Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What Makes a Rainbow? - Betty Schwartz

A Magic Ribbon Book
Illustrated by Dona Turner
Piggy Toes Press, Atlanta, 2000
Board Book
Ages 3 and up

When I asked Ella what her favorite book was, she ran to her crowded book shelves and pulled out this book. And what a cool book it is!

When Little Rabbit assked his Mama, "What makes a rainbow?" she told Little Rabbit to ask some of his friends. As each page is turned, another satin ribbon is pulled across the page underneath the previous one. So Ladybug loves red, then Fox loves orange, Little chick loves yellow, Grasshopper loves green, Bluebird loves blue and Butterfly loves purple. Just add the sun, and you get the whole rainbow!

The whole ribbon concept is particularly cool, and the giant pop-up rainbow and sun at the last page turn is wonderful. Clever, clever, clever. Nice repetition and rhythm, short and interesting. Perfect for MY little three-year-old!

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