Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Support Your Local Library Reading Challenge

Now this is a good one! One of the things I love MOST about living in a larger city (think: Tucson) is the library system. Lots and lots to visit all the time. And I visit them all. They all have their own wonderful and unique personality. And when I travel I love to stop into a library, check it out, sit down and read a new picture book...I've done that in Las Vegas, Novato, CA, and on my cross-country's also wonderful to visit and revisit the Northeast Harbor Library, the Ellsworth Public Library, the Bangor Public Library....and the library where I shelved books for 75 cents an hour when I was in high school, Wakefield Public Library. I'm usually well over my 25-book limit, using many in my classroom. But I'll take on the 100-book challenge as long as it can include picture books!

The challenge itself is found here.

Now, I could list all the books I borrowed and read, or I can keep track of the numbers, which would make more sense. I'm going to start from my last visit, because there's no way I'm going to spend the time backtracking. I'm doing this for me. If anyone else is reading this, it's sure to be boringl. So skip this post, okay?

Current total checked out AND read since 10/24/10: 7

10-24-10 Golf Links: Returned 5, checked out 10.
(6 are new middle grade novels, which I plan to share with my students, 4 are new picture books)
Read: Tashlich at Turtle Rock, The Weaver

10-30-10 Golf Links: Returned 7, checked out 7
then drove to Wilmot and checked out 5 more!
(More new books for my class to read, a crochet book, and lots of picture books.)
I returned Angelology after reading about 75 pages, it portrays angels as mean and selfish...who needs that (though the story was interesting, I don't think I'll ever get through it), a novel about Afghanistan that I was about halfway through but it had a reserve on it so I couldn't renew it, and lots of books about Mexico that I've been using in my classroom.
Read: Grandma's Gloves, Carmen Learns English

Read: As Simple as It Seems, Dotty, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Crochet Projects,

Okay, okay, it was stupid to think I'd keep up with this. I use the library...many times a week. So face it, Chris, this isn't a challenge at all. You suport your local library already!

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