Monday, September 12, 2016

48. Evil Games by Angela Marsons

D. I. Kim Stone #2
read on my Kindle
382 pgs.
Adult Murder Mystery
Finished 9/12/16
Goodreads rating: 4.31 - 7,118 ratings
My rating: 4
Setting: Contemporary "Black Country" in England

First line/s:  "Three minutes to go.  Dawn raids didn't come bigger than this."

My comments:    We put all our trust into the medical professionals we use, so when one is cruel, sick, and misguided, it's particularly creepy.  That was the premise behind this book.  Angela Marsons has created a flawed heroine that is totally believable...and weirdly likeable...and both the books I've read so far have been really good.  I want to know more about Kim Stone, and look forward to number three.

Goodreads synopsis:  The greater the Evil, the more deadly the game… 
          When a rapist is found mutilated in a brutal attack, Detective Kim Stone and her team are called in to bring a swift resolution. But, as more vengeful killings come to light, it soon becomes clear that there is someone far more sinister at work. 
          With the investigation quickly gathering momentum, Kim finds herself exposed to great danger and in the sights of a lethal individual undertaking their own twisted experiment. 
          Up against a sociopath who seems to know her every weakness, for Detective Stone, each move she makes could be deadly. As the body count starts to mount, Kim will have to dig deeper than ever before to stop the killing. And this time - it’s personal.

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