Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Postcards Received Between Tuesday 9/20/16 and Tuesday 9/27/16

559.  Mallorca - Islas Baleares - Espana
card sent from Germany
Hello Chris,  
I live in Bremen, in the north of Germany.  I've just spent two weeks on this beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea.  We went swimming every day, the water was so warm and clear, but we also did some sightseeing.
Best wishes, Cornelia

560.  Hotel Atrium Praha - Prague Czech Republic
Hello Chris!  Greetings from Cxzech Republic, Prague.  My name is Jirina (Georgia).  I am 44 years old.  This postcard was obtained by visiting hotel Atrium, About twenty years ago there lived jean-Claude Van Damme.  We waited six hours, so we saw him.   He went to the restaurant Chez Louis.  Two minutes and he was gone.  Have a nice day. Jirina

561.  Greetings from Hong Kong!
I hope you like this shaped mailbox card.  Last week, I have attended postcrossing meetup.  This is my 2nd time to join such event - it is exciting to sign and write many postcards with different postcrossers.
Wish you all the best, Cally.

562.  Hong Kong Victoria Harbour
Hi Chris!  Nice to meet you in Postcard United!  How are you?  Let me send you our dayview now.  Hong Kong is a small but busy city with tons of skyscrapers.  Hope you like our view and you are always welcome to Hong Kong to see this beautiful view in person!
Best wishes, Dorothy

563.  Xiamen University, China
Hi Chris, nice to meet you!  I'm a 19-year old Chinese girl and I'm studying Portuguese in college now.  This is a postcard of my university, Xiamen University.  Hope you will ike it!
Best wishes, Clin Chen

564.  Cologne-Ehrenfeld, GERMANY
Hello Chris!  Greetings from Cologne - Ehrenfeld.  It is a part of Cologne.  Many students live here.  There are many cool bars and restaurants.  Cologne is a really fun city.  Everyone is open and welcoming.  It is always worth a trip.  Enjoy your summer.  All the best, Camy

565.  Lingonberries in FINLAND
Hello Chris, Greetings from Finland!  It's morning at the moment, that's why the temperature (+9 degrees C) is that low.  Although I'm guessing it's not going to rise but a few degrees.  It's really autumn in Finland!  I don't miod because the autumn is inspiring season for me.  Leaves are getting colourful and light is bright and air is clean.  Blueberry season is usually in July and August.  At the moment Finnish epople are after lingonberries in the forests.  On of my friends told me she got 20 litres, and that's a LOT!  I like to make smoothies made from bananas, raw chocolate, and lingonberries.  It's kind of sweet but sour.  I wish you al the best, Manka

566.  Hautes Pyrenees - Le cirque de Gavarnie et le village.  FRANCE
Bonjour!  My name is Olivier, I'm 25 and live in the southwest of France.  I'm a replacing letter carrier and must know 15 rounds very well in case of illness.
Happy Postcrossing, Olivier

Hello Chris, 
About 1500 this kind of bears live in our forests.  I hope I don't meet one when I go to pick lingonberries.  I work in home care as a nurse.  Mostly take blook samples from elderly people who can't go to the lab.
All the best, Marja-Leena

568.  Taiping, Perak, MALAYSIA
Located in the town of Taiping, Perak, this museum is the oldest museum in Peninsula Malaysia.  It was constructed in 1883.  The museum has a complete and best orang alsi's collection as its main attraction also exhibits various collection of zoology and herbarium specimens and Malay cultural objects.
Hi Chris, Greetings once more from Malaysia.  This is the Fighter jet in front of the Perak Museum in Taiping which happens to be my home town.  Taiping is famous as the wettest town in Malaysia as it rains almost every (can't make out word).

569.  Lompoc, California
Hello from Lompoc, California!  I live in a small city by the coast.  Right now I am watching the Patriots demolish the Texans, and as much as I hate the Patriots, I have to respect Bill Bellichick (the Patriots' coach) for being such a football mastermind.  He can win with a 3rd string rookie QB.  Blows my mind how good the Patriots are.  But I hate them !  LOL
Happy Postcrossing, Shelby
I sent her a fun reply, telling her that I'm a Patriot's fan, and I received this back:
“Everyone who is not a Patriots fan hates the Patriots, you as a football should know that, LOL. Belichick is the Sith Lord, LOL. I do like Gronk and Edelman though, and I have been amazed these last 3 weeks to see the team pull of win after win with people like Garrapolo and Brisset, it's nuts. Belichick can win with anyone, why couldn't he take the Browns to the Superbowl? They deserve a little celebration and victory. Well, not the team's organization, but the fans. They deserve it.
I heard about the Lompoc Cafe in Maine! LOL that's hilarious.
What were you doing in Lompoc? Driving up/down the PCH?

570.  Riding High in Idaho
Hello!  This was as close as I had of a jackalope.  Been going back & forth for soccer games today.  Two of my kids play.  Hope you like PA!  It's beautiful in the fall!  Bonnie

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