Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wrapping Up 2009 - Challenges

I attempted five challenges in 2009. Some were lofty. Some were not. I didn't do too badly...if I'd read the 100 novel-length books I'd hoped to read, I could have possibly done it. There are just too many choices out there.

The 999 Challenge I finished all nine books in five categories (new-2009-books, books by an author I'd already read, Mystery/Thrillers, YA titles, and Just for the fun of reading it), but fell short in four categories (Early Reader Series-6, Books with an Arizona setting-3, Books relating to teaching literature-4, and Novels that take a contemporary twist on history-4 plus a mess of unfinished, uninteresting titles). Oh well.

The 2009 TBR Challenge was a real let-down. Of the 20 books in my TBR pile as of January 1st, I only read TWO, Mission to Sonora and Gray Ghost. That's bad news.

2009 1st in a Series Challenge was a winner - I was supposed to read 12 and I read 18. Hip, hip horray!

The Jewish Literature Challenge only required three books, and I read four. However, I'm really surprised that I didn't read more than that!

2009 Mini-Challenges - of the twelve mini-challenges, I fulfilled six and messed up on six. I guess I'm stubborn about reading outside my genre-comfort level. I really need to challenge myself more in my old age.

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