Monday, January 7, 2019

4. We Are Omega by Justin Woolley

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12/9/18 by Lonely Robot Books (not many reviews yet)
328 pgs.
YA SciFi/Dystopia
Finished 1/7/18
Goodreads rating:  4.55 - 11 ratings
My rating:  2 (or less....)
Setting: 2025 Nevada, USA

First line/s:  "I push my face into the pillow, trying to muffle the sound of my sobs."

My comments:  Told from two points of view - Molly and Miles.  Both are unlikable from the start.  As I approached the end I didn't care who won or lost, who was killed or died, I just wanted the story to end.  I disliked the protagonists equally as much as I did the antagonists.  And if Molly said "netting" one more time, I was going to scream!

Goodreads synopsis: I AM. YOU ARE. WE ARE OMEGA.
          Six years ago an alien spacecraft crashed into the remote Nevada desert, releasing a virus that killed one-fifth of the Earth's population.
          Molly McManus, who lost her parents to the plague, can't forgive the aliens just because they give humanity a few new toys. For Wells Marsden, a computer hacker desperate to atone for his past, the aliens might just offer the fresh start he needs.
          Both Molly and Wells find themselves, for very different reasons, at the Institute for the Betterment of Humanity – a prestigious facility for gifted youth to learn from the aliens. But when they discover Earth's visitors aren't as benevolent as they claim they must escape the Institute, join a mysterious resistance group known only as Omega, and save humanity from disaster – so long as humanity itself doesn't get in their way.
          WE ARE OMEGA is a science fiction adventure featuring hacking, telekinetic powers, giant alien crabs out to control the planet and two troubled teens who just might be the best hope we have. It's a thundering read for fans of Illuminae, The 5th Wave, and I Am Number Four.

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