Friday, February 10, 2012

12. After Obsession - Carrie Jones & Steven E. Wedel

Bloomsbury, 2011
HC $17.99
308 pgs.
for young adults
Liked it a lot (4)

Setting:  a small community on the Union River, near Ellsworth, Maine
OSS:  Two voices alternate as this story unfolds - Aimee and Alan - who know that an evil force (the River Man) is trying to possess a friend, the same evil force that took the life of Aimee's mother and countless others through the past centuries.
1st sentence/s:  You are mine.  You are all mine.  These are the words I hear every single freaking morning since my friend Courtney's dad died. They slither around inside my brain all day until I think I'm going crazy, and today is no exception.

I enjoy reading Carrie Jones' novels....the setting is where I lived for so many year.  This time, in her acknowledgements, she mentions Amilie Bacon, one of my past students at MDES.  That was pretty exciting.

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Danmark said...

The story is told by Aimee and Alan in alternating chapters and each provide a unique voice which is made all the better by the two authors lending their talents to the story. You can easily guess which author writes the male/female perspective. Aimee starts to notice her friend, Courtney is acting strange. Things really get weird when Courtney's cousin, Alan and his mother moves in with her family to help ends meet after her father dies.. Alan is searching for his American Indian roots and discovers he has a connection with the supernatural. Aimee has a few gifts of her own, but only when Aimee and Alan meet do they began to put the pieces together in order to help Courtney and whatever is haunting her. Using his Native American ties, Alan finds the source of Courtney's problem with Aimee's help. Courtney, in her quest to reconnect with her father does something that has repercussions for the whole village.