Saturday, May 10, 2014

MOVIE - Fading Gigolo

R (1:38)
Limited release 4/182014 - but this was Opening Day in Tucson
Viewed at ElCon Friday, 5/9/2014
RT Critic: 57 Audience: 50
Cag: 3.5 - Liked it, a fun movie
Directed by John Turturro (he wrote it, too)
Millennium Entertainment

Actors:  Woody Allen, John Turturro, Liev Shreiber, Sofia Vergara, Sharon Stone

My comments:  This was a perfect Friday-after-a-long-day movie.  It was quite fun, nothing earth-shattering, but enjoyable.  I had no idea what it was about, and I always enjoy it when there's a Judaic element - part of the movie was about a very devout Orthodox woman in Brooklyn.... (I'll go to any movie as soon as I see the name "Woody Allen" in it.

Reviews:  Fioravante decides to become a professional Don Juan as a way of making money to help his cash-strapped friend, Murray. With Murray acting as his "manager", the duo quickly finds themselves caught up in the crosscurrents of love and money.

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