Saturday, May 10, 2014

25. The Shop - J. Carson Black

Audio read by Donna Postel
9 unabridged cds (10:45)
325 pgs.
Finished 5/9/2014
Adult Murder Mystery
GoodreadsRating:  3.14
My Rating: 2/It was okay....I guess.....
TPPL - I think she's from Tucson, that's why I picked it up, but the setting was Florida (and a little bit of Aspen, CO)

My comments:  Well, I can't say that I'd recommend this one.  I didn't like one single character in it!  And in my opinion, the guy that ended up being the "good" guy (I'm getting the feeling that's what the reader was supposed to think all along) wasn't very "good" in my opinion.  I didn't care who made it and who didn't - including the protagonist!  Lots of senseless killing and fighting and mean people that had no consciences at all.  I couldn't wait until it was finished, but I didn't HATE it....exactly....

Goodreads Review:  In Aspen, Colorado, a pop star and her entourage are brutally murdered in their luxury chalet. The lead assassin, ex-Navy SEAL Cyril Landry, has no qualms about carrying out his mission until the instant before he kills the young star—an intense, shared moment that will ultimately drive him to find out why these people had to die. Landry transforms from mercenary to hunter as he delves into the depths of The Shop, the shadowy organization that has hired him to execute people across the country. 
          Thousands of miles away, in a seedy motel in Gardenia, Florida, a local police chief is found shot to death. The scene has all the signs of a romantic rendezvous gone wrong, but Detective Jolie Burke isn’t so sure. As she digs for clues, the tangled threads of evidence lead to a disturbing place: Indigo, the lush tropical estate of the powerful Haddox clan and home of US Attorney General Franklin Haddox. As Jolie continues to pursue the truth, she quickly discovers that Haddox will do anything to protect his country’s ugly secrets—even kill. 
          Landry’s quest to uncover The Shop’s motives throws him into the dark currents of Jolie’s investigation, and they find themselves working together as an unlikely duo: a cop and a killer, joining forces to expose a shocking conspiracy that ascends to the highest offices in the land.

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