Wednesday, December 30, 2009

82. Invisible I: The Amanda Project Book 1 - Melissa Kantor

The cover says the author is Stella Lennon.
Stella Lennon is the pseudonym of a collaboration.
Melissa Kantor actually wrote this book.
Other writers will write the next in the series.
Harper Teen 2009
296 pages
Rating 4

Amanda Valentino, new to Orion and Endeavor High School, has befriended Callie Leary. And since Callie is a member of the "I-Girls", the most popular freshman, and Amanda has been pegged by the other three I-Girls as a weirdo, she keeps the friendship secret. But she has felt more special in Amanda's company than she has in a long time. Callie's living with a secret - her mother has mysteriously left with not word, no reason, and her father has hit rock bottom - the rock bottom of a wine bottle.

And then, one day in March, Amanda disappears. She has left mysterious messages for three different people - Callie, Hal Bennett, and Nia Rivera. A fourth message is left in and on the assistant principal's car in the form of colorful grafitti. Neither Callie, Hal, or Nia knew that Amanda had any other friends, and they are certainly not friends.....yet. But the mystery of Amanda's appearance brings them all together.

I was intrigued and interested in the story. There are a lot of questions, about Amanda and her lies and secrets, but especially about Callie's mom, her disappearance, and why her father hates the assistant principal so much.

The story ends with the creation of a website that the three create in the hopes they find other people who might have known Amanda. The website is available for all to see: . There will be seven more stories, all written, it seems, by different authors (much like The 39 Clues). This will be interesting, and I plan to continue with the series - starting with Book #2, Signals from Afar, by Peter Silsbee, out in June of 2010.

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