Sunday, July 9, 2017

39. Age of Order by Julian North

read on my iPhone (also won a copy from Goodreads, which I donated to Bosler Library)
2017, Plebeian Media
Kirkus Review
339 pgs.
YA/ Dystopia/Fantasy
Finished 7/9/2017
Goodreads rating: 4.14 - 211 ratings
My rating: 3.5
Setting:  Future Bronx & Manhattan, USA

First line/s:  "A gunshot pierced the night."

My comments:  3.5  One of the things I like best about this novel was the way that the author withheld information from the reader - things the protagonist/s knew of or discovered, without disclosing them immediately to the reader.  They would get in a bind and - voila! - things they'd put into place unbeknownst to you would happen.  I loved it!  As for the rest of the book and its premise, I can imagine this sort of future happening, a terrifying thought.  There was a lot of technical talk, both of presently-know technologies and futuristic technologies that went right over my head.  I didn't want to think about them too much, so I didn't.  Between the dystopian aspects and the "magical" aspects of Daniela and Andrew's reality, I can see why many young adults would love this book.  Great that the main protagonist was Hispanic.  And the underdog definitely wins!

Goodreads synopsis:  What if the people who thought they were better than you… really were?
         In this world, inequality is a science. Giant machines maintain order. And all people are not created equal.
          Daniela Machado is offered a chance to escape the deprivation of Bronx City through a coveted slot at the elite Tuck school. There, among the highborn of Manhattan, she discovers an unimaginable world of splendor and greed. But her opportunity is part of a darker plan, and Daniela soon learns that those at society’s apex will stop at nothing to keep power for themselves. She may have a chance to change the world, if it doesn’t change her first.
          Age of Order is a novel explores the meaning of merit and inequality. Fans of the Red Queen, Divergent and Red Rising will enjoy this world of secrets and deadly intrigue, where the downtrodden must fight for a better future.

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