Wednesday, December 30, 2009

MOVIE - The Secret Life of Words

Released December 2006 Limited
NR (1:52)
RT: 69% cag: 83%
Director: Isabel Coixet
Tim Robbins

This thought-provoking look at the aftermath of war/insanity and the sometimes bizarre ways that lives come together fascinated me.

Almost-silent, hearing-impaired Hanna lives a self-imposed isolated life working a drone-job at a factory in Ireland. She is forced to take time off (she has worked at the plant for four years without taking a day off) and goes by bus to a coastal Irish town. There we find that she is a nurse, as she takes on a short-term job caring for a burned and broken oil rig foreman.

Out in the middle of the ocean on this huge shut-down-for-repairs oil rig, she allows herself to be drawn in by this somewhat older, cynical, sensitive man - Joseph - played by Tim Robbins.

The story - the few people she meets - the slowly reavealed informaqtion about Hanna's past, just keep getting more and more interesting.

Shamed on most Americans (including me) for knowing so little about what really happened in Yugoslavia - Serbia - Croatia - Kosovo --I'm only just realizing NOW...

Good story (in an interesting, off-beat, indie sort of way), good acting, Tim Robbins, and lots and lots of stuff to think about.

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