations worth, and it got very confusing.  There are a lot of "everyones."  If there's a fourth in the series I will, of course read it, but I'll begin by figuring out the family tree/s and posting it at the beginning of the book!   

Goodreads summary:  In the spirit of J.A. Jance, Nevada Barr, and C.J. Box comes Shamus Award-winning author Lori Armstrong’s sharp and gritty Merciless, about Black Ops army sniper-turned-FBI agent Mercy Gunderson and her quest for vengeance when a killer narrows his sights on her and her family.Mercy Gunderson is thrown into her first FBI murder case, working with the tribal police on the Eagle River Reservation, where the victim is the teenaged niece of the recently elected tribal president. When another gruesome killing occurs during the early stages of the investigation, Mercy and fellow FBI agent Shay Turnbull are at odds about whether the crimes are connected.
              Mercy can’t discuss her reservations about the baffling cases with her live-in boyfriend, Eagle River County Sheriff Mason Dawson, due to job confidentiality, and the couple’s home on the ranch descends into chaos when Dawson’s eleven-year-old-son Lex is sent to live with them. While hidden political agendas and old family vendettas turn ugly, masking motives and causing a rift among the tribal police, the tribal council, and the FBI, Mercy realizes that the deranged killer is still at large—and is playing a dangerous game with his sights set on Mercy as his next victim.
     Torn between her duty to the FBI and her duties to those she loves, Mercy must unleash the cold, dark, merciless killer inside her and become the predator, rather than the prey.

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