Monday, February 3, 2014

8. The Night Season - Chelsea Cain

#4 Archie Sheridan
audio read by Christina Delaine
7 unabridged cds
2011, Macmillan Audio
322 pgs.
Adult murder mystery
Finished 2/2/2014
Goodreads Rating:  3.84
My Rating: 4/It was very, very good
Acquired: PBS
Setting: Portland, Oregon

My comments:  It was with relief that I realized there was no horrible body mutilation and painful death as in the previous installments that included Gretchen Lowell.  The Night Season is more about flooding - in downtown Portland, Oregon, no less - drowning, and another serial killer.  This is as much Susan's story as it is Archie's, a quick, not-quite-so-heavy read as the previous in the series.

Goodreads ReviewHe captured the Beauty Killer, one of the most deranged serial killers in the country. Now, Portland police detective Archie Sheridan faces a different kind of killer - a brutal rain season that has flooded the Willamette River, claiming several lives. As water levels rise, so does the fear. Because some of the victims didn't drown;they were murdered.  The first body contains a rare poison. Three others prove to be murders as well. And with each gruesome discovery the medical examiner uncovers, Archie begins to realize he has not escaped his nightmares, even with his deadliest enemy behind bars. The flood has washed up old skeletons from the past. And a ruthless new serial killer rules the night¦

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