Thursday, September 1, 2016

Postcards Sent Since 9/1/2016

I'm having such a blast sending and receiving postcards through Postcrossing and Postcards United.





686.  cag 11/10/16 Davis-Monthan Air Force Base to 12-year-old Joshua in Germany
     11/15 - 5 days
     Dear Chris, 
thank you so much for your cool postcard and your nice lines, I really appreciate !. I wish you a wonderful autumn and christmas season filled with joy, harmony and happiness, many greetings, God bless you, Love & Peace from Joshua:-)


684.  cag 11/10/16 Tombstone Boothill Graveyard to Switzerland
     11/15 - 5 days
Thank you for this nice postcard. I like it. 
Regards Eric



681.  PCU 11/10/16 ARIZONA sunset with saguaros to Norway
     11/18 - 8 days
     Thanks for the lovely card!



678.  cag 11/8/16 Donald Duck to the Netherlands
     11/15 - 7 days
     Dear Chris, 
Thank you for the festive Donald Duck card!





673.  PCU 11/5/16 Burrowing owl card to Malaysia
     11/15 - 10 days
     Hello Chris thanks for your amazing beautiful burrowing owl postcard. have a nice day


671.  cag 11/5/16 ARIZONA/ Saguaros at sunset to Hong Kong
     11/15 - 10 days
     多謝=]Thank you=]

670.  PCU 11/4/16 Kandinsky "Composition VIII" to Germany
     11/10 - 6 days
     Thanks for your postcard! Greetings, Kipsy

669.  cag 11/4/16 Funny "Cat Chart" card to Germany
     11/10 - 6 days
     Hello Chris! 
Thank you sooo much for the great postcard!!! Now i understand my cats ;) 
We are a little bit scared the the usa votet Trump.... what do you think? 
Take care 





664.  PCU 10/21/16 ARIZONA/ Sunset to Germany
     11/17 - 17 days
     Hi Chris, thousands of thanks for your really great postcard! I love it very very much. It must be wonderful to live there. Nice to meet you here! Happy Postcard United! Kessy

663.  PCU 10/31/16 Egg Rock Lighthouse/Maine to Malaysia
     11/8 - 8 days
     Hello Chris, thank you very much for the beautiful light house card and the Halloween stamps! I love them very much! I know that there are several designs of the Jack O'Lantern stamps and I hope that I will be able to collect all of them soon. :D Thanks again and have a great day! :D

662.  cag 10/31/16 Black & White Pikes Peak, Colorado Vintage card to London
     11/5 - 5 days
     Hi Chris,
Thank you very much for an amazing postcard! I love it!

661.  cag 10/30/16 Desert Jackrabbit to Finland
     11/8 - 8 days
     Hello! Thank you very much for your postcard, I received it today! And I like it! Very nice postcard! Happy postcrossing! 


658.  cag 10/29/16 Desert tortoise to Germany
     11/9 - 11 days
     Hello Chris,
thank you for your great postcard.
all the best 
Michaela and Sebastian

657.  cag 10/29/16 Pennsylvania Ruffled Grouse card to Czech Republic
     11/8 - 10 days
     Hi Chris, many thanks for sending your card with a ruffed grouse. I didn´t know about such birds. I´ve found pictures of other ones and they are absolutely amazing! In our mountains, we have a similar one - black grouse. I often go to listen to them to the mountain meadows in the early spring. Even before the sun rise, the cocks start their mating calls and keep on it for long hours. You must be very carefull not to disturb them. Othervise they vanish. I usualy find a hidden place in the evening and spend the night close to them. 
Best wishes and all the best in your new living place! 

656.  cag 10/29 TUCSON/ Catalina State Park to Lithuania
     11/13 - 15 days
     Hello, thank you very much for your card! I really like it very much!! Happy postcrossing! Rasa


654.  PCU 10/28/16 Arizona Chili Recipe to South Korea
     11/9 - 12 days
     Hello there! Thanks for your beautoful postcard and stamps. I really loved it. Have a good day and wish you get a lot of postcards!

653.  cag 10/27/16 - TUCSON/ Catalina State Park to Germany
     11/9 - 13 days
     Hi Chris, 
I´ve never been to the USA so far, but the names "Tucson", "Tombstone" and "Sedona" are familiar to me. In my young years there was a job offer in Tucson that I was very tempted to take but in the end I didn´t. And of course I know the Wyatt Earp legend. As a young boy I read quite a number of "Western" novels. So thank you very much for your card. In four years I will follow you into retirement and then - who knows - I´m going to explore the "wild wild west". 
Best wishes from Germany 

652.  cag 10/27/16 Saguaro National Park to Estonia
     11/8 - 12 days
     Hello. Thank You for nice postcard and stamps. Happy postcrossing. Margus.

651.  cag 10/27/16 TUCSON mountains to Finland
     11/15 - 19 days
     Thank you very much for your Tucson-card! All the best for you! Have a wonderful life. Marja

650.  cag 10/27/16 TUCSON mountains to Taiwan

649.  PCU 10/26/16 Calif Academy of Science SOLAR SYSTEM card to South Korea

648.  PCU 10/25/16 Grand Canyon to Poland
     11/2 - 8 days
     Hello, Today I received yours postcard. I really like it. Thank you. Greetings from Poland, Marcin

647.  cag 10/25/16 Langston Hughes quote to Poland
     11/11 - 17 days
     Thank You so much for a beautiful postcard. I love the citation. Kisses from Poland 😊 KSENIA”

646.  cag 10/25/16 ARIZONA/ Saguaros to China (using Chinese address)
     11/4 - 10 days (this is a SHORT time for China - using the Chinese address must have really helped!
     “thank you soooo much!”

645.  PCU 10/24/16 Sepia Confederate cannons to Lithuania
     11/2 - 10 days
     Hello Chris! Thank you very much for your wonderful postcard with nice stamps. Best wishes and good luck ! Wih warmest greetings from Lithuania,Vidas

644.  PCU 10/24/16 Grand Canyon to Malaysia
     11/2 - 9 days
     Hi Chris. Thanks for the most awesome card of the Grand Canyon. I know it might not be much for other postcrossers but I have always love America with its wide open skies and amazing landscape ! So every time I get a card from the US I secretly hope it would be of a scenery that I've seen lots of times on tv or read about in books. Thank you for making my day ! All the best from Malaysia to you and your family.

643.  PCU 10/24/16 Lighthouses of Maine to the Philippines
     11/8 - 16 days
     Thanks for the card. You can check my INstagram account if you want to swapped cards. It is postcrossing_aileen All the best!

642.  PCU 10/24/16  ARIZONA Deserts & Mountains at Sunset to Russia  (used Russian address)
     11/10 - 17 days
     Hello Chris! Thank you very much for your beautiful and interesting postcard, I really like cacti and mountains. All the best! Tatiana

641.  cag 10/24/16  San Xavier Mission to out & proud Gay guy in Norway
     11/1 - 8 days
     Dear Chris, Thank you so much for the beautiful card, stamps and message! A big Viking hug for your upcoming moving - travel safely :-) Postcrossing Love, Joey

640.  cag 10/24/17 The Moon as seen from Tucson (to a 10 yo girl) in Germany
     10/29 - 5 days
     Hello Chris,
many thanks for your intressting postcard and the beautiful stamps, I like it!
Viele Grüße aus Deutschland &
happy postcrossing!

639.  PCU 10/22/16 Tucson at Night to France

638.  PCU 10/22/16 "It's a Boy" (with a girl nurse) to a nurse in Germany
     10/31 - 9 days
     Thank you for the nice postcard :-)

637.  cag 10/20/16 Pele quote to the Netherlands
     10/28 - 8 days
     Hi Chris,
Thank you for this inspirational card. I can already imagine how your place must look like. 
I hope you will enjoy your retirement. Good luck!
All the best, 

636.  PCU 10/20/16 Minnesota Map to South Korea
     10/28 - 8 days
     Thank you so much for your wonderful map postcard with great stamps :) I really love it a lot >_< It's awesome that you took a road trip all over the US. I'd love to get a chance to do it one day :) Hope your life is full of joy and happiness ! Arom
635.  PCU 10/19/16 Harry Potter to Poland
     11/4 - 15 days
     Hello!  Thank you for this beautiful postcard and awesome stamps (WonderWoman rulezz!)!  I'm totally curious about living is such a place as Arizona!  I live in a wet and cold place, so probably it could be kind of shock.  You said you're preparing to move.  So best wishes, keep fingers crosssed for you to visit many beautiful places in USA.  Ania

634.  PCU 10/19/16 Diego Rivera Nude with Calla Lilies to Romania
     10/30 - 11 days
     Nice postcard! Thank you! Mihnea

633.  cag 10/19/16 TUCSON/ Mountains to Czech Republic
     10/25 - 6 days
     “““““““““““““““““““Thanks a lot for your wonderful postcard! I enjoyed it really much. 
Happy Postcrossing and greetings from Czech Republic Martin.””””””””””””””:)))””””””””””

632.  cag 10/19/16 Hotel Coronado in California to Russia

631.  cag 10/19/16 San Jaquin Valley, California card to Germany
     10/26 - 7 days
     Hello Chris,
thanks a lot for the beautiful postcard.
I love it 😍👍,
Best wishes,

630.  PCU 10/17/16 Tucson at night to South Korea
     10/28 - 11 days
     Dear , Thank you for letting me know about the city, Tucson. It is interesting that the tucson named in Spanish. I'm not familiar with spanish that it sounds exotic. Thank you for the nice stamps( wonder woman and martin ramirez are sooo nice) and beautiful night view of the city. Hope your moving across country goes well and your mailbox is full with awesome postcards again :) xoxo

629.  cag 10/17/16 Moose (with cut-out hoof in the middle of card) to Hungary
     10/25 - 8 days
     Dear Chris! 
Thank you for the postcard! I like it! :-)
Have a nice day! 

628.  cag 10/17/16 Griffith Observatory to Germany
     10/25 - 8 days
     Hallöchen Chris!
Warmest greetings from your cards destination. I received it today and I am very happy about your card with your kind message. Thank you very much!
I hope you had a beautiful day! 

627.  cag 10/16/16 Bubblegum Pigs to Ohio
     10/31 - 15 days
     Hi Chris! 
Thank you for the hilarious card! And the Wonder Woman stamp!! I will be retiring in January, and am really looking forward to it! 

626.  cag 10/16/16 Arizona/ Saguaro National Park card to a young and handsome-looking guy from Portugal
     10/25 - 9 days
     Great card, Chris, thanks a lot.
Nice stamps too.
Never heard about "Letter Boxing", so I googled it and.... wow! Looks like very fun, in fact Geocaching have some contact points with it, no?
Have a good autumn time.

625.  PCU 10/15/16 Penguins at Sea World to Russia
     11/7 - 22 days
     Hi, Chris! Nice to meet you. Thank you very much for your wonderful card and amazing stamps! I wish you many happy moments in your life 😉

624.  PCU 10/15/16 San Francisco- 3 views to Malaysia
     10/31 - 16 days
     Hi Chris. Thank you so much for the lovely card with pretty stamps. Its a great addition to my collection. Wish you all the best and take care.

623.  PCU 10/15/16 Texas Armadillo - in an envelope - to Algeria!
     11/4 - 21 days
     Hello Christine ! Many thanks for your unusual amazing postcard, it was most welcome and I liked it very much. I also want to thank you for the nice stamps on the envelope. Next week I'll send you a letter and I hope it will be surprise for you. All the best Kader

622.  cag 10/15/16 Rosie the Riveter to Sweden
     10/24 - 9 days
     Hi and thank you for the card. And I could say to the card, Yes we can ;-)
Happy postcrossing

621.  cag 10/15/15   "The Yawning Chasm" (one of my favorite cards) to PEI, Canada
     10/30 - 15 days
     Hi Chris,
Thanks so much for the great postcard and lovely stamps! I love the card, very much appreciated!!
Happy Postcrossing (and retirement!), 

620.  cag 10/15/16  "Maybe I Want to Look Cheap" to North Carolina
     10/20 - 5 days
     Thank you for the postcard Chris! It's cracking me up, I love it!

619.  PCU 10/13/16  "Greetings from Arizona" to Germany
     10/22 - 10 days
     Thanks for your postcard :-)

618.  PCU 10/13/16 Tucson/Saguaro NP in envelope, as requested
     10/26 - 13 days
     Chris! Thank you very much for the beautiful card! It's so colorful, I can imagine you love to drive out into the desert, I would too! I am fascinated with cacti, but unfortunately, it is way to wet here to grow them outside. So i just keep small ones, and not so much as i would like. Well, the more love they can get :-D Wish you all the best and enjoy your retirement! regards, Kathinka

617.  cag 10/13/16 TUCSON/ Saguaro NP to Portugal
     10/24/16 - 11 days
     Thank you very much for your beautiful postcard. Best wishes. 
Happy postcrossing. 

616.  PCU 10/12/16 Arizona map wi/photos to Malaysia
     10/24 - 12 days
     thx for the lovely postcard. all the best to you with love and joy :)

615.  PCU 10/11/16  Arizona Chili recipe to China - used Chinese address
     10/25 - 14 days
     Hello Chris Thank you for your wonderful card! Best wishes Forest

614.  cag 10/10/16 Arizona/ Sunset to Germany
     10/18 - 8 days
     “Hello Chris, thank you very much for your kind greetings and the wonderful postcard with the pretty stamps. I like your explications about your country. 
Have a good time and enjoy your retirement 

613.  PCU 10/9/16 Javelina to France
     10/22 - 13 days
     Bonjour ! Thank you very much for your lovely postcard! Have a nice day. Olivier

612.  cag 10/9/16  Tucson: Mountains to Russia
     10/29 - 20 days
     Thank you for your beautiful postcard!

611.  cag 10/8/16 Fox Theater ad card to Germany
     10/19 - 11 days
     Hallo ;-) 
Thank you very much for your wonderful Postcard! 
Happy Postcrossing and Carpe Diem from Wuppertal, Lilly 

610.  cag 10/8/16 Tucson Mountains card to Utah
     10/15 - 7 days
     Thank you for your postcard! I'm traveling to Phoenix/Scottsdale next week for a wedding. It was really fun to receive your card. 
Congratulations on your retirement.

609.  PCU 10/8/16 Abraham Lincoln card to Germany
     10/19 - 11 days
     Thank you very much for your lovely and interesting card

608. cag 10/6/16 Burrowing Owl card (in envelope) to Belgium
     10/14 - 8 days
     “Thank you for the card! 
You forgot to write down the ID-number but luckily Postcrossing found it! 
Enjoy the weekend!”
 Note:  It was written on the envelope

607.  cag 10/5/16 Black & White 1908 Hopi photo to Finland
     10/17 - 12 days
     Hello! Thank's for the nice card. Everything native cards Areena intresting. Have a nice day! Anja

606.  cag 10/5/16 Arizona/Saguaro NP card to Japan
     10/17 - 12 days
     Thank you very much post card!!!”

605.  cag 10/5/16 Route 66/New Mexico with corvette to Poland
     10/19 - 14 days
     Hi :) thanks for interesting postcard. It's great 
Best wishes 

604.  PCU 10/4/16 Grand Canyon State Map card to Ukraine
     10/15 - 11 days
     Hello Chris Wow! What a lovely surprise in my mailbox today! Thank you so much for everything: card, stamps and kind words. The card will be a great addition to my collection. I invite you to friendship on my page in Facebook All the best! Sincerely Bogdan

603.  PCU 10/4/16 "Greetings from Arizona" to Malaysia
     10/24 - 20 days
     thanks for your nice postcard. Here is my postcard blog for your viewing pleasure Cheers, SL Liew :)

602.  cag 10/3/16 Harry Potter car to Estonia
     10/11 - 10 days
     “Hi Chris, 
Thank you so much for this wonderful professor Lockhart postcard! Also those stamps were awesome, I dont think I have ever recieved ones like this before! 
All the best and lots of good books and pretty postcards to you! 

601.  cag 10/2/16 Grand Canyon card to Germany
     10/16 - 14 days
     Hi Chris, how are you? 
Many thanks for the card with the impressive view on Grand Canyon. I only got a few (more or less) desert cards so far - probably because there are only a few people living in such arid places and those who do might have other things in mind than writing postcards. I don't know. Anyways. I like desert images a lot - maybe because I grew up in the countryside of Germany where every bit of soil that isn't buried under concrete has green leaves on top of it. Desert is different, then. But don't get it wrong: I love plants. All kinds,...
All the best, 

600.  cag 10/2/16 Javelina card to Russia
     10/29 - 27 days
Thank you for sending me a nice postcard !!! Also thank you for those amazing stamps!
599.  cag 10/2/16 Grand Canyon card to Belarus
     10/13 - 11 days
     “thank you very much”

598.  cag 9/29/16 Recipe: Beef Enchiladas to Sweden

597.  PCU 9/29/16 Maine:  Baxter State Park to Taiwan
     10/13 - 14 days
     Hello Chris, Thank you so much for your maine postcard. It looks so beautiful! I love winter, I love cold weather and snow, but we haven't snow in Taiwan... Thank you for your card and nice stamps. Have a nice day, Wenhsiu

596.  PCU 9/29/16 MDI Map to Malaysia
     10/11 - 12 days
     Thank you for your postcard, have a nice day.

595.  cag 9/29/16 "Roses at Twilight" art card to Belgium
     10/6 - 7 days
     Dear Chris,
You card is very very beautiful! The stamps are great as well. Thanks a bunch !! 
I looked upon Wikipedia to find more information about the Saguaro cacti and I found really nice pictures of this amazing cactus. :o))))
Enjoy your time as a pensionner !!
Anne-Marie from a sunny Kortrijk

594.  cag 9/29/16 Tucson Aerial card to the Netherlands
     10/9 - 10 days
     HI Chris, 
From out Rotterdam thanks for the nice postcard!! 
(i like the cactus)! 

593.  PCU 9/29/16 AZ Saguaro/sunset card (with NERVE ticket) to Taiwan

592.  PCU 9/28/16 Baseball Hall of Fame card to Russia
     10/20 - 21 days
     Baseball hall of Fame - is great! Thank you very much)

591.  cag 9/28/16 Four Corners card to Germany (looks like the same person as #586!)
     10/5 - 7 days
     Hello Chris, thank you very much for this great, interesting postcard, perfect for my collection. As a teacher of geography I am always interested in such special places. 
Have a nice autumn, and all good wishes! 

590.  PCU 9/28/16 Tucson Aerial card to Italy
     10/8 - 9 days
     Hi there! Thank you for your awsesome aerial view! Ciao from Italy, Ellis.

589.  cag 9/28/16 ANP Carriage Path Bridge to Russia (used Russian address)
     10/26 - 28 days
     Hi! Thanks for a remarkable card! Good mood and warm fall!

588.  cag 9/28/16 AZ/ saguaro & sunset card to Illinois
     10/5 - 7 days
     “Hi Chris: 
Thanks for the Arizona card. Never been there, but everyone I know who has been there loves it. I bet you will miss the weather when you move to PA.! Being a life long resident of the Midwest, I couldn't imagine a year without autumn's beauty in the changing of the trees; just the color of the entire landscape! 
Happy Postcrossing and Happy Fall!

587.  cag 9/24/16 Edward Hopper (large house) card to Switzerland
     10/2 - 8 sYA
     No Message - but called it a favorite....

586.  cag 9/24/16 Kartchner Caverns to Germany
     10/5 - 11 days
     Hello Chris 
Thank you for the nice card,I like it so.I was five years ago in west from America.In California,Arizona,Utha and Nevada.Six weeks by bus.America is so very nice. 
I wish you all the best. 
God bless you and your loved. 
All the best from Lothar

585.  PCU 9/24/16 PA/Owl to Russia
     10/14 - 21 days
     Hello Chris! Many many thanks for a wonderful card and stamps! Have a nice day! Olga

584.  PCU 9/24/16 AZ Map cad in envelope with $2 bill to Russia (used Russian address)
     10/16 - 23 days
     Hello! I have just arrived home after a long journey through Germany, Belgium and Portugal. I thank you for an amazing postcard and happy 2-dollar bill! I danced with joy! You are wonderful! You're the best! How amazing! Right now you have the wether + 91 F. And here in Kaliningrad + 32 F ... cold and wild wind ... I want to go there, where the sun ...!!!! )))

583.  PCU 9/22/16 Sepia card - Confederacy with cannon to China
     11/7 - 46 days
     Received the postcard you sent,it's very nice,thanks!May joy and happiness surround you today and always!Best wishes!

582.  PCU 9/22/16 "Autumn" Grandma Moses painting IN ENVELOPE to the Netherlands
     11/5 - 44 days!!!
     thank you you bright my day

581.  cag 9/22/16 Kartchner Caverns to North Carolina

580.  cag 9/22/16 AZ Desert Museum Prairie Dog to Hong Kong
     10/3 - 11 days

579.  PCU 9/20/16 Kartchner Caverns card to Taiwan
     10/13 - 23 days
     Thank you for the postcard=) The stamps are special!!

578.  PCU 9/20/16 AZ Map to Indonesia
     10/19 - 29 days
     Thank you for the beautiful postcard & stamps. Have a nice day. Happy postcarduniting!

577.  cag 9/20/16 lupine on MDI to Finland
     9/27 - 7 days
     “Thank you for the nice postcard with so great Batman stamp :) Greetings from Finland, Kati”

576.  PCU 9/19/16 Reecipe: Chalupa to France
      9/26-7 days
     Hello Chris thank you so much for your recipe card, with nices stamps I love to learn about new tastes and my hobby is to collect recipe cards all around the world, am 54 y.o living in the center of FRANCE in the LOIRE VALLEY Unesco place and where most of the french castles have been built. best wishes SAndrine

575.  PCU 9/19/16 Vanity Fair/Woman to Russia
     10/13 - 24 days
     Hello Chris! Thank you very much for your very nice postcard from Arizona. The postcard and the postage stamps I really like. I wish you all the best, enjoy a nice day! Aliya

574.  cag 9/19/16 saguaro and ocotillo card to New Zealand
     9/26 - 8 days
     “Thank you for the postcard and telling me about Tucson. I have just returned from 4 yrs in the states, but sadly never made it to the desert, which I would of loved to of done. A unique an amazing place.”

573.  cag 9/18/16 UGLY DOLLS card to France (really fussy requests)
     10/8 - 20 days
     Merci pour la carte. 
Bon Automne 

572.  PCU 9.17/16 Strasburg Railroad (pa) to Romania
     9/26 - 9 days
     Thank you for the beautiful postcard, I love trains. Indeed, my address is long because street name is long. I also going to move soon but on the same street. :) No way to escape this address. Best wishes!

571.  cag 9/16/16 Bar Harbor Sunset over street to Germany
     9/27 - 11 days
     “Hi Chris, 
thanks for the card! Nice old town! i like this very much!
i´ve heard from the saguaro nationalpark. Lots of cacti, very hot, wild nature. For me its the typical example for arizona! 
Someday i´ll make my holiday there :D
Best wishes 

570.  PCU 9/15/16 Karchner Caverns to Russia

569.  cag 9/15/16 Lupine on MDI to Poland
     9/23 - 8 days
Thank you for the nice postcard! ;)
Have a nice day and happy postcrossing !

568. cag 9/15/16 Yellowstone NPk sign to Pennsylvania
     9/19 - 4 days
Thank you so much for the beautiful postcard. I really enjoy the lovely stamp you used as well. I hope you enjoy living in Pennsylvania.
Have a marvelous day!
-Tabitha H.”

567.  cag 9/15/16 Sepia card of a Confederate battery during the Civil War
     10/13 - 28 days
     Thanks a lot.

566.  cag 9/15/16 Karchners Caverns card to Germany
     9/21 - 6 days
     “Thanks and happy postcrossing 
Best regards”

565.  PCU 9/13/16 Yellowstone NP card to Sweden
     9/20 - 7 days
     Hello and thanks for the lovely postcard. I like it very much. Nice stamps on it too. Greetings from Sweden Britt-Marie

564.  PCU 9/12/16 Coastal Majesty, California to Spain
     9/29 - 17 days
     “Hello - thanks so much for your great postcard (sorry for the delay in registering - there was no id on the postcard :p). I've always wondered what Boston Beans were like! Thanks for answering the questions too - my middle name is Laura :) 
Best wishes and Happy Postcrossing!”

563.  cag 9/12/16 Boston Baked Beans recipe card to Exeter, Devon, United Kingdom

562.  cag 9/11/16 Bear Island Lighthouse, NEHbr to Florida
     9/19 - 8 days
     “Thank you for the wishes and great card :)
Always smile, 

561.  PCU 9/10/16 Whoopie pie recipe to Russia
     10/4 - 24 days
     Hi! Thanks for the cool postcard! Good autumn!

560.  PCU 9/10/16 Niagara Falls card go Hamburg, Germany
     9/17 - 7 days
     Moin Moin :) That means „hello“ where i live. Thank you very much for this wonderful card. All the best for you, Stefan

559.  cag 9/9/16 Coyote (with saguaro) to Germany
     9/15 - 6 days
     Hello Chris, thank you for the card of an Desert Coyote and the many informations about Tucson, Arizona.  
Best wishes,

558.  PUC 9/8/16 Movie poster of Sunrise Kingdom to South Korea
     9/27 - 19 days
     Thank you for your MOVIE MOONRISE KINGDOM postcard! I really like this movie. And I like BUDAPEST HOTEL, too. And I like this stamps. (Batman, Icecream, Penguin) I wish you all happiness. Jihye

557.  cag 9/8/16 Celestial Seasonings card to Russia
     9/27 - 19 days
     “Thank you! This card is so beuatiful! 
Happy postcrossing:)”

556.  PCU 9/6/16  PA Covered bridge to Malaysia
     10/10 - 34 days
     thank you so much for the nice card. all the best to you.

555.  PCU 9/6/16 PA/Owl to Taiwan
     9/22 - 15 days
     Hello! Autumn greetings form Taipei, Taiwan. Many thanks for your owl postcard. Have a nice day. Chuan

554.  PCU 9/6/16 PA multi-view card to Poland
     9/20 - 13 days
     Thank you for a nice postcard

553.  cag 9/6/16 Chesapeake Bay Crab Cake recipe to Germany
     9/18 - 11 days
     “Hello Chris, 
Thank you for your card. Appreciate the recipe. Sadly it is really difficult to get crab meet here in Bavaria :-) But I will try, so that I can test your recipe ;-) 

552.  cag 9/6/16 Baseball Hall of Fame Inductees to China
     10/1 - 24 days
     “Thanks for the nice card, I love it. I have been to Tucson in 2012 for travel, it's very nice there.”

551.  cag 9/6/16 Whoopie Pie Recipe to Ukraine

550.  cag 9/6/16 Chicken Corn Soup recipe to Czech Republic
     9/16 - 10 days
thank you for your beautiful card and nice stamps. :) best wishes 

549.  cag 9/6/16 Rockwell Black Eye painting to South Korea
     9/29 - 22 days
     “Thanks for the postcard! I loved it so much!!!”

548.  cag 9/5/16 PA Multi-view to Germany
     9/15 - 9 days
     “Hi Chris,
thanks for the nice card and the great stamps :) 
I understand what you mean, but Pensylvania looks nice too. You sure like it too :) 
All the best to you! 

547.  cag 9/5/16 Arizona Jackalope to Wisconsin
     9/14 - 9 days
     WOW, they do exist??? I thought it was an urban legend!!! Thanks for the jackalope card...reminds me of SNL:.)

546.  PCU 9/1/16 North Dakota "Fisherman's Dream to China
     10/24/16 - 53 days
     Hello Thanks for your nice postcard,and nice stamps! You can take every Chinese character as a symbol. Suky

545.  PCU 9/1/16  Amish country carriage to Russia
     9/23 - 22 days
     Hello, Chris, thank you for the lovely postcatd you sent me. I have heard about Pensilvania but I have never heard about the Amish country and about the Amish people. I have opened the Wikipedia to find some information about it. That is one of the reasons I like sending and receiving postcards - it gives us a possibility to know the worls around us. Warm greetings from Siberia and good luck Anna

544.  PCU 9/1/16 Harry Potter (plus stamp) to India
     9/23 - 22 days
      I really like the card and matcging stamp. It really make my day. Thanks a lot....i am a big fan of harry potter. Thanks for sending it to me.

543.  PCU 9/1/16 Harry Potter (plus stamp) to South Korea (Republic of Korea)
     10/8 - 38 days
     Hello! I received your card today. Thanks for nice Harry Potter card and stamp. I love it very much!! My friend also like Harry Potter, She envied me a lot. I wish you have a great day😆

542.  cag 9/1/16 W.l Quoddy Light to New Zealand
     9/8 - 7 days
     Hello Chris and thank you for the wonderful West Quoddy Lighthouse postcard. Hopefully I can remember this is "the eastern most ligfht in the USA". :)
Driving across the USA sounds amazing, as long as the boring interstate multi-lane highways are avoided. I remember some of those in 2010.....I was mostly on a bus at that stage (never again by bus for any decent length trip as Greyhound lost my luggage, never to be found again) but in a car for one trip. National Parks and book stores sound good though I have to admit that quilt shops does not sound like”

541.  cag 9/1/16 PA multi-view card to Russia
     9/24 - 23 days
     “твоя - самая лучшая!!!”

540.  cag 9/1/16 Maine roadsign to the Netherlands
     9/8 - 7 days
     Hello Chris ! 
Just received your colourful cards. Many thanks ! 
The signalpost is special ! Like it. 
Wish you many lovely cards, Chris. 
Love from Holland, LOES.”

539.  cag 9/1/16 PA farmland to Germany
     9/11 - 10 days
     “Hi Chris, 
thank you for your nice postcard, which arrived yesterday. The picture looks really nice. I hope you´ll have a nice week. Happy Postcrossing. 
Bye Michael”

538.  cag 9/1/16 PA/Amish buggy to Iowa
     9/6 - 5 days
     Hi Chris! Thanks for the card. My husband lived in Lancaster County part of his childhood, we actually went there on our honeymoon. (We lived in NY state at the time). Maine is another favorite spot, I vacationed there nearly every summer as a kid! Enjoy your time with family. Amy”

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