Saturday, July 1, 2017

Recent Postcards That Fit Nicely into My Collection

783.  Tulda, Germany
Clementine-Helene Dufau (1869 - 1937 "Lady Reading at an Open Window", Gavin Graham
Gallery, London
Greetings from Tulda.  My name is Wolfgang.  I like to read, travel, and run.  I became retired two years ago, after 41 years in the German Army.  I don't leave my home without a book.  My famouse country to travel is Israel.  I was there about 25 times.  Las weekend I ran a half marathon in Munich and next week I will run a marathon is St. Petersburg (Russia). 

782.  Wuppurtal, Germany
Tomi Ungerer, Book Cover for Joan Aiken's Die Kristallkrahe (The Crystal Crow)
Hi chris, My name is Lothar and I'm from Wuppurtal, a town of 350,000.  It's situated in a green area with several artificial lakes and well know for the unique suspension railway.  Best wishes, Hepman

781.  Ukranian Doorways
Hello!  Greetings from Belarus!  My name is Marina, I'm from Minsk.  Few days ago I came back from Lriv (Ukraine) - I like this homely, cozy, lovely town so much!  I bought this card there.  I though that it is perfect for you.  Hope you like it as well as me. :)  Make only love.

780.  Poland
Self-portrait: Karolina Pieton
I want to tell you about my favourite Polish series of books:  The Witcher by Andrej Sapkowski.  He has creted a cycle of tales based on the world of the Witcher, which was published in fantasy literary magazine "Fantastylia", comprising 3 collections of short stories and 5 novels.  The main character is Geralt, a mutant who has been trained since childhood to hunt down an destroy monsters for the moneyh.  Agaionst all appearances he's very sensitive and governed by knightly code.  Computer games of The Witcher created by CD Project Red are based on this series.  I'm so happy that these books have been adapted by Netflix.  Have you read this series of books?  With best wishes.  7/5/17

card sent from Malaysia!
Greetings from Ipoh, a small city in Malaysia!  My name is Ivy Fan.  I'm a housewife.  I love reading novels, watching TV drama, and writing journals.  Her's a card of Iceland Map.  Hope you will like it.  Have a nice day!

776.  Cork, IRELAND
Greetings from a beautiful and green Ireland.  My name is Ivone.  I am Polish but over 11 years live in Ireland.  I love this fantastic island but miss for my home in Poland.  I love to travel, make pictures, read books and postcards.  Ivone.

775.  Plzen (Pilsen) Czech Republic
I had many years this postcard, I didn't think I will find recipient.  :) Plzen (Pilsen) town, where was printed oldest Czech book (maybe) - Historia Troiana, incanabulis by Johannes Gutenberg's followers.  
Today we are with our children on mountain bike race in a near twon Prestice and I hope they will run.

772.  China
Greeting from China.  Nice to meet you.  This is a postcard of Dr. Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum (cemetery).  Sun is the father of the country Hope you enjoy it.
NOTE:  Dr. Sun Yet-san (1866 - 1925) was the founding father and 1st president of the Republic of China.

769.  Ipoh, MALAYSIA
Hello!  Greetings from Malaysia

760.  Hong Kong
Greeting from Hong Kong, a city located in Asia which is packed and crowded city.  I am planning my vacation in end o fyear, most of the time I will send myself a postcard when traveling.  Will you do the same?  Happy Postcrossing, Fennie

757.  Itzig, Luxembourg
I am Dan, 52, lives in a little town called Itzig in Luxembourg/Europe.  Best wishes and Happy Postcrossing with Stan and Ollie!

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