Sunday, January 23, 2011

6. The Book of Names - Jill Gregory & Karen Tintori

Audio read by Christopher Graybill
Brilliance Audio, 2007
7 unabridged cds
9 hours
HC 320 pgs.
Rating: 3

Professor David Shepherd's life changed when he fell off a roof as a teenager and almost died. Ever since that time he gets a terrible headache and names come to him. He keeps these names written in a book. He has no idea about why they come or what they are. He's shared his questions with his best friend, but few others.

This book is the story of the Gnoseos (who are the bad guys) vs. the Hidden Ones. The Hidden Ones are predestined righteous souls whose names have been given to David. The Gnoseos are attempting to destroy the world by eliminating these righteous souls. It is when he discovers that his beloved stepdaughter, Stacy, is one of these special Hidden Ones and she is kidnapped that he goes after the bad guys full throttle.

Always questions who is a good guy and who is a secret bad guy, this is one bumby ride from beginning to end. You sort of have to suspend belief in reality to go along with some of the happenstance in the story. It was entertaining, frustrating, and interesting. Some of the setting was in Israel, but I couldn't reallly picture it from the telling.

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