Sunday, August 24, 2014

52. Frozen - Erin Bowman

#2 in the TAKEN series
2014 Harper Teen
362 pgs.
YA Dystopian Fantasy
Finished 8/22/2014
Goodreads rating:  3.97
My rating:  3-I liked it, much of the time.
Acquired TPPL
Setting" Dystopian future somewhere on earth

1st sentence/s:  "We have been walking for two weeks.  Nothing tails us but snow and crows and dark shadows of doubt.  The days grow shorter, the evenings frigid.  I  I thought I'd be able to handle the cold. I was wrong."

My comments:   The first half of this book seemed agonizingly slow, but the second half was not - I couldn't put it down.  I've read so many books between Taken and Frozen that I couldn't remember some of the relationships between main and not-so-main characters.  There were hints throughout the book, though, so that by the end I pretty much remembered everything that needed to be remembered.  I can pretty much lay out the plotline in the next in the series....lots about "Forgeries," particularly Gray's; more of bad, bad Frank; the real Emma will reappear, and by the end of the book Bree and Gray will finally be "together."

Goodreads book summary:  Gray Weathersby escaped from the primitive town of Claysoot expecting to find answers, but what he discovered shook him to the core: A ruthless dictator with absolute power. An army of young soldiers blinded by lies. And a growing rebellion determined to fight back.
          Now Gray has joined a team of rebels on a harsh, icy journey in search of allies who can help them set things right. But in a world built on lies, Gray must constantly question whether any ally—or enemy—is truly what they seem

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