Saturday, July 8, 2017

Cool Postcards Received July 8 to 12, 2017

804.  Riga, LATVIA
"Castle of Light" - Latvia's National Library
Greetings from Riga, Latvia.  This building is our new National Library (called the Castle of Light).  It was opened in 2014 and now is an important landmark in the cityscape.  Maija.

803.  Perm, RUSSIA
Hello Chris!  I hope this post you'll like it.  My name is Olesya.  I am from Russia, I live in Perm city.  I like to read books, go to the cinema and go for a walk in the morning time when birds are singing.  Olesya 23 VI 2017

802.  Kouvola, FINLAND
I'm Kati and live in Kouvola City, Finland.  Happy Postcrossing!

800.  Shanghai, CHINA
A large, square card with the  greeting, "Hello, friend!"

799.  Furstliche Bibliothek Corvey - GERMANY
(Princely Library Corvey - aristocratic private library)
Hello Chris, my name is Hans.  This is one of many rooms of library at the Princely Palace Corvey, Germany.  all the best.

798.  Maas en Peel Library, The Netherlands
De Bibliotheek Mass en Peel - Vestiging Reuver
Hi Chris, my name is Jessica.  I am German, but I moved to the Netherlands for a job many years ago.  My husband is German, too.  We met on the internet!
NOTE:  She responded to my thank you!:
“Hi Chris,
yes, the card shows my local library. They used to do postcrossing, too (TheBusyLibrarian), but they stopped because the postage costs have been rising through the roof in the Netherlands the last 3-4 years. It made me cut down considerably, too :-( It's becoming a little bit of a luxury in the Netherlands, doing postcrossing. But hey, it's a hobby and hobbies do tend to cost money ;-)
By the way, I took the picture myself and also, it is me in the picture, haha... They weren't open at the time I was there to take pictures and the staff was busy, but I wanted somebody in the picture to make it look more alive. So I took a remote-control picture of myself :-)
Well, wishing you a nice day & happy postcrossing.

796.  Northeast Ontario, CANADA
Greetings from NE Ontario.  Today is your big holiday - we celebrated Canada Day on July 1st.  It's our 150th, so celebrations all year.  It's a beautiful day, sunny & 30 degrees C, we've had a lot of rain so the is welcome!  Hpe your mailbox is full of great postcards!

794.  Sweden
This is the map of the south part of Sweden.  Regards.

793.  Bonn, Germany
"Colorful Mailboxes"
Bonn is the birthtown of the famous composer L. V. Beethoven.  I'm Gabi and I like to travel around the world.  Have days of smiles.

791.  Zug, Switzerland
Virpi Pekkala:  1974 Tee-se-itse, Gor det sjalv
Hello Chris!  Nice to met you!  I live in Zug, in the German speaking part of Switzerland.  Zug is lovely situated on the shore of Lake Zug with beautiful view to the Swiss Alps.  We have one of the most romantic sunsets here in Europe.  This postcard I bought in a small shop in the old town of Pauuja during a summer holiday in Finland.  I have been there by train and by ferry boat because I don't like travelling by plane.  To my work I ride on my red bicycle.  Kind regards, Merlin

789.  Nowy Klincz, POLAND
"Summer Reading"
Greetings for Poland!  My name is Agnieszka and I love to read, too.  Usually I read fantasy novels.  I work in health & beauty shop as an assistant manager, but I hope that it's only a temporary job.  My dream is to become a writer - very good and famous of course. 

788.  Benedictine Monastery Library in Broumov, Czech Republic
send from a postcrosser in Poland
I'm a 45-year old woman who works as a pediatrician and I love my job.  I come from a small town Itza, 80 miles south of Warsaw, which was famous for its clas pottery in Poland since the Middle Ages.  Nowadays, Itza is know for ruins of the medieval castle (you have received postcrd with photo of them from Piorunica), knigh tournaments, and delicious ice cream.  Cheers  (I visited this place two years ago.)

787.  Friesland, a Province in the northwest of the Netherlands, on the North Sea.
sent by a postcrosser from Germany
My name is Sonja.  I'm 24 years old and come from the south of Germany, near Stuttgart.  Greetings!

786.  Hangzhou, CHINA
Hello!  I'm Silvia.   Greetings from China.  I live in Hangzhou.  It is a modern presperous city to the west of Shanghai.  What strikes me most is the beauty of West Lake.  Spring and autumn are the best seasons in here.  Best wishes to you.

785.  Meldorf, GERMANY (close to the North Sea)
Warm greetings from the north of Germany.  My name is Svenja and I live with my family in Meldorf, a small town really close to the North Sea.  My oldest son was very excited when I told him that I have to send a card to Pennsylvania!  He ask, "to Anne and Philipp?!?" because he loves the stories about the magical treehouse by Mary Pope Osborne.  I prefer reading books on the dyke at the coast while my husband is playing with the kids on the mud flats (of course I am a "mud monster" very often).  Best Wishes!  Svenja

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